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The following text is for questions 1 to 2

Dear Editor,
We complain about advertisements on TV. There are so many advertisements, especially during favourite programs. We think they should
be stopped for a number of reasons.
First, advertisements are nuisance. They go on for a long time and there are so many. Sometimes there seems to be too many
advertisements in one program. Seconds, advertisements are bad influence on people. They try to encourage people to buy unhealthy food like
soft drink, candy and chips. They make people want things they dont really need and cannot afford. It can lead to consumerism. Finally,
advertisements disturb programs that people watch. That is because they want to put all their advertisements on popular programs that many
people watch. Some programs that are not so popular get stopped because they do not attract enough advertisements, even though those
programs may be someones favourite.
For those reasons, we think your TV station should be stopped showing advertisements. They interrupt programs. They are a bad influence
on people, and they sometimes put a stop to peoples favourite shows.
We are sick of advertisements, and now we mostly watch other channels.
1. Which is not the writers opinion about the advertisements?
They are nuisance
They give negative influence
They lead to consumerism
They interrupt the programs
F. 2. How many reasons does the writer say to stop advertisements on TV?
A. One
C. Four
E. Three
B. Two
D. Five
F. The following text is for questions 3 to 5


In order to request telephone service in the United States, either call or visit your local telephone store. A sales
representative will be glad to show you samples of the designs and colours available. Simply choose the
design and colour you prefer, and leave your name, address and employers name with sales representative.
Students with scholarships should provide their sponsors name instead of an employers name. A fifty-dollar
security deposit must be paid prior to telephone installation, and may be made by check, cash, Master Card, or
Visa. On the date that your telephone is to be installed, a responsible person, such as an apartment manager,
must be at home to unlock the door for the serviceman.
3. The author mentions all of the following as steps for securing telephone service, except .
A. Call or visit a telephone store.
D. Leave information with a sales
B. Pay a fifty-dollar security deposit.
C. You must be scholarship student.
E. Give the serviceman a key to your
4. The word sample in line 2 most nearly means
A. prices
C. pictures
E. duplications
B. catalogs
D. models
5. According to this passage, who will install your telephone?
A. A manager
C. A serviceman
B. An employer
D. A telephone service.
E. A sales representative

AA. The following text is for questions 6 to 9

AB. The Rat and the Elephants
AD. Once upon a time there lived a group of mice under a tree in peace. However, a group of elephants crossing the jungle unknowingly
destroyed the homes of all the rats. Many of them were even crushed to death.
AE. Then the king of rats decided to approach the elephant chief and request him to guide his herd through another road. And so the lives
of the rats were saved.
AF. One day elephant hunters came to the jungle and trapped a group of elephants in huge nets. Then the elephant king suddenly
remembered the king of the rats.
AG. The elephant went to the rat king and told him about the trapped elephants.
AH. The rat king immediately took his entire group of rats and they cut open the nets which had trapped the elephant herd. The elephant
herd was totally set free. They danced with joy and thanked the rats.
AJ. 6. What is the text about?


Living together a group of mice and (a group of) elephants peacefully.

