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First Step Program (Std V)

Preparatory Program Pravinya

Year -2015 Test Paper
Solve the following problems with Proper
Procedure and Explanation.



a) Write down Roman numerals C, D, L and M

a) By how much is the largest 3-digit number

in international numerals.

is less than the 6-digit largest number. Write

b) 48 liters of scented oil was prepared by a

the answer in words.

pharmaceutical company. It was filled in to

b) Subtract :

4 2

2 3

bottles containing 25 ml each. Find how many

c) A bridge is 2340 m long. Akshat required 36

bottles are filled ? If 12 such bottles were

minutes to cross it. What was his speed in

packed in each box and displaced to a dealer

kilometer per hour.

in Sangli. How many boxes did the dealer

order ?


c) Sides of a rectangle are 54 cm and 24 cm

a) How many two digit numbers are there

respectively. Find the perimeter of the square

having only three divisors. Which are those?

whose area is equal to the area of given

Find the sum of these two digit numbers.


b) Find the value of x if

x = 6.6666 - 6.666 + 6.66 + 6.6 6


c) 20 minutes are required to read 12 pages

a) A city has a population of 37,04, 926. If this

of a book. If one and quarter hour is required

includes 11 ,24,069 men and 10,96,478

to finish the book, then find the number of

women. What is the number of children in the

pages of the same book ?

city ?
b) Find the recurring decimal form of



a) If a number be multiplied by 17, the product

c) How many days are there from 15 lh January

is 255. Find the number.

1988 to 31st January 1992 inclusive.

b) A plane flies at 750 km per hour. How much

distance will it cover in 4 hour 20 minutes.


c) A garden contains different types of trees.

a) Multiply : 2306 832

of the trees are mango trees, are chiku

b) A large can contains 8

trees and

are papai and the remaining 37

litres of milk.

The can when full holds 17

litres of milk.

are guava trees, What is the total number of

How much more milk should be poured into

trees in the garden.

the can to make it full ?

c) Gulabrao started from Latur to go to

Nanded at 6.30 in the morning at an average
speed of 45 km/hr. Half an hour later Ramling
started to go on the same rute with an
average speed of 60 km/hr. After how much

In the above figure points L, M, N and S are

time he will overtake to Gulabrao

on the circle. Answer the questions with the

help of the diagram.

a) Convert fractions

i) Write the names of the arcs with end points

2 1
, into like fractions.
9 6

S and M.
ii) Write the names of the arcs with end points

b) The distance between two stations is 482

L and N.

km. The fare for the Journey from one station

b) A farmer bought 140 trays of chilli

to the other and return Journey together is Rs.

seedlings. Each tray had 24 seedlings. He

1253.20. What is the rate of fare per kilometer

planted all the seedlings in his field, putting 32

in a row. How many rows of chillies did he

c) A four digit number has all its digits even.

plant ?

The digit of thousands place is three times

c) I bought 47 apples and 61 mangoes. I kept

that in the unit place. The remaining digit are

2 apples and 1 mango for myself and'

equal and the difference between their place

distributed the remaining equally among

values is 720. Find the number.

children in my neighbourhood. Then find

maximum number of childrens who got the


fruits. How many mangoes and apples did

a) Draw angle ABC of 120 with the help of

each chid receive ?


Observe the alongside figure carefully and
find its perimeter.
c) The sides of a rectangular auditorium are
56 m and 36 m respectively. How many
square shaped tiles of side 4 meter are
required for the construction of ground floor?

Quadrilateral BEST is a rectangle. It's sides

are given in the figure. Find its perimeter.
b) The wages of 6 masons for a week are Rs.
7560. Find the weekly wages of 15 masons?
c) The length of a rectangular ground is more




of its breadth and breadth is 280 m.

If it is decided to plant Ashoka trees along the

ground at a distance 7 m. from each other,
how many plants are required.