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English Preparation for IES | IES/GATE/PSU Helpline

English Preparation for IES
22 Monday Jul 2013



How To prepare for English:
English: For English you need to improve your vocabulary and grammar for any competitive exam.
It will take time to learn the vocabulary but it will help you in around 20 direct questions of
Synonyms/Antonyms and instead of that it will help you in understanding the passages ,PQRS type
questions and in Vocabulary based fill in the blanks. Almost it covers all the topics other than grammar
based questions.
For Vocabulary first start with news paper ,Read it and note the meaning you do not know, when
there is collection of above 500 good meanings (learn on the daily basis) then after that you will start
learning directly with any good vocabulary book like I found PT education’s (VA Atlas) book good
for this purpose.
For Grammar you need to first read the rules(not try to learn them, Read them 8-10 times on regular
basis) from any good book and start solving the error related problems as much as you can by
maintaining the balance with other parts of course.
Book lists for English:
1.PT education’s (VA Atlas)-Along with meaning of that word this book also contains all possible
synonym ,antonym ,word usage in sentence at same place.
2.The best way to learn the meaning by some key word or by the help of some images. By this we can
learn the vocabulary easily. Book For this: VoLT ,Vocabulary learning techniques By Abhishek Jain


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then after The hindu REPLY said:Rinku January 19.6/28/2014 English Preparation for IES | IES/GATE/PSU Helpline One book is available into market. 2013 at 1:37 pm intially you can start with times of india. which news paper you will suggest to improve vocabulary skills .com/2013/07/22/english-preparation-for-ies/ 3/4 .wordpress. Section wise coverage. said:manju July 23. said:sushant http://ieshelpline. its very good and comprehensive. 2014 at 9:22 pm Which publication book of CDS has given detailed explanation solution of english said:ies helpline by ashish and ankur January 20.. 2014 at 1:08 pm arihant or new vishal said:Rinku January 19. tips to solve…etc REPLY 4. REPLY 5. 2013 at 7:47 am sir. Please mention some name of news papers . REPLY said:ies helpline by ashish and ankur July 23.. said:mahendra prasad singh . 2013 at 11:02 pm These are very good tips . specially written for “English Preparation for IES” published by Engineers Institute. 2014 at 9:23 pm Also SCRA publication 6.. July 22.

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