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July 8 2016


Sitiveni Rabuka No Threat Says

Prime Minister
Voreqe Bainimarama

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama says SODELPA party leader Sitiveni Rabuka poses no threat to them.
The FijiFirst party leader said outside
Parliament yesterday Mr Rabuka was
not a member of Parliament but just a
leader of a political party.
Mr Bainimarama was responding to a
statement made by Opposition MPs,
Mosese Bulitavu and Salote Radrodro,
in Parliament challenging both the party
leaders to a public debate.
Who is Rabuka? He is just a leader of
a party; to me he is nothing but probably
when he stands for elections then maybe

that will be opportune time for him to

come and have a debate with me.
When that time comes for him (Rabuka)
to have a debate with me; I want to tell
Bulitavu and Radrodro to come with him to
offer him moral support because that is the
time when I will take him to the shredder.
He (Rabuka) has nothing to offer the
people of Fiji; nothing then and nothing
now; nothing tomorrow for our children
and grand-children, he said.
Mr Bainimarama labelled Rabukas

interview on local television as a

pathetic interview.
He could not even tell the truth when
he was interviewed as the leader of
SODELPA, the PM said.
Somebody once told me that a snake will
always be a snake no matter how many
times it shreds its skin and I have also
heard that he wants to visit the RFMF
Commander and Police Commissioner;
they have better things to do than talk to
somebody who has nothing.



Fiji News

Fiji Police Believe Russian Couple

Yuri And Natalia Shipulin Murdered,

Police in Fiji say they believe a Russian

couple who were reported missing last
month were killed and their bodies
Since the disappearance of Yuri and
Natalia Shipulin, several body parts
have been found washed up on the
popular Natadola beach.
Among the grim discoveries were two
pairs of severed feet wrapped up and
in netting that had been weighed down
with stones.
Assistant Commissioner Luke Navela
told Pacific Beat tests have confirmed
they body parts are those of the
"We have tested the DNA at our forensics
offices here and it matched the similarities
of the missing persons," he said.
"We have now confirmed that they are
the ones whose body parts were found.
We're still waiting for the Interpol [test]
but we have tested it on our own."
He said police divers are now scouring
the bay in the hope of recovering more
body parts.
Decapitated Head Found
A human head was found at Natadola
Beach wrapped in the same type of
netting as the pairs of feet discovered at
Natadola Beach last week.
The head was found by New Zealand
couple Graeme Bickley and wife Jan
who were swimming not far from

shore and almost directly in front of

the spot where the vehicle belonging to
murdered Russians, Yuri Shipulin and
Natalia was found last month.
The New Zealand couple alerted
Police, and Chief of Intelligence and
Investigation, Assistant Commissioner
of Police (ACP) Luke Navela confirmed
the discovery.
The Fiji Sun team was at Natadola
Beach to take photos of Police divers
searching for the rest of the Russian
couples bodies.
Much like the human feet found last
week, the decapitated head was found
within green netting, had stones to
weigh it down and was fastened together
by fishing line. The similarity was also
confirmed by ACP Navela.
He said the discovered remains would
be kept at the Lautoka Hospital and
forensic tests would be conducted to
determine if the head belonged to Mr
Shipulin or his wife Natalia.
On Sunday, ACP Navela confirmed
DNA tests from the pairs of feet matched
that of their families in Russia.
Mr Shipulin and Natalia were reported
missing from June 16 by their business
partner Andrew Luzanenk.
The murdered couples vehicle, a grey
metallic Toyota Land Cruiser, bearing
the registration PILOT, was seen
driving in to Natadola Beach.

Police located the vehicle parked

under trees at the beach. Its doors were
unlocked with the keys still in the
ignition. Police found womens clothing,
believed to be that of Natalia and the
one she was wearing the previous day.
They also found a passport.
Pair were 'soul mates'
The Fiji Times reported that the couple
moved to Fiji in 2011 and were leasing
the farm and operating a photography
A friend, fellow Russian Alla Mallerich,
described the pair as "soul mates".
"Yuri was a happy, easy going man who
loved life, loved Fiji and he had plans
to build his life in Fiji," she told the
Social media pictures show a middleaged couple smiling while drinking
cocktails and beers in the sun.
However, their business partner Andrew
Luzanenko told the Fiji Sun in the days
after their disappearance that they had
financial difficulties after the farm was
devastated by Cyclone Winston earlier
this year.
Mr Luzanenko, who also lived at the
farm after moving from Russia earlier
this year to co-manage it, said the couple
left "without even speaking to me".
The investigation is continuing, with navy
divers on Monday scouring waters off
Natadola beach looking for more remains.

Happy To Be Alive: Renuka Narayan


Western Union Damodar City branch

operations manager Renuka Narayan
says she is thankful to be alive after
three men robbed her branch last Friday.
This was the most frightening
experience for me, Ms Narayan said.
I thought I was going to die but, I am
lucky to be alive.
A still shaken Ms Narayan vividly
remembers the ordeal.
It is alleged the three men stole about
$13,900 cash.
It was around 5pm on Friday when I
was at the counter and balancing the
money in the money till, she recalls.
Our general manager Steven Narayan
was in the reception area.
Three young men came wearing hoodie
jackets and asked what time the Western
Union will close and Mr Narayan replied

around 6 pm after that they went out.

We had no idea that the three boys are
robbers because most of our customers
are University of South Pacific (USP)
students, she said.
Ms Narayan said she continued
balancing the money.
The three men were wandering in the
passage around the area.
Things happened around 6pm and
when one of the three men came inside
and held Mr Narayan and all I can see
that Mr Narayan was trying to free
himself from the man.
Before I could do anything, second
suspect forcefully grabbed my head and
pushed it on the desk, she said.
Ms Narayan said the third suspect
jumped over the counter and stole the

Soon after they stole the money, they

released me and Mr Narayan and ran
Things happened so fast that we could
not even see their faces properly, she
Ms Narayan said soon after the incident
they called the Police.
Our other staff was inside the office
and they were ready to leave for home.
They did not know what was going at
the reception area and thought it was
some customers banging on the desk as
most of the customers do.
There was no security during the time
of the incident.
Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said:
No one has been arrested in relation to
the robbery.
Police are continuing their investigations.


Fiji News

Teen Starts Solo World Tour With Fiji

As part of his solo world tour, an
Australian teenager arrived at the Pacific
Flying School in Nadi in his private
18-year-old Lachlan Smart made the
solo flight in from his home country,
making Fiji the first country he arrived
to as part of his tour. He has 19 countries
to visit, with 23 stops to make.
I chose to fly around the world, not
because I want a world record and not
because I think it will be fun, but I have
a message I am very passionate about. I
want to see more young people get out
there and achieved their goal as well,
Mr Smart said.
We are living in this age of endless
opportunities and there are so many
things we can be doing, but we lack
motivation and self belief.
He is sponsored by Sunshine Coast
Airport, Australia, since it is where he
learned to fly since he was 15-years-old.
I will depart from Fiji after two nights
to Samoa and will visit some other

18-year-old Australian pilot Lachlan Smart makes Fiji the first country he visits
into as part of his solo world tour
Pacific Island nations before I leave for School were looking forward to a
the United States and other European healthy dialogue with Mr Smart, making
countries, he said.
it a learning platform.
Mr Smart has previously been to Fiji We managed to secure a deal to look
with his school mates and said it was an after him and take responsibility for his
exciting experience.
arrival and stay in Fiji.
flight Our conversation started early January
operations, Sunflower Aviation said this year and we secured all sorts of
the trainee pilots at the Pacific Flying clearance from the Airport for his arrival.


