n June 28, 1914, Archduke Franz

Ferdinand, heir to the Habsburg crowns of
Austria and Hungary, was assassinated by
Serb nationalists in Sarajevo, then the capitol of
Austrian controlled Bosnia-Herzogovina. The
murder of Franz Ferdinand provided an excuse
for the Austrian Army's chief of staff, Conrad von
Hotzendorff, to "settle accounts" with the upstart
Serbs, and on July 23 Austria presented Serbia with
an ultimatum with a 48 hour time limit. The Serbs
appealed to their traditional protector, Russia, for help.
When Russia mobilized, Germany, Austria's ally,
declared war on Russia on August 1. Having no plans
for a war against Russia alone, Germany soon declared
war on Russia's ally, France, and demanded the neutral
Belgian government allow German troops
passage through Belgium in order to execute the
infamous Schlieffen Plan. This demand was refused,
and the invasion of Belgium brought Britain into the
war against Germany on August 4. In little more
than a month the murder at Sarejevo had led to
the First World War.

Over four years later the war ended on November 11,
1918. The three great dynasties that had begun the
war, Habsburg, Romanov, and Hohenzollern,
had been destroyed. Lenin was waging a civil war for
control of Russia, while Austria-Hungary had
dissolved into its various ethnic components. The
victors, France and Britain, were in scarcely better
shape than the vanquished. The United States of
America, which entered the war in April 1917, was
disillusioned by the peace that followed and withdrew
into isolationism. The Second World War was the
result of the First.

Paths of Glory: The First World War is a game that
allows two players to simulate the Great War in a fun
and historically accurate game. The Central Powers
player is attempting to use his central position and the
quality of his German armies to defeat his numerically
superior opponents. The Allied player is attempting to
bring his larger numbers to bear against his opponent,
hoping to avoid a Revolution in Russia at least until
the forces of the United States can arrive.

Paths of Glory is a corps/army game covering all of
WWI in Europe and the Near East from August 1914


Strategic Redeployment. a player may not perform 2 marker on the Turn Record Track as a Combat in Paths of Glory involves Replacement Actions in a row in the reminder. SR also allows for game uses a point-to-point style map Each Strategy Card may be used in the movement of corps into and out and card driven play sequence. Attacker and defender fire is gener. A chanics. Determine if either player has won an Automatic Victory. though the he can take an automatic 1 OPS. a Peace Offer. Supply is traced through any turn divided into Mobilization. Operations. E. ending Round. Siege Phase gradually increases a player's War Forts are printed on the map and may Status. player may accept his terms. Mandated Offensive Phase Replacements are accumulated Both players roll on the Mandated Operations consist of activating 2-to-5 during a turn through card play. of a Card Play. adding first 20 Limited War Strategic Redeployment allows for be besieged when an enemy force and later 21 additional Total War the movement of corps (or sometimes enters that space. perform a Mandated Offensive at the firing on a better table than corps.I. During this phase. The friendly territory. armies in Paths of Glory.if he is too far ahead the other player takes his action first in each other combat benefits to the defender. However if Eliminated OOS Corps are placed in an army is eliminated it combat it is the deadpile. If his total reaches 20 (it starts the game at 10) he wins an Automatic Victory. To one of four ways each Action Round: of a player's Reserve Box. Only the CP player earns Victory Points. A. an expanded sequence of Replacements or as an Event. Turns cards to his deck. card as an Event will usually cause its Rounds in a row in a single turn. and Offensive Table on the appropriate spaces (depending on the card's OPS used to rebuild reduced or eliminated Allied or Central Powers line to rating) for movement or combat. D. eliminated. Action Phase attacker may attempt to gain first fire player who is currently ahead can Each Action Phase is divided into six through a Flank Attack under certain also offer Peace Terms. and if no such corps is game. between ports for sea movement. combat. players roll a die for each besieged fort to determine if it surrenders. which surrenders. As Offensive. A player may choose not to the use of fire tables. A failed Flank Attack the hope of picking up a cheap Round allows both players to take gives the defender first fire. Each conditions. If a player chooses not to play a card ally simultaneous. The B. Each player determines if their commitment level to the war has increased. If it falls to 0 the Allies win an Auto- matic Victory. War Status Phase E. cost of a Victory Point. saved from one turn to the next. or the All corps and armies are two step automatic activation of a single units. with armies same Turn. E. The play of certain Events key element of the game. Eliminated OOS Armies Each player has his own deck of 55 replaced by a corps from that side's are permanently removed from the Strategy Cards. and give some feel for the game's me. You do not build up or C. Each player starts with 14 Mobiliza. Balancing the need for source. Place the appropriate MO with SR. a single army) anywhere within generally represent three months.2.to the winter of 1918-19. Trenches propaganda VP. Unused determine which nation they control. units at the end of the turn. These decks are in Reserve Box. adding Limited or Total War cards to their deck as appropri- ate. Place a DBS Marker on each fort. must perform a Mandated move and attack in a single Round. in Reserve the army is permanently friendly controlled spaces to a supply Limited War. and Total War cards. Attrition Phase friendly stack for movement or breakdown between corps and Eliminate all OOS Corps and Armies. removal from the game. generally in identical Action Rounds. corps on the map and in Reserve is a tion cards. But he must be wary one action. . Generally combat units cannot both replacements are lost-they may not be if any. Each player Action consists the game in a draw. The Central Powers prevent flank attacks and provide . Use of a player may not perform SR two play is presented below.