The elephants asked the mice to take another route to avoid danger.
They were dancing and living with joy to celebrate their victory.
Destroying the homes of all the rats and apologizing to them.
The mice and the elephants helped each other to be saved.
AK. 7. Who were even crushed to death?
A. Both kings
D. Mice
B. Elephants
E. Herd
C. Hunters
F. 8. What moral value can you get from this story?
A. We should help anyone who is in trouble.
D. We always ask for the Kings help.
B. Success is gained by helping each other.
E. We need living peacefully.
C. We need not care for anyones problem.
F. 9. The purpose of the text is
A. To entertain the readers how the mice and elephants helped each other.
B. To give information where the mice and elephants were living.
C. To explain the process of helping between them.
D. To put forward the problems of the two kings.
E. To describe elephants king and mice.
G. The following text is for questions 10-12
H. Police Claim KPK bomb threat just a drill
J. JAKARTA: The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) received a bomb threat Thursday, prompting the Jakarta
Police bom squad (Gegana) to check the area.
K. There was a problem threat made through the receiptionist telephone this afternoon,KPK spokesperson, Johan Budi,
said, as quoted by
L. The bomb squad arrived at the scene around 4 p.m. Officers with black vests and metal detectors swept the building; on
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said, but found nothing.
M. Setiabudi Police Chief Comr. Ajie Indra however, denied that a bomb threat had been made.
N. Its an evacuation drill. Now were going to check the location first,Aji said, as quoted by JP.
O. 10. What is the text about?
A. Evacuation drill of a bomb threat had been carried out by Gegana on Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said.
B. A bomb threat had been received by the Corrpution Eradication Commission on Thursday.
C. A bomb threat at KPK had been denied by Setiabudi Police Chief Comr. Ajie Indra
D. Officers with special uniform and equipment swept the building of KPK.
E. The receptionists telephone of KPK was threatened by a bomb.
P. 11. The bomb squad arrived at the scene around 4p.m. (paragraph 3)
A. site
C. office
E. location
B. area
D. place
F. 12. Which of the following is stated in the text
A. A bomb threat in KPK was real and can be proved by metal detector.
B. The Jakarta Police bomb squad didnt obtain any bomb at all at the scene.
C. Johan Budi had been appointed as KPKs spokeperson since the bomb exploded.
D. Police chief Comr. Adjie Indra dwells in a house on Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said, Setiabudi.
E. The coming of Jakarta Police bomb squad at the location was in the middle of the night.
G. The following text is for questions 13-15
On Friday 16 March, we went to Bogor Botanical Garden. We went there by bus and we arrived at that famous
garden at 10 oclock.
Arriving at the garden, we were divided into two groups. Group A followed Mrs. Nina and Group B followed Mr.
Ahmad. I was in Group A. Well, first we went to the odd tropical plants and Mrs. Nina read us some of the information.
Then, we went to a little spot near the Raffless cemetery and had morning tea. Next, we did some sketching and then
we met Group B at the information center to have our lunch.
Soon, it was time for us to go to the orchid section while Group B did some research on flowers. Uhm...A lady led us
to the orchid section. Then, she explained about many kinds of orchid.
Later, we had a look at the Indonesian orchid. Wow, we saw many kinds of Indonesian orchids. They were all
beautiful. Later, we took a look at the American European and Asian orchids section. It was interesting. Soon after we
had finished our observations, we went out and met Group B. Then, we got on the bus and returned to school. We really
enjoyed the trip to Bogor Botanical Garden.
M. 13. These statements are false, except
A. Both the groups enjoyed their lunch outside Bogor Botanical Garden.
B. The writer of the story didnt belong to any group of the students.