Fiji News

PM Bainimarama Serious On Sugar

THE Prime Minister and Minister
Bainimarama says Government has
taken the calls from the sugar industry
Speaking at the 2016-2017 budget
debate in Parliament yesterday, Mr
Bainimarama says they have more than
doubled the allocation for sugarcane
development and farmers' assistance
program to $11million in order to
restore sugarcane farms to pre-cyclone
and pre-drought levels of production
and of course for the future.
In the 2016-2017 National Budget, he
affirmed that Government has again
demonstrated its unwavering support to
the 200,000 Fijians who depend on the
sugarcane industry.
"The majority of rehabilitation funds
will target the affected areas of Rakiraki,
Tavua, Ba and parts of Lautoka," he
He said an area of 1500 hectares had
also been identified for assistance in
"Funds will help restore sugarcane
crops in these areas and provide a
solid foundation for farmers to keep
production growing and keep quality
levels high.
"This is not about short-term fixes either.
We are putting the priority on the long
game by emphasising improvements
in the value chain, harvesting practices
and cane delivery.
"We are promoting good husbandry on
all farms and, in some cases, modifying
farms to better accommodate mechanical
harvesting and make manual farming
more efficient."
He added mechanisation would also
help address the shortage of cane
cutters in many regions, and the country
was following the Australian model
for revamping cane harvesting and
transportation systems introducing
mechanical harvesters that can
service varied topography to keep the
mechanisation process efficient and
"We have allocated $3m towards
improving cane access roads so that
farmers can safely and conveniently
bring their sugar cane to the mills."
Furthermore, he said the maintenance
and upgrading of over 100 cane access
roads was now the responsibility of the
Fiji Roads Authority affecting an
estimated 679,710 tonnes of cane each

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama

year and a significant step in increasing
the access of sugarcane farmers to mills
and markets.
"We've continued our commitment to
subsidising fertiliser in this budget, and
this year's allocation of $9.7m will go a
long way in helping our farmers increase
sugarcane production.
"My Government has already stepped
up to cover the additional costs of
carting sugarcane from the Penang area
to the Rarawai Mill and is set to rebuild
the Penang area mill to better suit the
demands of the modern market.
"We no longer operate in a sugar market
where the quality of the sugar is an
"The sugar we produce has to meet the
very high standards of global buyers, or
else it will not attract a premium price.
"Fixing the Penang mill to the same
standard as before does not set up

our industry for long-term gains and

"We are taking an approach that rebuilds
and upgrades the Penang mill to produce
sugar that meets the requirements of
global buyers, making our sugarcane
industry more competitive - and that is
going to take some time.
"It would be easy to ignore commercial
and market forces in the interest of
political expediency."
Instead, he said Government was taking
real steps to keep the sugarcane industry
"This is such as steps that secure the
long-term prosperity of Fiji's sugarcane
farmers and keep the industry healthy
and thriving and steps that will prepare
Fiji for the close of preferential market
access to Europe in 2017 and make
the country capable of embracing new
opportunities," he said.


Fiji News

VAT On Residential Dwelling Homes

Effective August 1, 2016, residential
dwellings will not be exempt from
VAT if the landlord's gross residential
rental income is more than $100,000
in a year. This week, Fiji Revenue
and Customs Authority acting CEO
Visvanath Das speaks to senior business
reporter Ropate Valemei about VAT on
residential dwellings.
TIMES: Please explain about VAT
being charged on residential dwellings
by landlords who let out their homes,
rooms and flats that was announced
in the 2016/2017 National Budget
DAS: If the annual gross residential
rental income is less than $100,000, the
supply of residential accommodation
in a residential dwelling, excluding
dwelling, is exempt from value added
tax (VAT) under the provisions of
Paragraph 2 First Schedule to the Value
Added Tax Decree 1991.
TIMES: What happens in cases where
the landlord supplies rent on commercial
and residential purpose? Will all the rent
collected for commercial and residential
be part of the $100,000 annual threshold
for VAT registration?
DAS: If the accommodation is supplied
in a building that is rented out for
residential and commercial purposes,
only the total rent in a 12-month period
from the letting of the residential
part will be taken into account for

the purpose of determining whether

exemption applies or not. Supplies that
are not exempt will be subject to VAT at
the rate of 9 per cent.
TIMES: What is the process for VAT
registration in cases where the annual
income exceeds $100,000?
DAS: Any landlord or supplier of
residential accommodation whose
annual rental income is above $100,000
is liable to register and must do so
within 21 days from August 1, 2016.
Once registered for VAT, the person
must include VAT in the amount of
rent charged to tenants and will be
able to claim any VAT paid on related
purchases and expenses. Penalties will
apply for failure to comply with any
of the provisions of the VAT Decree.
However, the person will not be liable
to register if FRCA is satisfied that the
value of all those supplies in the 12
months beginning on August 1, 2016,
will not exceed $100,000. This would
mean a change in the lease agreements
and an increase in rent by 9 per cent
TIMES: Who is responsible for this?
DAS: The VAT-registered person or a
responsible or accountable person will
be required to make changes to lease
agreements, provide information on
pricing and issue tax invoices to their
tenants. They will be required to keep
records to support the computation of

taxable supplies. The rentals agreements

may vary from August 1, 2016, to
include the VAT component.
TIMES: Can you give examples to
determine whether a person will be
subject to VAT registration or not?
DAS: Example 1
Mr X owns an apartment building with
eight flats, of which two is occupied by
his family. The rental income for the
12-month period beginning August 1,
2016, is expected to be $110,000. Mr X
will be required to register and include
VAT on the rent charged to each tenant.
Example 2
Mr Y's gross turnover from business
activities is $90,000. He is not registered
for VAT. His residential rental income
for 2016 will be $50,000. Mr Y is not
required to register for VAT.
Example 3
Mr Z's annual residential rental income
is $120, 000 and other taxable turnover
is $50,000. If Mr Z is a registered person,
he will be required to include VAT in the
rent charged to tenants. If not registered,
he will be required to register and
charge VAT on whole taxable supplies
of $170,000.
Example 4
Ms A is already registered for VAT and
earns residential rent of $120,000, which
is currently an exempt supply. From
August 1, 2016, Ms A has to charge
VAT on all taxable supplies including
the residential rent.


Fiji News

Drug Farmers Household Items Seized

Police have seized items such as
generators and household items
including computers, television sets
and electrical items from homes of drug
farmers as Commissioner of Police
promised not to take the foot off the
The items were all expensive and were
bought as a result of drug sales.
Seizures of items believed to have
been bought with the proceeds of crime
have also been made as we try to send
a strong message that earning money
through illegal means will never be
To date, Police teams, working alongside
personnel from the Fiji Military Forces
have uprooted over 44,000 plants,
mainly from the Navosa Province.
With operation Cavuraka maintaining its
momentum, Brigadier-General Qiliho
was pleased to note the growing support
from districts in Navosa.

Operation Cavuraka continues

As Operation Cavuraka continues in the
Navosa Highlands, I am again pleased
to receive news of the growing support
being shown to the joint team consisting
of officers from the Fiji Police Force and
the Republic of Fiji Military Forces,
Brigadier-General Qiliho said.
It is truly encouraging to hear the heads
of the respective tikinas together with
the turaga ni koros to pledged their
support in assisting the team locate and
identify those involved.
Commissioner Qiliho paid special
mention to people of the tikina of
Navatusila consisting of the villages
of Mare, Nanoko, Nabutautau and
Nasauvakarua; the tikina of Nasikawa
consisting of the villages of Korovou,
Nawaireba, Motukana and Waibasaga;
the tikina of Namataku consisting of
the villages of Sawene, Draiba, Keyasi,
Yadrau, Navula, Nasaucoko, Waosi and
Nausori Highlands and the tikina of

Bemana consisting of the villages of

Tonuve, Vunilagivou, Nalebaleba and
With Operation Cavuraka continues in
these highlands, Commissioner Qiliho
said the war on drugs had the strong
backing of the RFMF who, he said, were
experts in the field of self-sustainment
With the latest brief from the team
indicating farmers are moving further
into the interior, I want to reiterate that
we will not take our foot of the pedal.
Over the past week more information
about farms and those allegedly involved
in the drug trade continue to pour in
and with 27 people already charged
and produced before the Courts, I am
confident that we are definitely making
an impact with the war against drugs.
We will continue with the current
momentum of eradicating drugs in
whatever form from our society, he


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Fiji News

Minister Sayed-Khaiyum Scores 10 Out Of

10 In Budget Right Of Reply
When the Budget debate ended there
was no question about who won it.
Minister for Economy and AttorneyGeneral
won it hands down. The Opposition
focus on the debt level failed to take
into consideration all the issues that
contributed to the figure.
Opposition Finance spokesperson Biman
Prasad talked about what he called the
huge deficit of 4.7 per cent of the
Gross Domestic Product with Cyclone
Winston rehabilitation included. He said
there should be a cut back in spending.
He said Government should reprioritise
and raise tax in the right places.
Its a credit to this Government that none
of this has happened. The conventional
idea is there would be austerity measures
after a massive natural disaster, in this
case, Cyclone Winston. Thats where Mr
Prasad was coming from. But as spelt
out by Mr Sayed-Khaiyum they were
able to do it through prudent financial
The point that has been ignored by the
Opposition is that while the deficit may
have increased, capital expenditure has
gone up three times more.
This means that more money has been
allocated to building infrastructure
and other capital works that are vital
for economic growth. This is prudent
investment in the long term because
it stimulates economic activities and
consolidates the economy.
The returns on the investment will offset
the costs.
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum again repeated his

Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum outside Parliament

performance last year when he tore of these organisations to date clearly
down the Opposition criticisms which showed that they were appointed on
were passionate and colourful but fell merit.
short on substance. Minister for Industry, The days of looking at these issues from
Trade and Tourism Faiyaz Koya aptly racial and religious lenses are long gone.
described the Opposition as a political They have been buried with the old
constitutions that perpetuated this
People have become sick and tired of practice and caused us much grief and
hearing the use of race and religion to pain for which we are still recovering
get the attention of ordinary people and from.
appeal to their base instincts.
This is a progressive Budget that
Opposition Whip Ratu Isoa Tikoca maintains its social responsibility on
was at it again yesterday in a bid to one hand and continues infrastructure
personalise issues to suit his narrow development on the other without drastic
political agenda. His tirade had no cuts through prudence in financial
relevance to the substance of the management.
Budget debate. He insinuated that the Mr Sayed-Khaiyum came out clearly to
appointment of certain individuals to make this point in his right of reply. And
Government statutory organisations was he did it so convincingly that I would
based on race and religion. The success give him 10 out of 10.

