Syed Zain Ali

Mechanical Engineer (Static Equipment Design)
Cell No: +966-58-3027747 (KSA),
+92-321-5240275 (PAK).

A proactive and self-driven professional mechanical engineer with the ability to lead multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, having 6+ years’ experience of design, engineering,
procurement, construction, pre commissioning and commissioning of static and rotary
equipment in both greenfield and brownfield environment.


Static Equipment Design as per codes and standards.
Piping Stress Analysis.
Structural Stress Analysis.
Finite Element Analysis.
Project Management.
Drawing development on AutoCAD and part development in Autodesk Inventor.
Construction, Pre Commissioning, Commissioning and Installation of Equipment.
Cost Estimation for the Engineering Procurement and Installation of Equipment.
Non Destructive Examination.
Construction and Installation of Mechanical Equipment.
Commissioning and pre commissioning of Mechanical Equipment.

1. SIPCHEM Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

(6+ Years)
(from June 2015 to date)

DESIGNATION: Mechanical Engineer (Design).
As an effective team player in Project and Engineering Services (P&ES) department I am working as
Mechanical Engineer mainly dealing with preliminary and detail design, engineering, procurement,
construction and installation for new and existing static and rotary equipment. Development of ITBs,
FEED documents, preliminary design to invite vendors to provide engineering design and fabrication
for the equipment to be purchased, technical evaluation of bids, Review of engineering design
documents and drawings in both FEED and DETAIL Engineering phases and ensuring that vendor must
comply company’s obligatory engineering standards, and applied codes.

Successfully completed EPCC of following projects in SIPCHEM.
 IMC November Turnaround 2015.
Major turnaround has been started in the Nov 2015 in Methanol unit SIPCHEM to replace 10 static
equipment (Boilers, Pressure vessels and Heat Exchangers) with new equipment having improved
metallurgy, scope of this project under the domain of Mechanical Engineer covers scope study,


BV PAKISTAN. Distillation Column. Manzalai-10 Development Project” for MOL GAS & CO. 02 Nos. mechanical design methodologies like FEA etc.SIPCHEM affiliate). of ASME stamped pressure vessels and 02 air cooled heat exchangers (ACHEs) as per ASME section VIII division 1 for the five different wellhead up gradation projects for OMV PAKISTAN. DESCON ENGINEERING LIMITED (June 2011 to June 2015. Construction and Installation of Carbonylation Reactor columns in IAC plant (Acetyl plant –SIPCHEM affiliate). Plant commissioning has already been started in early Dec 2015.  FEED for the addition of Knock out skid at the inlet of propylene compressor for the removal of vapor at the inlet of compressor in IPC plant (Polymers plant – SIPCHEM affiliate). of Pressure vessels for project “Makori Field Development Surface Facilities” for MOL GAS & CO. PROJECTS HANDLED: Working as a design engineer I have successfully completed following list of detail design projects with mentioned clients and EPC contractors. 52 Nos.  Replacement of Net Gas Bottom Scrubber in IDC plant (Diol plant.  Replacement of Water Removal Column Condenser in IAC plant (Acetyl plant.) DESIGNATION: Design Engineer.preparation of ITB.  Engineering. Mechanical design of 03 Nos. Supply of 02 Nos. Design. Mechanical design/drafting of 24 Nos. BV PAKISTAN. preparing CAD drawings and reviewing design documents for pressure vessels. of Pressure vessel for the project “Makori East-III. Reviewing of design calculations for their concurrence with ASME codes and SIPCHEM Standards.  IGC (Gases-SIPCHEM Affiliate) Turnaround March 2016. development of preliminary design calculation for FEED stage. of U-stamped Wet Gas Filters for ENGRO PAKISTAN. Design / drafting & cad development and checking for the 10 Nos.  Replacement of NG Preheater in IGC plant (Gases Plant-SIPCHEM affiliate). Had an experience of designing more than 150 pressure equipment for both indigenous and International clients for both green and brown field projects. Heat Exchangers and Storage Tanks as per codes and standards for both international and national clients dealing both FEED and DETAIL engineering phases. checking of GA and detail drawings and approving vendor documents for fabrication and transportation of equipment. Supply of 3 Nos.  Replacement of Salt Cooler in IDC plant (Diol plant-SIPCHEM affiliate). Designed 14 Nos. of ASME certified. 2.         Supply of Qty. of Pressure vessels stamped as per ASME Section VIII division 1 and division 2 Page|2 . NACE MR 0175 complied high pressure contained vessels for MPCL (MARI PETROLEUM COMPANY LIMITED). 4th Inter-stage Knockout Vessel for CO2 Compressor and Vertical Slug Catcher certified as per ASME Section VIII Div. developed calculations for the components having different design philosophies besides codes and standards using good engineering practices. 1 for FFC PAKISTAN.  IAC (International Acetyl Company) Turnaround Feb-March 2016.SIPCHEM affiliate). of Pressure columns and Qty. API 660 & TEMA complied AES type Shell and tube heat exchangers for FATIMA FERTILIZERS PAKISTAN. PAKISTAN. RESPONSIBILITIES: Worked as Design Engineer in Process Equipment Department of Lahore and Sharjah UAE business areas of Descon to prepare mechanical design calculations. of U-stamped.