C. The arrival at Bogor Botanical Garden was in the morning.

D. The students arrived at Bogor Botanical Garden after lunch.
E. There were more than two groups on that story
N. 14. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
A. The Indonesian orchids were beautiful.
B. The students and writer returned to school.
C. The American, European, and Asian orchids were lovely.
D. The observation to Bogor Botanical Garden was interesting.
E. The trip to Bogor Botanical Garden was very enjoyable.
O. 15. What does the text tell us about?
A. An excursion to Bogor Botanical Garden
B. An observation to the odd tropical plants in Bogor
C. A research to the Indonesian orchids in Bogor, West Java
D. A visit to the Raffless cemetery at Bogor Botanical Garden
E. An unforgettable lunch at Bogor Botanical Garden for the writer
P. The following text is for questions 16-19
R. Hepatitis C is a liver virus that can not be detected through current blood screenings. However, two new studies offer
hope. Both studies, reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that interferon a naturally occurring
human protein that can be mass-produced by genetically altered bacteria stopped hepatitis C in about half the patients
and returned their liver function to normal.
S. 16. The text above tells us about
A. A virus found in a liver
D. Blood screenings for hepatitis
B. A deadly disease
E. How to make liver function to normal
C. Hope for hepatitis sufferers
G. 17. What can stop hepatitis C and return the function of liver to normal?
A. Human Protein
D. Protein
B. Interferon
E. Blood
C. Bacteria
F. 18. What is the purpose of the text?
A. To give information about hepatitis C based on New England Journal of Medicine
B. To persuade the readers not to eat much protein
C. To explain about the process of hepatitis C
D. To describe how to cure any disease
E. To entertain hepatitis sufferers
G. 19. Who offers hope to stop hepatitis C?
A. Doctor in England
D. New England Journal of Medicine
B. Two New Studies
E. Two doctors who found hepatitis C
C. Patients who suffered hepatitis C
F. The following text is for questions 20 to 23
Among pets, I like dogs the best because they are tamed animals and they can be trained as a mans friend. I have a
wonderful dog. I named him Volvo. You know, Volvo is a male dog. He is a Pomeranian dog and is about uhmtwo
years old. Thats right two years old.
My dog is great. He has greyish-white fur, small ear, cone-shaped mouth. His paws are strong.
Well, my dear Volvo is a clever dog. He always barks loudly and noisily when there is a stranger coming to my
house. He can also do many things such as sitting down quietly, bringing the newspaper to me, standing on his two hind
feet, and shaking my hand.
I always take him to a grooming salon twice a month to have him bathed and to trim his fur neatly. Volvo eats dogs
food, fresh meal and drinks fresh milk. I dont let him eat bones because they are not good for him.
K. 20. What is the best title of the text above?
A. Volvo
C. A clever dog
E. A Pomeranian dog
B. My best dog
D. A wonderful dog
F. 21. Volvo can do the followings, except
A. Standing on his two hind feet
D. Grooming its fur
B. Bringing the newspaper
E. Shaking hand
C. Sitting down quietly
F. 22. What does Volvos fur look like?
A. Grey
D. Cone-shaped
B. White
E. Greyish-white
C. Small
F. 23. I always take him to a grooming salon twice a month to have him bathed.


The underlined phrase means

Volvo never takes a bath
Volvo is bathing himself
The writer takes a bath twice a month


The following text is for questions 24 to 27

As we all know smoking should be banned in public areas. It creates polution and causes many kinds of disease.
These are, among others, lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, chronic bronchitis emphysema and breast cancer for
There are many side effects of smoking cigarettes. Firstly, smoking causes a hazard to health. Smoke from the
average cigarette contains around 4,000 chemicals, some of which are highly toxic and at least 43 which cause cancer.
Secondly, nicotine, a major constituent of tobacco smoke, is both poisonous and highly additive. It contains noxious
chemical substances, which can damage our health.
Thirdly, smoking makes the environment dirty, especially because of its ash if inhaled; we will suffer from coughs,
difficult breathing, or asthmatic diseases.
In conclusion, smoking should be banned in public areas.
24. What is the text mainly about?
Poisonous substances that threaten cigarettes
C. Dirty environment made by cigarettes users
D. Side effects of smoking cigarettes
Prohibition on smoking in public areas
E. Various diseases due to smoking
25. There are many side effects of smoking cigarettes. (paragraph 2)
The underlined word means
C. respects
E. impacts
D. suspects
26. What is the communicative purpose of the text?
To criticize the habit of smoking.
To tell the readers about the danger of smoking.
To entertain the readers with the story of smoking.
To persuade the readers not to smoke in public areas.
To inform the poisonous chemical substances on the cigarettes
27. Why smoking should be prohibited in public areas?
It influences the fresh air and creates pollution.
D. It doesnt have any advantages at all.
It causes dirty air and many diseases.
E. It affects the health of the users.
It contains noxious chemical substances.
The following text is for questions 28 to 31