Court Rules In Favour Of TISI Sangam

THE High Court in Lautoka has ruled in
favour of the Then India Sanmarga Ikya
(TISI) Sangam in a civil action against
a group of members which included
Local Government Minister Parveen
Kumar for forming a separate faction
during the organisation's AGM in May.
The group filed the legal action in June
against Mr Kumar, past TISI president
Dorsami Naidu, TISI area vice-president
Southern Raja Kumaran and TISI CEO
Jai Narayan, who held an AGM in Nadi
on May 29 despite a police order to
cancel the meeting after a fight broke
out between members at the group's
youth branch general election at Prince

Charles Park.
In a court ruling made on July 1, Justice
Suseela Sapuvida made 11 orders which
both parties must comply with.
The first order by Justice Sapuvida was
for the election of office bearers and
national executives for TISI Fiji's youth
branch to be held at 10am on August 28.
Other orders included TISI's AGM be
held again on August 28 at 12pm, that
the membership of TISI for the AGM
should be the approved registered
members and there should be a fresh
filing of nominations in accordance
with TISI's constitution and rules and
regulations of the Then India Valibar

Sangam Fiji.
He added the nominations committee be
appointed by the council of management
of TISI and the terms of settlement
should be put before the council who
would endorse the move.
The High Court judge also ordered
that the council would not put forward
new articles, make any amendments to
articles and abolish any articles under
the group's constitution until the AGM
on August 28.
He added the matter was now
discontinued including any summons
applications filed by Mr Kumar and his



Fiji News


Fiji Airways Hires Baldwin Boyle Shand

For Southeast Asia Public Relations

Fiji Airways has appointed Baldwin

Boyle Shand (BBS) as its public relations
agency of record for Singapore and
Southeast Asia following a competitive
The national carrier for Fiji launched the
first direct flights between Nadi, Fiji, and
Singapore in April halving the current
flight time to just 10 hours, and bridging
the gap between Southeast Asia and the
South Pacific.
The new service also enables convenient
onward connections for travellers
between India and Fiji.
Shaenaz Voss, Fiji Airways Executive
general manager Corporate said: Were
looking forward to working with BBS to
grow awareness of both our airline and
Fiji as a destination, as we expand our
footprint into the Asia region.
As a carrier with big ambitions we strive
to think differently with our marketing
approach and we were impressed by the
fresh ideas, and strong insights BBS
team brought to our brief.

Managing director of BBS, Carl

Stephens said: Were thrilled to be
partnering with the Fiji Airways to
help introduce the region to this unique
destination, and support the airlines
growth strategy.
The appointment follows several

regional new business wins for BBS this

year in the transport, travel & tourism
sector, including Tourism New Zealand,
and Royal Caribbean International.
The BBS team is led by Kelly Johnston,
along with Yining He, and Disha

Cop On Bribe Case

Police have launched an investigation
into an allegation that a Police officer
allegedly demanded $500 from a family
after an accident.
As the Police Internal Affairs team
began its inquiry, the Commissioner
of Police, Brigadier General Sitiveni
Qiliho, said this was a serious matter
and we dont condone it.
Firstly Id like to thank Fiji Sun for
bringing this issue to our attention and
I have directed that an investigation be
conducted to verify these allegations.
The investigation is currently underway
by my internal affairs team, he said.
The family had contacted the Fiji Sun
Vincent Savike, 20, was driving a rental
carrying his parents when their car and
another vehicle had a minor accident
past Pacific Harbour.
The Police officer in question took down
the statements of both parties including
their contacts.
Two days later the officer allegedly
called Vincents parents, Rigamoto
Savike and Raki Savike in Suva
demanding money.
Mrs Savike said: The officer called me
on Monday afternoon and demanded

$600, saying that it was for the insurance

When I questioned him regarding the
large sum of money he told me to give
$550 and to talk to the driver of the other
She said the other driver told her that
the money was for excess damage that
would be paid to the insurance company.
The driver said that if we dont give him
the $500 then the insurance company will
not proceed with the repair of the car.
The officer changed the price from
$600 to $550 and then the driver said
$500, they keep changing the price and
he told me to get it arranged with the
officer by Monday afternoon.
I told the driver that at the moment my
son cannot get that sum of money and
he told me to get it from somewhere and
just call the officer and tell him how I
will arrange it.
When Mrs Savike inquired at the
insurance company she was advised not
to give the money.
The lady at Tower Insurance told me
not to give any cash because they were
not aware of any accidents and as per
their policy the insurance company
would send a receipt if there were any

excess charges, Mrs Savike said.

Mr Savike said he received text
messages from the officer demanding
money on June 30.
One text shown to the Fiji Sun read:
Why you are avoiding my call. Pay
the $500 or I will write to LTA and
Immigration to stop your hubby, due
tomorrow please.
Another text read: I wont come for
you but when your son wants to renew
his licence you will run to me. Ok.
Later in the evening, the officer allegedly
called Mr Savikes phone which was
with his wife.
The officer called my husbands
phone and I answered, and he started
screaming and asking if I had received
the text message or not.
I told him that I am using my husbands
phone and I am not aware of any text
messages and he continued screaming
and giving threats on the phone saying
that he will have my son lose his job if I
dont give him the money, Mrs Savike
The officer allegedly involved, did not
give his name to the family and denied
ever speaking to them when a Fiji Sun
reporter contacted him.


Fiji News


Spinal Injury Group Back Budget

The increased allocation in the 20162017 Budget for the empowerment of
persons living with disabilities has been
commended by the Fiji Spinal Injury
Association (FSIA).
The Associations executive director,
Joshko Wakaniyasi thanked Government
for its commitment to make rights a
reality for persons living with disabilities.
In totality, we see this is one of the
best budgets. The remarkable initiative
announced such as the 300 per cent
tax incentive will encourage potential
employers to provide employment for
disabled persons.
We are sincerely grateful to Government
for enabling us to voice our views; for
the first time, we had the opportunity to
participate in the budget consultation;
for the first time we are being heard,
for the first time our consultation is
taken into recognition; and for that we
are thankful to the Government, Mr
Wakaniyasi said.
We would like to sincerely thank the
Honourable Attorney-General and
Minister for Finance Aiyaz SayedKhaiyum, for reaching out to us through
budget consultations, to speak to us

directly and the positive outcomes of

our collaboration is seen through the
new budget.
As a strong advocate for disability rights
in Fiji, Mr Wakaniyasi has called on
persons living with disabilities to fully
utilise the new opportunities created by
the Government.
Apart from the tax incentives, the
budget also provides for a consolidated
effort within all the ministries, like
Ministry of Health, Ministry of
Infrastructure, to ensure services for
easy accessibility for those living with
disabilities. Mr Wakaniyasi said.
Now we have to play our part as
well, the onus is also on persons living
with disabilities to maximise on the
opportunities provided.
The Disability Bill that is before
Parliament will further enhance the
opportunities for persons living with
disabilities to play a more proactive role
in national development. For the first
time it has included a sign-language
interpreter for the hearing-impaired for
those watching via television.
While highlighting the Ministrys
budget allocation earlier this week,

Minister for Women, Children and

Poverty Alleviation Rosy Akbar said its
a way forward in creating a barrier free
And what makes our budget extraordinary
is the effort of the Government to
mainstream inclusive development.
We talk about persons living with
disabilities and here we have a
Government that has actually taken a
very bold stance in making sure that our
disabled members are not forgotten,
Ms Akbar said.
Apart from the $1.6 million facilities
which is going to be established in the
west for our western disabled members
we also have initiatives such as the 300
per cent tax deduction on wages paid to
disabled employees for the first three
years of employment through revisions
of the Employment Taxation Scheme.
Initiatives like these are going to truly
lead us to create a barrier free society for
all Fijians.
The Fiji Spinal Injury Association has
over 2000 members and over the years has
been assisted through social welfare grant
annually and tax and duty exemption on
the shipment of medical supplies.

