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Republic of the Philippines


Puerto Princesa City


Course Title Human Behavior in Organization

Course Number BBC 4102
Semester & SY 2nd Semester/ SY 2014-2015
Name of Faculty Analiza Jalandoni-Gabayeron
Department & College CCRD NArra Campus
Course Prerequisites BBC 4101
The course introduces the students to the factors affecting the behavior of individuals and groups in
organization focusing on the specific factors that tend to explain behavior of individuals, groups, and
Course Description organizations. Various theories and models of organizational behaviour work group behaviour,
motivation in life and work, and human relations among others are discussed and related to
organizational practices and phenomena.
At the end of the semester, the students are expected
1. To understand and relate the theories, concepts, models and dynamic of human behavior in
Course Objectives an organization
2. To different situations and recognize the importance of individual uniqueness, values and
attitudes of everyone especially in the workplace.
Contact hours/week 3 hours

Specific Objectives and Course Content

Specific Objectives Course Topic
At the end of the topic, the students are expected to: Overview the significance
of mission and vision of Palawan State University as well as the College of COLLEGE OF COMMUNITY RESOURCES
Community Resources Development. DEVELOPMENT: Mission and Vision
>Discuss the reasons and methods for studying the human behavior;
Fundamental of Human Behavior
>Identify the nature and scope of human behavior; classify the assumptions,
concepts and principles of human behavior and differentiate the three-level of
human behavior.
Identify, define and discuss the variety of theories of motivation. Nature, Theories and Application of Motivation,
Needs and Values
>Define and explain the process of communication;
> Identify the types and ways of communicating in organizations; >Classify the
factors and barriers that affect the quality of communication; and
>Identify the significance of Filipino values and communication
>What is Leadership in Business and Industry; The Individual and Business Organization in a
>Classify the theories of leadership; Changing Society
>Determine the main functions or activities of a leader;
>Classify the range and types of leaders.
Course Calendar or Schedule
Teaching/ Evaluation of
Day / Instructional
Specific Objectives Content Topic Learning Teaching /
Week Resources
/Activities Learning
PSU Vision > A premiere state
university in East Asia growth
area transforming society
through excellent and relevant
higher education for sustainable
>Overview the significance of
mission and vision of Palawan
PSU Mission > The PSU is Question and
Week 1 State University as well as the Handbook Recitation
committed to upgrade the quality Answer
College of Community
of life of the people by providing
Resources Development.
higher education opportunities
through excellent instruction,
research, extension, production
services and transnational
collaboration and innovation.
>Discuss the reasons and >Reasons and Methods for Brainstorming >Handouts >Recitation
methods for studying the studying Human Behavior >Guide
human behavior; Lecture/ Question >Quiz
>Identify the nature and scope Three level Model Discussion >Book
of human behavior; classify Interdisciplinary >Whiteboard >Marking of case
the assumptions, concepts Model Role Play marker study
and principles of human Developmental
Week 2,3 behavior and differentiate the Model
&4 three-level of human behavior. Systems Model
Contingency Model
Case: Sylvia Gregorio
>Nature and scope of Human

>Assumptions, Concepts and

Principles of Human behaviour

> Identify and discuss the >Define Motivation Brainstorming >Handouts >Recitation
variety of theories of >Nature of motivation >Guide
motivation >Theories of Motivation Lecture/ Question >Quiz
The economic Man Discussion >Book
The Social Man >Whiteboard
The complex Man Question & marker
Week The Motivated Man Answer
5,6,7, & 8 The Three-Tiered
Satisfied man
The achiever
The expectant Man
The managed Man
The Learning-
Reinforced Man
>Define and explain the >Define and process of Brainstorming >Handouts >Recitation
process of communication; Communication >Guide
> Identify the types and ways >Types of Communication Lecture/ Question >Quiz
of communicating in>Ways of Communicating in Discussion >Book
organizations; >Classify the Organizations >Whiteboard >Marking reading
factors and barriers that affect >Factors and Barriers to Question & marker logs
9,10,11 &
the quality of communication; Communication Answer
and Filipino Values and
>Identify the significance of Communication
Filipino values and
>Define and explain the >Meaning and components of Brainstorming Handouts >Recitation
components of leadership; Leadership >Guide
>Classify the theories of >Theories of Leadership Lecture/ Question >Quiz
leadership; >Main Function or Activities of a Discussion >Book
>Determine the main functions Leader >Whiteboard >Marking reading
& 16
or activities of a leader; >Range of Leadership Behavior Question & marker logs
>Classify the range and types >Types of Managers Answer
of leaders.
>Human Behavior in Organizations, Third Edition, by: Concepcion Rodil Martires
>Managing Human Resources in the 21st Century by: Jose Mario B. Maximiano, 2006, Printed by
Rex Printing Co. Inc.
Course References >Organizational Behavior and Management in the Philippine Organization by: Cynthia A. Zarate,
Copyright 2006, Printed by Rex Printing Co. Inc.
>Management, Ninth Edition, by Schermerhorn, Copyright 2008, by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
>Internet Access:
Additional Materials
Midterm Tentative Final Grade
Midterm exam 40% Final Exam 40%
Recitation 20% Recitation 20%
Quizzes 25% Quizzes 25%
Course Requirements
Group Presentation 15% Group Presentation 15%
TOTAL 100% TOTAL 100%

Final Grade = Mid-term Grade+ 2 (Tentative Final Grade)

Fifteen minutes late students can enter the classroom but mark as absent.
Course Policies Missed quizzes/requirements can take with valid reasons/medical certificates presented.
Cheating and plagiarism is subject to the policy of the school.
Supplementary Materials Chalk, LCD projector, and Magazines
Consultation Period To be arrange
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