2​n​d​ Grade Practice Sheet

October 10 – 14, 2016

******These high frequency words will be tested on Wednesday*****
another, done, into, move, now, show, too, water, year, your


✓ Read your poem three times to Mom or Dad.
✓ Practice your high frequency words tonight. Spell them aloud in front
of a mirror.
✓ Partner read ​Taking Care of Pepper​ with a parent.
✓ Put your library books in your backpack to bring to school tomorrow.
Parent initial _____


✓ Have your parents quiz you on your high frequency words. Test
✓ Read your poem SIX times tonight to make up for our short week!
Parent initial _____

✓ Snuggle up with your mom or dad and read your library book.
✓ Remind parents that conferences are tomorrow.
_________________ is signed up for a conference at ________.
Parent initial _____
Thursday and Friday:
✓ Do something fun!
✓ Please do MobyMax or Xtra Math over the long weekend.
✓ Practice writing your address 2 times and bring it to school on Monday
to show your teacher.
✓ Read for 20 minutes.

ferences are on Thursday, October 13.
on Friday, October 14.
arties are scheduled for Friday, October 28. Watch for a note in the