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Ciara De Rosa
Ms. Hoogewerf
Study Skills for Academic Success
2 September 2016
Journeying Out of Oblivion
As time persists, my endeavors are constantly changing. Daily, it seems, I have a new
goal as to where I want to be ten years from now and what I see myself doing. However, since I
first transferred from Seminole High School to St. Petersburg Collegiate, my career goals have
changed for the better. I am not sure exactly where I want to go in life, however I have narrowed
down my choices and started toward a path I know is right for me.
I plan on double-majoring, which I know obviously entails more work as well as
extensive funds, and that is something I plan on preparing for now. I want to major in Journalism
and Business, which I recognize as two of their own prominent career paths, as well as
interchangeable in means of resources. If I decide I want to go into business, wherever I find
myself fit, I know what I have learned in journalism would allow me to have an upper hand in
communications with others. If I decide I want to go into journalism, my experience in business
could help me to establish my own connections or expand my foothold.
What I predict will happen, is that I will get a Bright Futures scholarship that will help
me to get into a Florida college, particularly USF, where I will get my MBA in marketing and
MA in journalism. I also predict that this may change, and that as time persists I might decide to

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narrow my path to a specific field, and eventually drop the other major. I would ideally like to
complete college with both degrees, but depending on where my life takes me that might change.
If I were to major in journalism, some classes I would need to take involve Mass
Communications Theory, Law and the Mass Media, and Mass Communication Ethics (USF). An
MA in Journalism would require 36 hours of class credits. An internship is also required; I would
need to obtain 120 hours of work in a single semester. I would also need to pass a comprehensive
written exam with a C or better after having successfully completed at least 21 hours of course
After taking the Myer Briggs personality test, I was labeled an INTP: Logician. It said
that these people are logical, thoughtful, intuitive, intellectual, and willing. However, they are
stubborn, introverted, and lack commonplace empathy. I believe that I follow suit with nearly
most, if not all of the INTP attributes. The test suggested that I try business management,
because INTP ideas are valuable but grunt work isnt for them. This is something that interests
me and I might consider this in my future.
I enjoyed taking this test because I believe it helped clarify a few things for me. One of
the major disadvantages of being a "logician," as the website states, is that our minds are always
racing. That constantly I have thoughts and ideas soaring through my brain, many of which will
remain underdeveloped or overlooked completely. Although brilliance could resonate where I
mistake ignorance, the beauty of the mind is its grave isolation. I feel as though this test has
helped me to further enable myself in terms of my career path as well as where my thoughts
roam, because not always should it be into oblivion.

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