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Dear Scholar

University of Petroleum & Energy Studies has always been very conscious of providing students
ease of Learning and Examination environment. We have had many requests over the past
Semesters to conduct End Term Examinations at different and at times isolated hard to reach
locations across the globe.
In view of the above, we are happy to announce that in future all your Coursework Exams will
be conducted in the online mode enabling you to write the exams from anywhere on the globe
via the internet. Kindly also note that there is no change in format of question paper as well as
the syllabus. They remain the same for online mode of coursework exams as well.
Kindly ensure the below mentioned system requirements for appearing Online Examinations.
To take an advanced proctored test on Mettl you will need the following:
a. Internet connection with at least 100kbps speed.
b. An internet browser (Please refer to the section on browsers to view the list of compatible
c. An in-built/external webcam
d. Disable all browser plug-ins except Java before starting your test.
e. If you have third-party webcam software installed on your system, uninstall it prior to
starting your test.

i) Compatible Browsers:
a. Windows OS

i) IE 7 & above
ii) Firefox 4.0 & above
iii) Chrome 10.x & above
iv) Safari 4.0 & above
b. Linux OS

i) Firefox 4.0 & above

ii) Chrome 10.0 & above
c. iOS
i) Safari 4.0 & above
ii) Network Settings:
If youre taking the test from a network where a firewall has been installed please ensure the
1. Firewall settings should be such that all requests to & from * are allowed.
In case wildcards are not allowed in the firewall configuration rules, then please allow all
access to the following domains - 4

2. Firewall permissions to ports 1987 and 1988 for should be granted so that and should be accessible.

Note: If you are supposed to be taking an advanced proctored assessment from your
organizations network you might have to contact your network administrator to adjust these
iii) Java Plug-in

If your internet browser does not have a Java development kit 1.6 or above, please download
the same. You can find the latest version of Java by clicking on this link:
iv) Extensions/plug-ins to be disabled:
For smooth running of the test, you need to disable external plugins/extensions. Follow the
steps below to configure your browser:
1) Google Chrome:

Go to Tools>extensions
Alternatively you can click on chrome://extensions/
Disable all third party extensions, except extensions of Java if any. 5

2) Firefox:

Open Firefox.
Go to Home ->Add-ons or press CTRL+Shift+A to open add-ons tab
Select Never Activate option to disable the plug-ins.
Make sure Java (TM) Platform SE 7 Plug-in is always active.
3. Internet explorer

Open the browser.

Go to Tools >Manage Add-ons.
Select Show All Add-ons option.

Click on an add-on to select it

Click on the disable button to disable it.
Make sure that Java (TM) Plug-in is enabled. 6

4. Safari

Open the browser.

Click on Safari > preferences
Go to Extensions tab in the pop-up.
Select an extension and click on Uninstall button in order to uninstall the extension.