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1,Oh Pretty Goddess who is beautiful , who is permanent , who is destroyer of

all ills ,
Oh Uma who stood as the flame , you would remove all pains of those who c
ome and see you on Fridays.
You would remove the sorrows of those who salute your feet in their thought,
AS the entire world is filled with your Maya , would this inferior one be ab
le to praise you,
And it is your duty to protect me who is your own son.
Oh consort of Shiva, Oh great goddess of Shiva , you are goddess of the great
god , the head gem , and the wish giving gem ,
You are the greatest goddess , who removes sorrow , who is permanent , Who ta
kes care of the family and who protects orphans,
OH mother Kamakshi , Oh Uma who with great fame who lives in the pretty
city of Kanchipuram.
2. She wears ring in all the ten fingers, greatly shining pendant , Anklet, sil
ver chain of the legs,
Accompanied by sound of anklets studded with green Vaidoorya,
Pearl studded nose ring, brooch made of garnets , the beauty mangala Suthra
made in pushpa Raga
The ear studs in the very neat ears, Golden bangles on her red hands,
And the ear ornament which is costly all over the world which throws light al
l over the face ,
And would this ordinary person be able to describe that Sakthi form who
is sister of Lord Vishnu,
Oh mother Kamakshi who is Uma who famously lives in the pretty Kanchi.
3.Inspite of coming before you seeking protection and after relating to you
all my problems,
Why is it that you are confused and behaved harshly with me by keeping p
overty on me?
Without knowing that you are a cheater, Did I not completely believe in yo
Don t you have any intention to keep little attention on me and protect m
Oh mother who gave birth to elephant like Ganesa with shining moon like fac
e, who is famous and has long hands,
Oh sister of Lord Vishnu , Oh consort pof Lord Shiva, Oh Uma who stood in
the cremation ground ,
I thought that you are my boss and with love believed in you, please love
and rule over me,
Oh mother Kamakshi who is Uma who famously lives in the pretty Kanchi.
4.Bhoomiyil pillayayai piranthum valarnthum naan peraana sthalamum ariyen,
Periyorkal darisinam oru naalum naan poththi kondaadi ariyen,
Vaamiyendre , shiva kamiyendre unnai cholli vayinaal padi ariyen,
Matha pithavinathu padathai vanangi oru naalume ariyen,
Sami yendre yenni chathurarudan kai koopi charanangal cheithum ariyen ,
Sath guruvin padharavindhangalai kandu sashtanga thendan ariyen,
AAmintha bhumiyil adiyenai pol moodan aachi nee kandathundo?
azhaghaana kaanchiyil pughazhaagha vaazhndhidum ammai kamakshi umaiyae..
5.Thinking that you are my mother , I believed you greatly and had great lo
ve to you, Oh mother,
Without understaning that you are an imposter, I forgot your husband,
Being a devotee and watching your great indifference to me ,
Being a boy how can I be without sorrow and with balanced mind,
This type of cheating should not be there , should not be there , this is not
dharma mother ,
Don t you have any plans to protect me , is it justice mother ,
Did you forget this son due to your affection to your elephant faced son , P
lease tell me that mother, Oh mother Kamakshi who is Uma who famously
lives in the pretty Kanchi.
6.You are the sister of Lord Vishnu , You are the emerald climbing plant , Y
ou are the gem like magician,
You have form of illusion , You who is the greatest goddess is also the da
ughter of king of mountain,
Oh mother Meenakshi , you are one with great character , you are the treasure
of mercy , You are the broad eyed one ,
You are the Periya Nayagi (great leader) who is famous all over the wor
ld ,
You are the one having the great luck of occupying the left side of the God
You have the form of OM , You are the Goddess who has a pleasant looks , You
are well liked unnamulai(Goddess at Thiruvannamalai)
You are the mother You are the Mahamayi , You are the form of joy and You ar
e the one who is all over universe,
Oh mother Kamakshi who is Uma who famously lives in the pretty Kanchi.
7.Does not the mother tell good advices even if the son is bad ,
Does not even a ghost bring up with love the child born to it ,
By the breathless shouting of my sorrowful voice , even a stone would mel
Does not even one eighth portion of a mustard of my voice enter your ears
Why are you simply not leaving all your complaints which do not exist ,
It is not dharma for us both to catch each others lap and fall in the str
eet, Oh mother
And by that all people would only find fault with you , This is not just, O
h mother,
Oh mother Kamakshi who is Uma who famously lives in the pretty Kanchi.
8.Oh mother what all great sins this fool has done in several previous
Did I tell lies claiming it was truth , did I snatch materials from other pe
ople s hands and deceived them,
I do not know why , oh mother that problems have come to me at this time,
Oh mother pardon what has been done by this poor person , shower your grace an
d remove my worries ,
These are not the signs , there is no victory oh mother , I am feeling little
Please keep your thoughts on me Oh Kamakshi who is Shiva Sakthi and grant me
Please ride on a swan and joyfully come and stand before this slave ,
Oh mother Kamakshi who is Uma who famously lives in the pretty Kanchi.
9.When people who have taken birth in this world like me are happily living,
Is it due to the great sin , Oh mother that I am suffering in this great pove
With your feet as witness I firmly believed that you are my protection ,
Except you I do not see any one to protect me in this world,
Without saying later remove my poverty and protect me so that the world will
Please protect me like the boy , markandeya ,
And atleast now , Oh mother please do not keep on delaying to protect me,
Oh mother Kamakshi who is Uma who famously lives in the pretty Kanchi.
10. For protecting me with grace till I live in this world,
For blessing the boys who daily see your feet with devotion,
For small sickness and evil spirits not approaching this pretty body,
For giving this luck to the red person and live along with victory,
And for preventing me from following the famous god of death , please prot
ect me Oh mother,
Please pardon the mistakes in the poem composed by this inferior person and
protect him,
As you are the consort of Ekambara who heaped river sand and did the rare wo
Oh mother Kamakshi who is Uma who famously lives in the pretty Kanchi.
11,Oh mother I do not know how many births I have taken in this earth,
At least now take mercy on me and protect me by not making me take another b
On all the three times of the day I saluted you for getting salvation and had
I not believed three fourths in you ?
Oh mother you should not keep on blinking like a person who is a stranger .
Possibly the pure God Shiva would find fault with the wealth that you are g
oing to give me ,
After hearing with desire these eleven verses which I recited with devotion t
owards you,
Please come out from the half part of that God Shiva and fulfill my great
Oh mother Kamakshi who is Uma who famously lives in the pretty Kanchi.