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Fiji News


FHL Expects Record Year, Cement Sales

Recorded Best In History

As its financial year ended on June 30,

Fijian Holdings Group is expected to
have noted a record year as far as its
financials are concerned.
Fijian Holdings Group chief executive,
Nouzab Fareed, has confirmed the
whole group has done extremely well
although he could not reveal the exact
numbers yet.
He said the financial numbers will be
published once the accounts have been
While the whole group has done well,
one company which has stood out is
Pacific Cement Limited.
It did record sales of close to 150,000
tonnes of cement achieving its best sales
in history.
The company managed to meet both
local sales demand as well as the export

demand and managed to export highest

amount of cement as well.
Fiji is a country that has not exported
cement in this amount. But this time it
was wonderful year thanks to Pacific
Island countries, Mr Fareed said.
We exported a lot of cement into
Vanuatu, Tonga, Samoa and Solomon
Islands. So they have made us proud.
All cement exports have grown by
around 10 to 12 per cent. The local
demand has increased by 15 per cent. So
its a good sign for the company and for
the group.
It is also a good sign for the growth as
well for the country in general.
Mr Fareed said next year will be a
challenging one as they are looking for
new investments.
We need to have growth again for 2017

so we are still at the planning stage, he

Fijian Holdings Group is highly exposed
to building and construction industries
with its two subsidiaries.
While Pacific Cement Limited does only
cement production, Basic Industries
Limited does ready mix concrete,
crushing of the materials for the road
or for the construction sector and also
makes blocks.
Mr Fareed noted theres a lot of
confidence in Fiji among the business
people as well as the consumers.
The construction sector is growing very
fast and thats why we have sold a lot of
cement blocks. The road development
too is a major player in the construction
sector, he said.

THE Minister for Industry, Trade and

Tourism, Faiyaz Koya, has hit out at the
Opposition in Parliament regarding the
figures quoted by the Opposition that
the poverty rate in Fiji is about 32 per
This, Mr Koya said, was a clear
misinterpretation of information.
At the 2016-2017 National Budget debate
in Parliament on Monday, Opposition
spokesman for finance and leader of
the National Federation Party, Professor
Biman Prasad said an estimate suggested
another 35 per cent of the population
were just above the poverty line.
"This means that about two thirds of
our households are barely making ends
"Government claims that its social
welfare programs are cushioning
the effect of low wages and those
For some, he said, this may had been
true, but for a large majority despite that
help, the life was still a struggle.
"Much of the other measures for
enhancing social welfare are Band-Aids.
"They are not going to cure the long
and sustainable diseases of poverty and
destitution in this country.
"In fact, we should separate support
for destitution and support for those in
poverty because some of the policies for
addressing destitution are good and we
support them.
"They are good and they are working,

but those in poverty, madam Speaker,

will need government policies that will
reduce the burden of high cost of living,
address the problem of low wages and
"That is where you are going to really
attack their own issue of poverty."
In response to this, Mr Koya quoted
the Fiji Bureau of Statistics 2013-2014
Household Income and Expenditure

Survey, which had calculated the rate

of poverty as 28.1 per cent, a reduction
from 35 per cent in 2002-2003.
He said the survey was an internationally
accepted measure for assessing the
poverty rate and he was not aware about
where the Opposition was getting its
information from.
He urged them to refrain from

Faiyaz Koya Slams Notion

Fiji News


Ratu Tikoca A Frustrated Man

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama
has described SODELPA Member
of Parliament, Ratu Isoa Tikoca, as a
frustrated man who spews venom and
Ratu Isoa made unsubstantiated claims
in Parliament about several boards being
headed by people of a certain kind,
appointments which he insinuated were
made without merit and based on race
and religion.
Mr Bainimarama said Ratu Isoa was
jealous of Attorney-General Aiyaz
Sayed-Khaiyum and all that Mr SayedKhaiyum has been able to achieve for
He would not be able to hold a candle

up to the A-G. He cannot ever achieve

what A-G has been able to achieve for
Fiji. He is a very frustrated man. I think
his frustration stems from the court
case over corruption charges and that
is why he comes and spews venom in
Parliament and disappears.
Ratu Isoa said Mr Sayed-Khaiyum was
leading with his kind.
Mr Bainimarama said: The A-G has
been able to do what he (Ratu Isoa)
will never be able to do. The public at
large will have found out that this is the
norm with Tikoca. He spews venom
and disappears like he did today. The
FijiFirst party makes a challenge for
his comments. He is a pathetic man

and comes up with a lot of pathetic

comments and issues in Parliament.
He has been hitting out at everyone
and especially A-G, he is envious of
A-G and bottom line is that he is a very
jealous and frustrated man.
Ratu Isoa clearly personalised matters
and took names of people who were of
Muslim faith.
Mr Bainimarama said SODELPA
needed to talk to Ratu Isoa and rein him
in or soon they would be one short in
Government Whip Ashneel Sudhakar
demanded that Ratu Isoa withdraw
his comments which were ruled on by
Deputy Speaker, Ruveni Nadalo.

Decrease In Military Budget

THE Republic of Fiji Military Forces

will fulfill its obligations with its $96.4m
budget despite it being a decrease of
$3.5m, says Defence Minister Timoci
Mr Natuva said the primary responsibility
of the RFMF was to ensure at all times
the security, defence and wellbeing of
Fiji and all Fijians.
"The RFMF has also been an important
pillar of our foreign policy through
its significant contribution to UN
Peacekeeping operations in troubled
areas around the world," he said.
Mr Natuva said the RFMFs operating
provision for the new financial year was
"This has been allocated for adjustment

in salaries for some ranks, compensate

shortfall of FNPF contribution and a
new provision for the Hydrographic
"The separation of the Hydrographic
Department budget from the
Navy is due to better control and
practice of good governance given
the different roles they play in our
maritime zone.
"The operating provision is an increase
of $364,000 in comparison to 2016
He said $6.8m was allocated for capital
construction which was a decrease of
$2.7m to the 2016 budget allocation.
"The decrease is attributed to the
decrease in Integrated Peacekeeping

Centre (Blackrock project) budget."

He said the significant program
allocations in the budget for the RFMF
* support the role of the Army
Engineering Unit in rural and maritime
construction projects particularly for
disaster recovery and rehabilitation;
* $0.35m allocation for the upgrade of
the Engineers Q-Store and Specialist
* $0.15m for the procurement of tools
and equipment;
* safe storage of the military's weapons,
ammunition and explosives; and
* $1.0m to construct a new magazine
and upgrade the armoury at Queen
Elizabeth Barracks in Nabua.





Vimla Bissesar

May 12 1947 - July 2 2016



World News

Donald Trump Accused Of Savage Sexual

Attack On A 13-Year-Old Girl

DONALD Trump has been accused

of an historical child rape in shocking
allegations filed with the United States
Federal Court.
While the Republican frontrunner has
been making headlines for comparing a
proposed free trade agreement to rape, a
woman aged in her thirties has alleged
that he initiated sexual contact with
her on four occasions in 1994, when she
was just 13-years-old.
Trump has categorically denied the
allegations, which centre around parties
held at the home of his friend, notorious
paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
The alleged victim, who is not named in
the documents, claims that during one
savage sexual attack Trump tied her to
a bed, exposed himself and proceeded
to forcibly rape her while she loudly
pleaded for him to stop but that
the billionaire responded by striking
her in the face with his open hand and
screaming that he would do whatever
he wanted.
It goes on to allege that Trump threatened
the girl that, were she ever to reveal any
of the details of the sexual and physical
abuse, she and her family would be
physically harmed if not killed.
The court documents, filed last month
after an earlier case was dismissed for
technical filing errors, seek to have the
five-year New York statute of limitations
waived on the grounds that the alleged
victim was effectively under duress
because she feared for her life.
A sworn statement by the alleged victim
includes the allegation that Jeffrey
Epstein also raped and threatened her,
along with the stunning claim that the
convicted child sex offender attempted
to strike me about the head with his
closed fists while he angrily screamed
at me that he, Defendant Epstein, should
have been the one who took my virginity,
not Defendant Trump.
A second sworn statement signed by an
anonymous Tiffany Doe, who claims
to have been Epsteins recruiter from
1991 to 2000, says that the alleged
victim was among adolescent girls she
lured to the disgraced billionaires wild
parties with the promise of potential
work in the modelling industry.
I personally witnessed the Plaintiff
being forced to perform various
sexual acts with Donald J Trump and
Mr Epstein, Tiffany Doe said in the
statement. Both Mr Trump and Mr

