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SCH4U: Rates of Reaction

Factors Affecting Rates of Reaction: Alka-Seltzer Rocket Project

For this project, you will be given a large list of materials that you may utilize. Your goal
is to create an experiment for the Rate of Reaction in an Alka-Seltzer Rocket reaction.
You will choose one investigation path. In the first class, you will determine your
changing variable, make a basic game plan for the reaction you will carry out, and finally
you will collect data for this test.
You will then create a presentation around this reaction. You will present this as a group
[INSERT TIME FRAME HERE]. There must be one slide for each of the following sections
(the sections are bolded):
Choose one of these questions to base your experiment on.
1. Does water temperature affect how fast the rocket launches? (How does reaction time
change with different temperatures of water?)
2. How much water will give the quickest launch? (Does the concentration of liquid to the
tablet change the reaction rate and reaction height?)
Introduction (background information) Tell me what you know about the topic of
your lab and how this experiment will prove your topic. What is the reaction happening
when alka-seltzer and water mix and how does it make the rocket launch? What is the
science behind the experiment? Explain what how reaction time is influenced by different
things (temperature, concentration, etc) and what you would expect would happen
based on the science behind the experiment.
Purpose of the lab: What is your experiment showing and what is it going to prove?
Hypothesis: What do you think will happen?

Controlled Variables: List the variables that need to remain the same throughout
the testing process.
Changing Variables: Based on the question you chose for your experiment, list the
variable that will change in your experiment.
Materials List: Make a very detailed list of all the materials that you will use for your
Procedures: Write a DETAILED and step-by-step procedure describing how you will test
the variable you have selected. This is like a recipe. Please include all specifications
(amounts, times, frequency, trials temp., etc). You need to do a minimum of THREE trials
so you can get an average.
Data Table: Create a data table that you will input your data into. This data table should
contain the changing variable you chose to study plotted against the TIME for reaction to
occur (in seconds).
Graph: You can do this on the computer once you have collected your data. Make sure
all axis are labeled. This graph should contain the changing variable you chose to study
plotted against the TIME for reaction to occur (in seconds).
SCH4U: Rates of Reaction
Analysis: Briefly talk through your results as if you didnt have a graph or data table to
Conclusion: Write at least one paragraph answering the following questions: Restate
your hypothesis, answer your hypothesis, list all errors that might have occurred that
may not have given you the most accurate data, and suggest additions to this lab to gain
better, more accurate data to your information.