A person in a grooming salon have a bath with

The writer asks someone in grooming salon to
bathe Volvo

H. Abortion: Legal or Illegal?

There has been a great deal of discussion on the problem of abortion. The discussion includes: Is abortion
legal or illegal?
When a country faces the problem of overpopulation, the government applied some methods to handle it. One
of them is the method of contraception. However, this method is not one hundred percent effective and successful. As a
consequence, some people argue that the abortion is the only effective way out.
Nevertheless, abortion may cause many negative impacts on womens health. Women risk their health and
lives in bearing the weight of the operation and its consequences. The most common problems are inflammation, infertility,
endometriosis and many other kinds of ovary illnesses.
So far, abortions have become a dilemma for countries with a large number of citizens.
M. 28. What is the text about?
A. The application of some methods to handle the abortion
B. The advantages and disadvantages of abortion
C. The problem of overpopulation in many countries
D. The cause of many negative impacts on abortion
E. The need of regulation toward abortion
N. 29. In which paragraph does the text state pro and contra arguments?
A. Paragraph 1 and 2
D. Paragraph 2 and 4
B. Paragraph 1 and 3
E. Paragraph 3 and 4
C. Paragraph 2 and 3
30. Women risk their health and lives in bearing the weight of the operation and its consequences.
What does the underlined word mean?
A. Suffering
C. Getting
E. Rising
B. Having
D. Dealing
F. 31. However, the method of contraception is not one hundred percent effective and successful. As a
consequence, some people argue that the abortion is the only effective way out.



In other words, we can say.

Since contraception methods are one hundred percent effective, abortion becomes the only way out
In spite of one hundred percent success of contraception methods, abortion becomes the only way out
Abortion becomes the only way out because contraception method is not one hundred percent effective
Although abortion becomes the only way out, contraception method is not one hundred percent effective
If abortion becomes the only way out, the contraception method will not be one hundred percent effective
I. The following text is for questions 32 to 33
J. Dear David,
M. Please inform your manager that the models of the laptop
he ordered are now out of stock. A director of tourism
department bought all the same model he ordered. Ill try
to provide the models he ordered as soon as possible.
O. Lee Min Ho
R. 32. What is the message about?
Ordering new models of laptop
Asking David to buy other laptops
Informing that the models of laptop are out of stock
Inviting the manager to meet Li Min Ho sooner
Giving information about the latest model of laptop
S. 33. bought all the same models he ordered.
He refers to
C. Lee Min Ho
E. Director of tourism
D. The staff of the manager

G. The following text is for questions 34 and 37


I. Every time see illegal logging in their area, the women and children cry out, Where zan we settle and make
a living if our forests were gone?
J.They are the forest people, members of the local Anak Dalam tribe, in Mangkekal (Makekal), Bukit Duabelas
National Park, Jambi province. They have tried very hard to protect the forest zone from illegal logging operations.
Adult as well as children are fighting for the conservation of this forest, said tribal chief Tumenggung (Regent)
Meriak. The national park zone is about 60,000 hectares. It is home for about 1,500 Anak Dalam. The tribesmen
llive in Mangkekal, Kedasung, Air hitam, and Terap.

L. 34. The text mainly tells us

about A. forest people
M. B. National Park
N. C. forest conservation
O. D. illegal logging
P. E. illegal operation
35. Who were fighting for the conservation of the forest?
R. A. Members of the local Anak Dalam.
U. D. Adults and children.
S. B. Tribal chief and his partner.
V. E. Tribesmen.
T. C. Women and children.
36. The purpose of the text is
Y. A. to describe the Bukit Dua Belas National Park
Z. B. to persuade readers about National Park Zone
AA. C. to tell the readers what had happened in the forest
AB. D. to entertain readers with a story about Anak Dalam
AC. E. to inform readers about illegal logging
AD. 37. The tribesmen who are not included in the protest are from
AE. A. Terap
AG. C. Air hitam
AH. D. Kedasung
AF. B. Jambi

AI. E. Mangkekal


The following text is for questions 38 and 39

AO. Tom!