TEMA. PAKISTAN. planning maintenance during power breakdown. etc. with CHIYODA ALMANA QATAR as an EPC contractor and RAS GAS as client. and furnaces. of ASME U stamped pressure vessels for ADMA UAE with NPCC-TECHNIP Consortium as EPC contractor for their project of “UMM LULU PHASE II FULL FIELD DEVELOPMENT PROJECT PACKAGE 2” in UAE.00). of process columns and 10 Nos. Supply of 08 Nos. API 660 and TEMA standards for PAKISTAN REFINERY LIMITED (PRL ISOMERAZATION PROJECT) in collaboration with UOP AMERICA AS AN EPC FOR PRL (PAKISTAN REFINARY LIMITED). LTD. of S&T heat exchangers and 02 Nos. Korea for ARL (ATTOCK REFINERY LTD. 16 Nos.05/4. pressure vessels. motors. MUET JAMSHORO PAKISTAN PROFESSIONAL AFFLIATIONS  Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) Page|3 . “TECHNIP NPCC CONSORTIUM AS EPC CONTRACTOR AND “ADMA” as client for the project of “UMM LULU PHASE II FULL FIELD DEVELOPMENT PROJECT PACKAGE 2”.”. Mechanical design and fabrication of 01 Nos. piping. Qty. RAWAIS UAE” as client. 04 Nos.Stamped and all requirements of division II has already been met specially the requirement of fatigue screening and nozzles are checked with fatigue analysis method using NOZZLE-PRO as FEA software. 03 Nos. of shell and tube heat exchangers as per ASME section VIII. of double pipe heat exchangers designed as per ASME section VIII Division 1. QUALIFICATION: B. In SULPHUREX Plant in Detergent Unit of Colgate Palmolive Pakistan with several duties like scheduling shutdowns for maintenance. API 660 and Borouge documents as preferred standards for design and fabrication with DEST (Formally DIPL) as EPC Contractor for project” BOROUGE PO FLARE GAS RECOVERY PROJECT” of “ABU DHABI POLYMERS COMPANY LIMITED (BOROUGE). ECPs.V. with process engineering done by “FRAMES PROCESS SYSTEMS INTERNATIONS B. of pressure vessels designed as per ASME Section VIII (Div. Supply of design and detail engineering of 20 Nos.E MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (GPA 3. Mechanical design of 12 Nos. Colgate Palmolive Pakistan Limited (July 2010 To June 2011) DESIGNATION: Trainee Engineer (Operation and Maintenance). hands on experience of maintenance and cleaning of pumps. 1) for FLOW ASSURANCE PROJECT. of pressure vessels. of pressure vessel for OMW Pakistan as per ASME Section VIII Division 2 this vessels is U2.) PAKISTAN. of pressure vessels. 17 Nos.      for ARL UP GRADATION PROJECT 2013 in the collaboration with HYUNDAI ENGINEERING CO. RESPONSIBILITIES: Worked there as a Trainee (Static and Rotary Equipment Maintenance Engineer). heat exchangers. 3. (2006 -2009). of U-stamped pressure vessels as “Filters and Scrubbers”.

Page|4 . REFERENCE: References will be furnished if required.  COMPRESS / PV ELITE (for Static Equipment Design)  AutoPIPE (for Piping Stress Analysis)  STAAD Pro (for Structural Analysis)  Ansys (for Finite Element Analysis)  AutoCAD (Drawing development)  Autodesk Inventor (for part 3D modeling and assembly)  Microsoft Excel. PowerPoint and word.SOFTWARE CAPABILITES Having hands on command on following computer software.  Adobe Acrobat.