Epstein were advised that she was

13-years-old ... I personally witnessed
four sexual encounters that the Plaintiff
was forced to have with Mr Trump
during this period, including the fourth
of these encounters where Mr Trump
forcibly raped her despite her pleas to
Both the alleged victim and Tiffany
Doe spoke of a 12-year-old girl named
Maria who had disappeared after one
of Epsteins parties, and that Trump
told the alleged victim she would meet
the same fate if she ever revealed the
alleged crime.
I am coming forward to swear to the
truthfulness of the physical and sexual
abuse that I personally witnessed of
minor females at the hands of Mr
Trump and Mr Epstein, Tiffany Does
statement said.
I swear to these facts under the
penalty for perjury even though I fully
understand that the life of myself and
my family is now in grave danger.
Not only has Trump vehemently
denied the allegations, but his lawyer
has dismissed them as a politicallymotivated hoax, pointing out that the
court documents were filed in such a
way as to make it impossible to trace
their source.
Lawyer Alan Garten told The Daily
Mail that there was absolutely no
merit to these claims and, based on
our investigation, no evidence that the
person who has made these allegations
actually exists.
The allegations are not only
categorically false, but disgusting at
the highest level and clearly framed to
solicit media attention or, more likely,
are politically motivated, Mr Garten

But civil rights lawyer and media
commentator Lisa Bloom has argued
that while Trump should be considered
innocent until proven guilty, the
allegations should be taken seriously.
No outsider can say whether Mr Trump
is innocent or guilty of these new rape
charges, Bloom wrote in an opinion
piece for Huffington Post.
But we can look at his record, analyse
the court filings here, and make a
determination as to credibility
whether the allegations are believable
enough for us to take them seriously and
investigate them, keeping in mind his
denial and reporting new facts as they
I have done that. And the answer is
a clear yes. These allegations are
credible. They ought not be ignored.
Bloom pointed to Trumps previous
comments to New York Magazine about
Epstein, who was jailed in 2008 for
soliciting sex with an underage girl.
Ive known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific
guy. Hes a lot of fun to be with, Trump
told magazine reporter Landon Thomas
It is even said that he likes beautiful
women as much as I do, and many of
them are on the younger side. No doubt
about it, Jeffrey enjoys his social life.
The disgraced billionaire financier had
many high profile friends, including
Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew. It is
not suggested that any of these men, or
Trump, engaged in wrongdoing.
Bloom concluded that while the
allegations might shock some, as a
lawyer who represents women in sexual
abuse cases every day, I can tell you that
sadly, they are common.


World News


FBI Recommends No Charges For Clinton

Over Email System At State Department

The FBI recommended Tuesday that

Democratic presidential candidate
Hillary Clinton should not face criminal
charges over her use of a private email
server as Secretary of State, even though
she and aides were "extremely careless"
in handling classified information.
While FBI Director James Comey
criticized Clinton and her aides for
carelessly handling classified, top-secret
information, he said there is no evidence
she intended to do so, the basis for
criminal charges.
"Although there is evidence of potential
violations of the statutes regarding the
handling of classified information,"
Comey said in a 15-minute statement
explaining the investigation, "our
judgment is that no reasonable
prosecutor would bring such a case."
Comey said his agency acted apolitically
and went where the facts took them.
While, technically, the FBI makes
recommendations to Justice Department
prosecutors over potential charges,
Attorney General Loretta Lynch has said
she would accept the bureau's views in
this case.
"In looking back at our investigations
into mishandling of removal of classified
information, we cannot find a case that
would support bringing criminal charges
on these facts," Comey said.
Republican presidential candidate
Donald Trump criticized the FBI's
decision, tweeting that "the system
is rigged" and citing charges brought
against Gen. David Petraeus over
handling of classified information.
"General Petraeus got in trouble for far
less," Trump said. "Very very unfair! As
usual, bad judgment."
In another tweet, Trump noted that the
FBI director "said Crooked Hillary
compromised our national security. No
charges. Wow."
Clinton, who campaigns later in the day
with President Obama in North Carolina,
did not address Comeys statement or the
FBIs findings during a morning speech
at the National Education Association in
Comey, meanwhile, took Clinton and
State Department officials to task for
their procedures in handling sensitive
"Although we did not find clear evidence
that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues
intended to violate laws governing the
handling of classified information, there

is evidence that they were extremely

careless in their handling of very
sensitive, highly classified information,"
he said.
Comey said that, of the 30,000 or so
Clinton emails provided by the State
Department, 110 messages in 52
email chains were determined to have
contained classified information at the
time they were sent or received.
Eight of those email chains contained
information that was top secret at the
time they were sent or received, the FBI
reported; 36 of the email chains contained
secret information at the time; and eight
contained lesser confidential information.
Part of the investigation dealt with
whether foreign adversaries tried to hack
Clinton's private email system, Comey
said. In recent years, the Chinese and
Russian governments are among those
who have been accused of prying into
American secrets.
It is possible that hostile actors were
able to access Clintons personal email
account, Comey said, but there was no
direct evidence."
Comey said the evidence supports the
conclusion that "any reasonable person
in Secretary Clinton's position or in the

position of those government employees

with whom she was corresponding about
these matters should have know that
an unclassified system was no place for
that conversation."
unannounced statement came three days
after FBI agents interviewed Clinton
about her use of private email while
secretary of State.
After the Saturday interview, Clinton
spokesman Nick Merrill said the former
secretary of State was "pleased to
have had the opportunity to assist the
Department of Justice in bringing this
review to a conclusion."
For months, Trump had predicted that
Clinton would not face charges, claiming
the Justice Department investigation has
been "rigged" in her favor.
Trump and other Republicans protested
a recent meeting between Lynch and
former president Bill Clinton, the
candidate's husband. The two said they
discussed personal matters, not the
Comey spoke just hours before Clinton
campaigns in Charlotte along with
President Obama, their first joint
political appearance of the year.

A Japanese man has been sentenced to

four and a half years in prison for cutting
a lawyers penis off with secateurs after
he had an affair with his wife.
Former boxer Ikki Kotsugai admitted
mutilating the lawyer with 20 cm garden
shears before flushing the organ down
the communal toilet at Tokyo District
The 25-year-old and his wife met the
42-year-old lawyer in his office, where
he started punching him until he was
barely conscious before unzipping his
trousers and mutilating him.
Police were immediately called to the
scene and Kotsugai was arrested, but the
penis was never found.
His unnamed wife, who was an
employee at the law firm, had falsely
claimed she had been forced into a
sexual relationship with the lawyer.
It later emerged the affair was
The prosecution said the Aug. 2015
attack was bizarre and cruel.

Lawyers told the court: The victim has

lost his reproductive function, which is
a serious health concern, and received
mental distress.
They said the unnamed victim would
needed further hospital treatment to deal
with his injuries.
Law student Kotsugai has since
apologized to his victim, who also
apologized for sleeping with Kotsugai
wife, Japanese newspaper Sankei

Husband Cut Off Lawyer's Penis With

Secateurs Over Affair With Wife


World News


Air Canada Passengers Stuck On Tarmac For

Hours Without Food, Pilot Orders Them Pizza
After almost five hours waiting on a
Wyoming tarmac with hardly anything
to eat, an Air Canada pilot used his
personal credit card to order pizza to
feed the exasperated passengers.
Ottawa resident Bob LeDrew and his
wife Cathy had taken a flight from
Montreal late Sunday afternoon to
Denver to attend a choral musical
festival. However, high winds forced
flight 7705 to divert a short distance
away to Cheyenne, Wy. The airport
they landed at is a small one beside a
mountain with only one runway. And
given the shifting winds, it made taking
off again tricky. So they sat in the plane.
They couldnt for safety reasons fly or
take off because if there was an engine
failure or something they wouldnt be
able to clear the mountain, LeDrew
said, relaying what Air Canada staff had
told passengers.
LeDrew said they kept the ventilation
running for the 69 passengers, and
the flight attendants offered water and
pretzels as time passed on, but the crew
said they could not offer any other food.
At one point the pilot came on the P.A.
and said, Ive asked Air Canada for
authorization to get you folks fed, which
I (took) to mean they were going to bring
in food from somewhere in Cheyenne.
LeDrews friend, Bob Daley, who was
sitting a few rows back from the couple
said the pilots announcement came after
theyd been on the tarmac for a few hours.
He said, I regret to inform you that Ive
spoken to Air Canada about providing
you people with some food and it was