AQ. Im going to Anula supermarket to get some sugar. Would you like to turn the stove on when you are
home? Ive put some soup there. Just heat it for about 5 minutes and then take it out from stove before you
have dinner.

38. What is the message about?
AT. A. Telling Tom to eat the soup
AU. B. Asking Tom to buy some sugar.
AV. C. Asking Tom to go to supermarket.
BA. 39. Ive put
some soup there.
BB. A. home
BC. B. kitchen
BD. C. the stove
This following text is for questions 40 to 41.

AW. D. Telling Tom to heat the soup.

AX. E. Telling Tom to wait for about 5 minutes.

BE. D. the supermarket

BF. E. Anula Supermaket



For students-grade XII-who need the polytechnic admission form:

2 choices Rp 125,000.00
3 choices Rp 160,000.00
From 6 16 July 2009
Time 08.00 14.00
Contact Person : Tarjo. Phone (022) 2011975

40. What is the purpose of the text?
BR. A. To inform students about polytechnic admission form.
BS. B. To tell the students about payment to enter the polytechnic.
BT. C. To explain to the students about an entrance test.
BU. D. To give description of polytechnic selection.
BV. E. To invite students to come to polytechnic
BX. 41. The deadline to order the form is
BY. A. On July 6, 2009
CA. C. In July, at 08.00
CB. D. In July, at 14.00
BZ. B. On July 16, 2009

CC. E. Between 6 16 July






The following text is for questions 42 and 43.


Apt BLK 30, Eunos St.

# 05-116
Singapore 1441
2nd April 2009

Dear Liza,
I have received your letter asking me to meet you at your house this Sunday to discuss the urgent
matter you have. I regret however to say that it will not be possible for me to see you on Sunday as I
already have a previous appointment. I shall see you on Monday, next week, at 5 p.m. Hoping the change of
date will be convenient to you.
Your sincerely, Daisy




42. What does the letter tell about?

A. Lizas problem.
B. Lizas appointment.
C. Daisys previous letter to Liza.

CV. D. Daisys regret for not being able to come.

CW. E. A meeting held at Lizas house.


DA. 43. Why did Liza ask Daisy to come to her house?
DB. A. Liza wanted daisy to solve her problem.
DC. B. Daisy would discuss her problem with






DD. C. Liza persuaded Daisy to go somewhere.

DE. D. Daisy wanted to meet Lizas family.
DF. E. Liza wanted to chat with Daisy.

This following text is for questions 44 to 46

Hotel Cannero
28051 Cannero Riviera, Italy
Phone: 323788046
Waiters / Waitresses (2), Swimming Pool Attendants, Bar Staff.
DN.Around $ 150 per week. 12 hours per day, 6 days week. Free board
and accomodation. Knowledge of German, Italian or French required.
Period of work
DO.3 or 6 months between end of March and end of October. Applicants should be
DP. fit and healthy, organized and clean. Applications from 25 March to
the end and send to Maria Carla at the above address.

44. What is the text about?
DT. A. A week tour to Italy.
DU. B. A job vacancy in Hotel Cannero.
DV. C. Three day tour to Eropean countries.
DZ. 45. Who is the addressee of this advertisement?
EA. A. All who are fit and healthy.
EB. B. Those who can serve foreigners.
EC. C. All who meet the requirements
EG. 46. Those who are accepted to work
for the hotel
EH. A. are mostly Italians
EI. B. will get accommodation
EJ. C. are under the control of Maria Carla

DW. D. A healthy and clean environment.

DX. E. The description on Cannero Riviera.

ED. D. The educated people who can handle

service jobs.
EE. E. Those who can speak two foreign

EK. D. will take control of each department

EL. E. will start working between March and