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A Business Forum on the Philippines as a Premier Business Destination:

Identifying Opportunities for Renewable and Green Energy was recently held
by the Philippine Trade and Investment Center - London. The business
forum was sponsored by 160 year-old Scottish law firm Morton Fraser and
business consultants International Market Analysts at the Morton Fraser
offices in the brand new Quarter Mile 2 development in Edinburgh,

The Business Forum was well attended by about 24 individuals from many of
Scotlands big businesses particularly in the areas of Renewable Energy,
Energy, Banking, and Finance Sectors. Among the attendees were officials
from the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, the Scottish Low Carbon
Investment Conference organizers, and the Scottish Development Council.
Pioneering renewable energy R&D groups were also present in addition to
various Renewable Energy companies based in Scotland.

The forum focused on promoting foreign investments and joint business

opportunities for Scottish Companies in the Philippines in Renewable Energy
and other priority sectors such as IT and Business Support (Outsourcing),
Infrastructure Development and the BOT Scheme and Mining.

The Business Forum provided presentations on the following topics as

delivered by officials from the Philippine Trade and Investment Center in
London and the Embassy of the Philippines to the United Kingdom.

3rd Secretary and Economic Officer Vice-Consul Emmanuel K. Guzman of the

Philippine Embassy delivered an Economic Overview of the Philippines,
Investment and Trade Representative Vicente A. Casim of PTIC London
provided a Doing Business in the Philippines Introduction and Commercial
Attache & Director Michael Alfred Ignacio provided more specific details on
Opportunities in Renewable Energy and Other priority Sectors for Investment
and Business Cooperation between the Philippines and Scotland.

Q&A Sessions immediately followed each presentation.

The important highlights stressed by the speakers during the presentation


Pioneering and Highly Supportive Legislative Framework for Renewable

Energy initiatives, unmatched in the Region.
The Philippine Renewable Energy Act of 20008 is the first and most
comprehensive in Asia, which grants fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to
business engaged in renewable energy projects, such as wind energy,
solar energy, geothermal, hydropower and ocean energy generation.
The Philippines is the second largest producer of geothermal energy in
the world and the largest wind energy producer in Southeast Asia.
The country also enacted the Biofuels Act of 2006 which mandates a 5
percent ethanol blend with gasoline starting 2009 and 10 percent by

In the area of IT and Business Support (Outsourcing and Offshoring)

The countrys success and strength are well recongnized from the
outside perspective. In the United Kingdom, The Philippines, received
the Offshoring Destination Award in 2009 given by the UKs National
Outsourcing Association (NOA), the same award which the country also
won in 2007. NOA is the only recognized industry association and
authority for outsourcing in the United Kingdom.

Strong Economy and sustainable economic gains make the Philippines a

highly attractive business and investment destination in addition to the
countrys enormous human and natural resources, suited for the successful
development of the priority sectors mentioned.

It is envisioned that the visit of the PTIC London team and the holding of the
first Philippine Business Forum in Edinburgh on Renewable Energy and other
Priority Sectors have laid the groundwork for closer collaboration between
the Philippines and Scotland - in attracting Scottish Investments to the
Philippines particularly in the priority sectors of renewable energy and
business support and IT (BPO).

More importantly, the Business Forum has achieved its goal of formidably
positioning the Philippines as a leading investment and business destination
for such priority sectors in the Scottish Business communitys consciousness,
given the natural resources available and the extensive legislative framework
and government support readily available.

Substantial interest was signified and received from Scottish companies in the
following sectors:

On Renewable Energy these interests involved Wind Energy/ Offshore Wind,

Wave and Tidal Energy Technologies for use in the Philippine Setting,
Research companies dealing in improved and efficient Biomass Generation
and from Bacteria and Algae (excellent for Tropical Climate of the Philippines),
Waste to Energy innovations and Solar Power.

On Business Support & IT companies present in the field signified strong

interest to collaborate on Animation & Graphic Design Outsourcing, Banking &
Finance Services and IT Support and other BPO services.

Scotties companies and Morton Fraser law firm also expressed their interest
on Infrastructure Development particularly on Build Operate Transfer Projects
and Tourism Infrastructure Development opportunities.

PTIC London is now pursuing the individual contacts and networks gained
during the forum, especially the interests brought forward. Post will send
individualized memos on each contacts interest accordingly, and will request
appropriate assistance for each.


Distinguished Law Firm Morton Fraser based in Edinburgh ( w w w. m o r t o n - hosted the venue and luncheon for the business forum and
invited their top business clients involved in the priority sectors we are
promoting. CEO Linda Urquhart of Morton Fraser and Partners Austin Flynn
and James Rust expressed their desire to host the Business Forum for the
proposed Renewable Energy Business Mission from the Philippines in
September or October proposed to be headed by a top official of the BOI and
the National Renewable Energy Board Vice-Chair Vince Perez.

Consulting firm, International Markets Analysts ( ),

headed by Dr. Susan Carpenter was the event organizer and host for the
event and is responsible for the invitations of around 40 high-potential target
Scottish companies involved in our priority areas.

Marc Macaraeg, a filipino graduate of the MBA program of the University of

Edinburgh made the introductions to Dr. Susan Carpenter and Morton Fraser,
which eventually gave way to the hosting of the Philippine Business Forum at
almost no cost to the Philippine Government in terms of venue and the
luncheon served.

The Philippine Trade
and Investment Center
(PTIC) in London team
with Vice-Consul and
Mrs. Emmanuel
Guzman. PTIC London
is the representative
office and trade mission
of the Department of
Trade and Industry in
the United Kingdom and
the Commercial Section
of the Philippine
Embassy in London.
Below, the team with
representatives of
Morton Fraser and
International Markets
Panelists from left to Right: Vice-Consul, 3rd Secretary & Economic Officer
Emmanuel Guzman, moderator Dr. Susan Carpenter of International Markets
Analysts, Honorary Investment and Trade Representative Vicente Casim
and Commercial Attache & Director Michael Alfred Ignacio.

Morton Fraser
Partner and Chief
Executive Linda
Urquhart, opening
the business
forum and
welcome the
speakers and
Commercial Attache & Director of PTIC London Michael Alfred Ignacio
delivering his priority sectors presentation and the attendees from Renewable
Energy companies and other business sectors in Edinburgh.