getting late at this point so we were all

famished and he said unfortunately
they have refused, Daley said.
After being stuck for more than four
hours, passengers were eventually
escorted off the plane to a nearby office
where they were served coffee and
popcorn. Thats when LeDrew started
tweeting, complaining to Air Canada
about the situation while his wife Cathy
was on hold with customer service to no
avail. Air Canada sent him a message
suggesting he fill out a form.
Eventually after about an hour in the
hangar one of the air service employees
came out and said, The pilot has just
given me his own credit card and hes
told me to order you guys pizza,' said
LeDrew. So he started ordering pizza
and when he went back to return the
pilots credit card the pilot said, The
winds are shifting, (forget) the pizza, we
are going to give this a shot.'
Forgoing the pizza turned out to be the
right call. While it took another hour
before they got off the runway, the
plane managed to safely take off from
Cheyenne shortly after 11 p.m. five
hours after they landed.
Air Canada said the flight was Air Canada
Express operated by Sky Regional.
Naomi Strasser, a spokeswoman for Sky
Regional, said by the time the flight was
diverted to Cheyenne there was only a
handful of on-board catering items
left because most of the food had already
been consumed by the passengers.
She said the crew was in constant
communication with the company,

which is why the pizza was ordered by

the pilot, and said the passengers were
given meal vouchers as soon as they
landed in Denver.
Strasser added that if, for example,
someone was on the flight with a
medical condition like diabetes and
needed food right away, they would
have unequivocally served the one
or two sandwiches they had left, but
otherwise it would not have been fair to
the rest of those on board.
As for why it took hours before ordering
something of more substance than
pretzels and popcorn, Strasser said the
shifting wind conditions played a factor.
At first, she said, it was unclear the delay
was going to drag on.
When it became clear that this was
going to be a longer delay, I think (the
crew) went above and beyond in actually
coming up with a solution given the fact
that there was no available catering in
Cheyenne, she said.
She added that the company is
constantly evaluating and reevaluating
(its) policies and looking for the best
way to provide the best service for
everybody. This situation will certainly
serve as something to take into
LeDrew said the endeavour went down
as the worst flying experience hes ever
had. And while he was offered a 20 per
cent discount off his next flight, he still
wasnt impressed.
Thats basically the taxes off a
new flight. I think thats really

A PRISON guard who allegedly

smuggled contraband into Casuarina in
exchange for cash has been charged after
30 snakes were seized from his home.
Scott Craig Berridge, of Baldivis, was
last month charged with a string of
offences including official corruption,
with police claiming he abused his
position several times in the 14 months
to May this year.
On Tuesday, police said 20 reptiles
including a dugite, pythons and an
eastern water dragon had been seized
from a Baldivis property, alleging
Berridge did not have the appropriate
licence for the animals.
After a joint investigation involving the

Australian Border Force, WA Police and

the Department of Parks and Wildlife,
police removed 20 reptiles from 14
different native species of reptile.
It is further alleged ABF investigators
seized another 10 exotic reptiles during
the search warrant, including boa
constrictors, Burmese pythons, corn
snakes and a ball python.
Mr Berridge will face Armadale
Magistrates Court on August 5 on
charges including keeping fauna in
captivity without a licence issued under
regulations, failing to observe conditions
of a licence and wilfully misleading a
wildlife officer.
The ABF is considering a range of

further charges against him for possible

offences against the Environment Act
Reptiles alleged to have been seized
included three tiger snakes, a dugite,
a mulga snake, a stimsons python, a
southwest carpet python, three water
pythons, an eastern water dragon, a
brown tree snake, two rough-scaled
pythons, two central carpet pythons, a
coastal python, a scrub python, an olive
python and a jungle python.
Border Force investigators are making
inquiries into 10 exotic reptiles seized,
including two boa constrictors, three
corn snakes, a ball python and four
burmese pythons.

Casuarina Prison Guard Charged


World News


We Will Be Able To Sell It Before It Gets

Stolen: $38,000 Scotch Bottle For Sale At
Rural Quebec Duty-Free Shop

One of the rarest bottles of scotch

whisky on the market is the Balvenie 50
and the only bottle for sale in Canada
is in a rural Quebec town on the border
with New York.
But if you are in the market to spend
US$38,000 on Bottle No. 89 from a
1963 vintage of the Balvenie, you will
need to make a trip to the U.S.-Canada
border and the IGL Duty Free shop at
the Lacolle border crossing.
We have a lot of scotch connoisseurs
who stop here, said Pierre Guay of
his store, which benefits from an ideal
location between Montreal and New
York City, and being near other major
U.S. markets. The store is one of three
duty-free shops that Guay runs as
president of Importations Guay Limited,
a family business.
We decided to acquire this bottle
because we wanted a prestige item in
our store, he said, noting that part of its
value is that it makes people talk.
Guay says the most expensive scotch
he ever sold went for about $4,725
thats in Canadian dollars for a
Macallan M. The shop sold two bottles
of it recently. After the Balvenie 50, the
most expensive bottle in the shop is a
Glenfiddich 40, which sells for $5,500.
The number 40 or 50 following the
name of the scotch indicates how long it
has been aged.
We expect, some day, to sell (the
Balvenie 50) to an American, because
I think that is where our market is in
New York City, Guay said.
For an American scotch aficionado, the
price at the duty free shop is actually a
bargain, since no taxes need to be paid.
In the U.S., the bottle usually sells for
$44,000 before taxes.
Theres a possibility the IGL shop might
eventually obtain a second bottle of the
rare scotch, but Guay said he wanted to
test the market first.
His regular clientele of scotch collectors,
who visit about once a month, are
helping to spread the word, he said.

I kind of think it will be one of our

regular customers who will be buying
it, Guay said, likely a collector who
would hold on to the bottle for several
more years before opening it.
When he/she does, the buyer will be
tasting something amazing, said
Lorne Cousin, the brand ambassador for
Balvenie with the William Grant & Sons
distillery, which produced the scotch in
Scotland. The long maturation period
has created a lush scotch, sweetened
with dark fruits and balanced by a spicy
outburst of ground ginger and cinnamon,
he said. There is also some oak, vanilla
and a mouth-coating sweetness at the
Malted by hand
What makes the Balvenie 50 so rare?
For starters, the distillery has used the
same method since 1892. Its the most
handcrafted single malt scotch, Cousin
explained. The distillery goes so far
as to grow its own barley rather than
sourcing it from farms, with the barley
then malted by hand.
The liquid is distilled in copper stills that
are handcrafted. Then the clear liquid
goes into numbered casks for tracking
purposes and that is where the magic
happens, Cousin said.
The wood plays about 80 per cent
of the final character, of the scotch,
Cousin said. Its only once it goes into
the barrels that it gets all the colour and
most of the flavour from the wood.
Because of the woods importance,
William Grant & Sons has its own
cooperage, where the wooden casks are
constructed. Theres a lot of magic and
mysticism that goes on in the wood,
Cousin said.
Theres a lot of beauty in it and every
barrel is going to come out different.
Adding to the uniqueness of this bottling
from Cask 4567: it was tended to by the
same malt master, David Stewart, for
all of its 50 years. Stewart started at the
distillery in 1962, a year before the cask
was filled.

Stewart is the longest-serving malt

master in scotch-whisky history, Cousin
said, and was recently named a member
of the Order of the British Empire.
Yielded 131 bottles
Cask 4567, which was filled in 1963,
yielded 131 bottles, but the distillery
is not sure how many are left on the
market. The bottle for sale at IGL is
from this cask.
The last bottle from Cask 4567 sold in
Canada was purchased in January by the
Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver for
$45,000 Canadian. The hotel has resold
the precious scotch for $2,600 an ounce
at its bar.
Cousin noted that most scotch casks are
bottled by the time they are 18 years
old. Only five per cent of barrels make it
past 18 years, he added. To get to 21 is
special, to get to 30, 40 and 50 years old
is almost unheard of. Only a handful of
casks ever make it to that age.
When the cask hits 40, the scotch
reaches another level.
When it gets to 40 and above, theres
something magical that happens, too,
in the wood. Which we dont quite
understand, thats the beauty of it,
Cousin said.
He said all those factors play into the
reason the Balvenie 50 is such a rare and
costly scotch, one that sometimes draws
unwanted attention.
The last time a bottle of Balvenie 50
was on sale in Quebec, it was stolen
at gunpoint from an SAQ outlet in
downtown Montreal in January 2015.
Guay admits to having some security
concerns about the bottle, but it is kept in
the stores vault and, with Canadian and
U.S. customs agents stationed nearby,
its unlikely any would-be robber would
get very far.
When someone comes to our store, they
must exit and go to the United States.
They are unable to return to Canada,
Guay said. We are quite confident
we will be able to sell it before it gets



The next couple of days will see you in
a more relaxed state of mind. You will
get some good news pertaining to your
job, career or travel that you will make
the coming celebrations even more
eventful. Your personal life will be full
of excitement and you will find every
opportunity to show your appreciation
and sense of gratification to your mate
or beloved. Some of you will take a brief
vacation out of town in the company of
your family and friends. Students will
be happy to receive the news of their
selection to important institutions.
You will get into the mood to start your
new job or venture that you may have
committed yourself to earlier. This new
assignment could well be the turning
point in your life. Those of you in the
age group of 26 - 36, will receive a major
promotion or financial boost during the
next few days. Matters at home are very
comfortable especially after the loved
ones having patched up their differences.
The married can look forward to joyful
moments in each other's company.
You will get completely immersed in
your job or business that is poised to take
you closer to your chosen goal. Success
in your venture is assured but only after
you have put in all your efforts and
energy to conclude your current task
on schedule. Your commitment to your
career seems to keep you away from
leisurely pastime though this doesn't
seem to bother you much. However, in a
few days' time you may feel the need for
a romantic association that will appear
elusive for a while.
You will feel quite satisfied with the rate
of progress in your career and business.
There will be fresh opportunities coming
along that will enable you to increase
manifold your income or business profit.
The married or those in love will find
their beloved complaining of neglect
that may not be altogether wrong.
You will have to find time for your
family and loved ones who miss you
particularly during the ensuing holidays.
The few moments that you will manage
to be together with your beloved will be
immensely enjoyable and memorable.
A sudden development around you will
bring in fresh opportunities to increase


your income and profit. You will have to

take some quick decisions and act wisely
in choosing your associates in handling
new projects. This is particularly because
it could be a one-time opportunity and
someone may try to take away this deal from
under your nose. If need be, take advice of
an elder in the family or your senior who
may not have any personal interest in this
particular project. Your love life keeps you
in high spirits and full of enthusiasm that
may be essential at this juncture for you to
function better in your career.
A certain project that may have been
abandoned or given up as a lost
opportunity gets revived and you will
need to consider it afresh. Even though
you will take up this assignment halfheartedly you will find it a treasure of
great opportunity for making long-term
financial gains. This particular deal will
have the potential to change your life
completely for the better. There are also
some fresh developments that are likely
to happen on your personal front. A
new association with a person of these
opposite sex will see you rediscover the
joys of romance and amour.
After having attained job security and
sufficient savings you will now have a
strong urge to indulge yourself in your
favourite hobbies and pas time. You may
decide to spend time in the exclusive
company of your mate or beloved at a
quiet retreat of your choice. This brief
holiday will give you an opportunity to
reset your long-term goals that you wish
to have for your family and yourself. You
will feel rather relaxed and energetic
after your vacation and will begin work
with renewed enthusiasm.
You have a busy schedule ahead even
though you have attended to routine
matters. There will be fresh work offers
that you may find difficult to refuse for
these have the potential of establishing
you securely in your profession. Though
you may have plans for vacations but
may find it difficult to get away from
your work. However, you need not worry
for you will manage a brief outing in the
company of your family or beloved that
will give you hope for taking a longer
vacation after you complete your current
There are changes foreseen in your

current associations. If employed a

change of job is likely, and those working
in joint ventures or partnership, may now
decide to go independent. Whatever the
new developments that are in the stars
assures long-term benefits for you in
your career. You should not resist these
changes even though you may initially
feel rather insecure. Home and family
life will be a source of strength and
encouragement. The married or those in
love can look forward to great times in
the company of their beloved.
You will require spending some more
time at work in order to conclude certain
important tasks. This may require you
to change your plans that you may
have made with your family. However,
others at home will understand your
compulsions and will co-operate. It is
necessary that you devote time to your
career or business that may have given
you some anxious moments of late. There
is lot of competition in the market and
you have to remain alert most times in
order to safeguard your interests. You will
manage to spend some intimate moments
in the company of your mate or beloved
that will keep you going in your career.
There is lot to be satisfied and thankful
for in your career and financial aspect.
Even your personal life is happy and
congenial. However, the planets seem
to create some mischief in your love
life and could bring in a new romance.
You will feel a strong urge for a secret
liaison. You need to be highly discreet
in such matters that offer attraction of
physical kind. The married or those
already committed in love could create
serious problems for themselves.
Amorous sport has its own perils.
There will be series of good news that
greet you this week. You will have
ample reasons to indulge yourself and
enjoy the success achieved in your
career and profession, and the adoration
that you get socially. Romance and
love seem to be part of your life more
so when members of the opposite sex
find you irresistible. You are not going
to let go any opportunity that you get
for having brief stints or amorous kind.
But remember to be discreet for you
could end up hurting someone who may
have sacrificed a lot in making your life
happy and comfortable.




Eat Seafood Meal Once A Week To Stay


Including seafood or other foods

containing omega-3 fatty acids at least
once a week in your diet may protect
against age-related memory loss and
thinking problems in older people, says
a study.
The age-related memory loss and
thinking problems of study-participants
who reported eating seafood less than
once a week declined more rapidly
compared to those who ate at least one
seafood meal per week.
"This study helps show that while
cognitive abilities naturally decline as
part of the normal ageing process, there is
something that we can do to mitigate this
process," said study senior author Martha
Clare Morris from Rush University
Medical Centre in Chicago, US.
The findings were published online in

the journal Neurology.

The researchers followed 915 people
with a mean age of 81.4 years for an
average of five years.
At study enrollment, none had signs of
During the course of the study, each
person received annual, standardized
testing for cognitive ability in five areas
-- episodic memory, working memory,
semantic memory, visuospatial ability
and perceptual speed.
The study group also completed annual
food frequency questionnaires, allowing
the researchers to compare participants'
reported seafood intake with changes in
their cognitive abilities as measured by
the tests.
The questionnaires included four types
of seafood: tuna sandwiches; fish sticks,

fish cakes and fish sandwiches; fresh

fish as a main dish; and shrimp, lobster
and crab.
The participants were divided into two
groups: those who ate at least one of
those seafood meals per week and those
who ate less than one of those seafood
meals per week.
People who ate more seafood had
reduced rates of decline in the semantic
memory, which is memory of verbal
information. They also had slower
rates of decline in a test of perceptual
speed, or the ability to quickly compare
letters, objects and patterns, the findings
Seafood is the direct nutrient source
of a type of omega-3 fatty acid
(docosahexaenoic acid) that is the main
structural component of the brain.

Corn starch dries up excess oil leaving

skin soft and clear, and kiwis can be
used as an effective face scrub for oily
skin, says an expert.
A makeover expert and director of Star salon
n' Academy, shares a few more remedies
that may help you to get rid of oily skin:
* Cinnamon and nutmeg: Cinnamon and
nutmeg is a good acne and anti-ageing
treatment as it boosts the collagen
production, improves blood circulation,
fades the marks from the skin and is a
very beneficial homemade face pack.
Take a teaspoon of ground cinnamon
mixed with one teaspoon of nutmeg
powder and two teaspoons of honey.
Apply and leave it on for 30 minutes
before rinsing it with warm water.
* Corn starch: It dries up excess oil,
leaving skin soft and clear. It has a
drying action that will leave your face
or skin with an appealing matte-look.
Prepare a thick paste of corn starch by
adding rosemary water or water and one
teaspoon of olive oil. Apply the paste on
your nose or acne prone area of your skin.
Let the paste remain till it becomes dry.
Rinse your skin surface with warm water.
* Avocado: Avocado is beneficial to
nourish, enhance and rejuvenate skin.
Avocado face masks can also work for
people with oily and acne prone skin
and are excellent for ageing skin. Break
one egg, remove the yolk, whip the
white portion until frothy. Take out the
avocado pulp and mash it properly. Mix

the two together with one teaspoon of

lemon juice. Apply a thick layer to your
face and leave it for 20 to 25 minutes.
* Chamomile tea: Chamomile possesses
many powerful skin properties such as
anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-septic, and contains
essential oils and anti-oxidants.
Chamomile tea helps to increase
circulation and kill the bacteria that
causes acne. Make a mixture of
chamomile tea and oat meal in equal

proportions, nearly two drops of almond

oil and two teaspoons of honey. Apply
this paste on your oily skin. Use this
face mask for 10 to 15 minutes.
* Kiwi: This refreshing and juicy fruit
is frequently used as an effective face
scrub for oily skin. Take one kiwi, peel
off the skin and put it in a bowl. Mash the
kiwi well. Add two teaspoons of sugar
and two drops of sunflower oil to it. Mix
it well and scrub it on your face, neck,
hands and legs with your fingertips.

The proximity to snacks at workplace can

increase your consumption behaviour,
says a new study that focuses on how
companies can promote healthy choices
and still provide indulgent goodies.
Many companies provide free snacks
and beverages to incentivise productivity
and boost morale of its employees.
However, unhealthy snacking may
cause an office obesity epidemic.
The findings showed the proximity of snacks to
free beverages increased the consumption rate.
The closer the snacks were placed to the
drinks, the more people tended to eat,
even a difference of a few feet mattered.
It was a bit surprising that an extra
few feet of distance between snacks
and beverages yielded such a significant
change in snacking frequency, said
lead researcher Ernest Baskin, consumer

behaviour expert and professor at Saint

Josephs University in the US.
Also, the snacking behaviour was found
more in men as opposed to women.
Factors that influence consumer
behaviour without our full realisation,
like convenience or relative proximity,
are especially important to study to
help educate individuals about healthy
decision-making, Baskin noted.
The study, published in the journal Appetite,
worked on how to provide the right kind of
culinary indulgence that make an office so
attractive to employees without.
Potential interventions for reducing
snacking in the workplace include moving
healthier snack options closer, or making
unhealthy snacks more difficult to access
(placing them in a pantry or in a free vending
machine), the researchers suggested.

Try Corn Starch, Kiwi To Get Rid Of Oily Skin

Keep Away Unhealthy Snacks To

Cut Obesity Risk



Jeetendra Scolded Karan Patel For Coming

Late On The Sets Of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Jeetendra paid a surprise visit to the sets

of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
Karan Patel would think twice before
coming late now !
If sources are to be believed, veteran
actor Jeetendra, head honcho of Balaji
Telefilms, reprimanded Karan Patel
after he got to know that the actor comes
late to the sets of the banners show Ye
Hai Mohabbatein. Jeetendras daughter
Ekta Kapoor produces the popular TV
show, aired on Star Plus.
Jeetendra paid a surprise visit on the
sets of the show last week to spend
some time with the actors. It was at this
moment when he realised the shoot had
come to a halt because of the absence
of Karan, who plays Raman in the
show.We as a unit are used to Karans
latecoming That day even Jeetendra
sir noticed the same and he was stunned
to see the lead actor being late on an
important shoot day.

Jeetendra, head honcho of Balaji Telefilms,

Jacqueline Fernandez Open To Do Sex

Comedies, Only On One Condition

Actress Jacqueline Fernandez wants

to try her hand at different genres in
cinema, and she says she will be willing
to do a sex comedy provided it is done
aesthetically. Asked if she is comfortable
doing a sex comedy, Jacqueline said:
I dont know It depends with the
making it could be tricky there is a thin
line so it actually depends on who is
making it and how its being made.
The Sri Lankan beauty is also open to
Hollywood films.
If it works out, I will definitely do
it. We are moving into a time where
cinema has become so globalised and
actors have become globalised. I would
love to be a part of as many different
kinds of cinema as possible.




Shrimp Pineapple Fried Rice

2 eggs
1 small onion, chopped
1 teaspoon canola oil
3 garlic cloves, minced
3 cups cooked rice
1 can (20 ounces) unsweetened
pineapple chunks, drained
1/2 pound cooked medium shrimp,
peeled and deveined
1/2 cup chopped cashews
1/2 cup frozen peas, thawed
2 green onions, sliced
3 tablespoons reduced-sodium soy sauce
1 tablespoon hoisin sauce
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon sesame oil
1/4 teaspoon pepper
In a small bowl, whisk eggs. Heat a large
nonstick skillet coated with cooking
spray over medium heat. Add eggs.
Cook and stir until set; remove from the
skillet and keep warm.
In the same skillet, saute onion in oil
until tender. Add garlic; cook 1 minute
longer. Stir in the rice, pineapple, shrimp,
cashews, peas and green onions; heat
through. Combine the soy sauce, hoisin
sauce, sugar, sesame oil and pepper; stir
into rice mixture. Stir in eggs.

Panko Crusted Salmon

4 Salmon Fillets
2/3 cup Panko
2 Tbsp. parsley, finely chopped
1 tsp. lemon zest
1/2 tsp. Kosher salt

1/2 tsp black pepper

2 tbsp Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 tbsp. Dijon mustard (or try honey
1 tbsp. vegetable or canola oil, for
browning fillets

Lemon wedges, for serving

Preheat the oven to 425 F.
Combine the panko, parsley, lemon
zest, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and 1/2 teaspoon
pepper in a small bowl. Add the 2 Tbsp.
olive oil and stir until crumbs are evenly
coated with oil. Set aside.
Place the salmon fillets skin side down,
on a board. Brush the top of the fillets
with the mustard. Sprinkle with salt and
pepper. Top with the panko mixture,
pressing it down lightly so that it sticks
well to the mustard.
Heat the oil over medium-high heat in a
12-inch cast-iron skillet or large heavy,
ovenproof pan. When the oil is very hot,
add the salmon fillets, skin side down,
and cook for 3 to 4 minutes, without
turning, to brown.
Take the pan off the stove and transfer to
the pre-heated oven for 5 to 7 minutes,
until the salmon is almost cooked and
the panko is browned. Remove from
the oven, cover with aluminum foil, and
allow to rest for 5 to 10 minutes. Serve
the salmon with lemon wedges.




TS Times Sports
7'S Election
NATIONAL sevens rugby (men) coach
Ben Ryan may trim his 22-member
2016 Rio Olympics squad after today's
training sessions.
Just eight sleeps and 20 training sessions
away from the announcement of his
side, Ryan has spent this week trying out
combinations and testing the versatility
of his players.
His 13-member team to the 2016 Rio
Olympic Games would be able to
withstand any challenges such as injuries
and yellow cards.
Ryan admitted he won't leave the
selection of the team to the last minute.
"Obviously, I got a skeleton of playersbarring anything dramatic will make
that 12 but I still have got 25 per cent
that are unclear in my head," Ryan said.
Yesterday, Kitione Taliga, usually at

rover, was playing half back, which is

likely to become a permanent position
for him.
As his players are getting fitter and
meeting challenges thrown their way
by Ryan, the final decision would come
down to which players can play more
positions, the "right" combinations and
of course fitness.
In fact, Ryan does not want a repeat of
the Singapore 7s final this year where an
injury stricken Fiji side lost to Kenya.
The Fiji camp is playing every worst
case scenario that could happen and
coming up with the best solution that
would keep that Olympic medal hope
Ryan is also grappling with the decision
on whether to take six backs and six
forwards or five forwards to seven

The training session yesterday involved
the players playing a few matches giving
Ryan a view of the areas that needed
more work.
Ryan will announce his team next week.
Fiji is in the same pool as Brazil, United
States of America and Argentina.
Barring any upsets, Fiji would meet
the second third placegetter in the pool
competition in the quarter-final.
If we follow the current world ranking, it
could either be Kenya or France and the
semi-final would either be against Great
Britain or Australia who are expected
to be second ranked in their pools and
would meet in the quarter-finals. But as
shown by the level of competition in the
world series this year, there are always

Team In Full Force

THE Vodafone Fiji 7s team is back to
full compliments with the return of Pio
Tuwai, Jarryd Hayne and the arrival of
France-based Josua Tuisova.
However, the only setback is playmaker
Emosi Mulevoro who is down with injury.
Coach Ben Ryan said all the players had
been impressive at camp in their quest to
make the cut for the 13-member squad
for the Rio Olympics.
"Everybody is in camp now. Josh
Tuisova has came in and is still on
vacation a little bit because we need to
give him some rest after the pre-season ,
so he will be rested," said Ryan.
"Emosi got a nasty cut at training which
required some stitches and he cannot
do anything about three or four days at

least. There's some fear the infection

might break open again and he should
be back on Monday."
Ryan said Pio Tuwai was back at his
usual best and had been urged not to miss
any training session to be considered for
"Pio, he got released from hospital and
he's trained in every session. That what
I had to say to Pio and Pio knows it.
"He can't drop off any more sessions
and if he misses any session, probably
his dream is over.
"If he gets back on and gives his best in
every training session, then he will get
to the end where I got good decision to
"And if hes doesn't train fully in the next

couple of weeks, then my decision will

be made because he won't be fit enough
and it will not be fair to pick him in front
of some of the boys who are working
very hard."
Ryan said the competition among the
players were intense and was a good
opportunity for him to select the cream
from these top players.
"We are starting to see some packing
"They are not holding back at the
moment and I can see the competition
is fierce now.
"They can understand when I select the
team, they get head to head with people
to get into the squad," he added.
The Rio squad will be named on July 15.

Seven people suspected of manipulating

soccer results in at least two Brazilian
state leagues have been arrested, officials
said yesterday
The match-fixing ring involved players,
coaches, agents and presidents of clubs
in the second and third divisions of the
Sao Paulo state championship, said Kelly
Cristina Sacchetto Cesar de Andrade,

one of the police officers leading the

investigation dubbed Operation Game
Those arrested Wednesday morning
in raids in four Brazilian states were
believed to have worked with betting
syndicates in Malaysia, China and
Indonesia, Sacchetto said.
"The first phase of this operation is to

stop those being investigated, listen to

them, and gather more evidence to begin
a second phase so we know the exact
extent of this gang, if it affects other
tournaments, championships or sports,"
Sacchetto told reporters.
Sacchetto said the investigation began at
the start of 2015 and was also examining
its outcome.

7 Arrested In Brazil