Replacement Phase leave you with plenty of decisions to of tactical victories without a clear F. each player draws too soon they are going to have to tion to the Allied player to seize cards from his Draw Pile to bring his juggle Italy and the Near East as well. card. Central Powers Segment: The The bad news is that means they're as much as possible. there is a good chance for the CP to reach Limited War a turn ahead of them. control of the turn. Playing the CP is a playing cards and taking actions on Replacement Points (RPs) accumu. Initially threats on the map. Box) sitting in a Level 2 Trench the game ends automatically at the would have only a 33% chance of end of Turn 20. All all available cards and begins the next of this makes the Go A card one of the turn with less than a full hand. When the Combined four potential uses per card each indeed. as Playing the Central Powers war. Paths of Glory will never play (backed by a corps in the Reserve the game. gic shortsightedness. such G. This means Central Powers player spends any surrounded. best in the game.E.but not playing it reached. matter of juggling fronts. If the Allies play the Moltke Phase. and attacks can be cards. Reshuffle To make things worse. Simply evening the odds. The first CP hand to seven cards. of maintain. If properly used is declared you check the current multiple uses for each card make the fighting power of the German Central Powers VP level to determine Paths of Glory a better than average soldier will go a long way towards if the game has a winner or ends in a game for the solo gamer. It is very easy come to terms. other available cards to the player.) When an Armistice It should also be noted that the capturing the space. the Central decision of the game is whether to discards as needed after dealing all Powers must essentially perform this open with the Guns of August Event. Not only does it H. draw. player will take 120 actions during the course of a full Campaign Game (continued on page 36) (there are also shorter Mobilization . troops to launch their own. Any RPs not spent are lost. Six French or Russian armies Total War Status of both sides hits 40. If one side has won the other is examine each side's hand to note for assumed to have asked for the Combat Cards that might be used Historically German tactical skill was Armistice. Powers in Paths of Glory is that they In order not to repeat history the CP have the advantage of interior lines. Determine if an Armistice has and Limited War scenarios). strategic goal. marked on the General Records The good news for the Central Track. and 110 different cards in the attacking a 5-3-3 German army an Armistice will be declared. While sometimes the CP has three balls in the air . likely be an impressive string of ment Points (RPs) accumulated battles won on the way to losing the through play of RP Cards this turn.as the Austrians. advance the Turn marker to has an upside as well. a fleeting but powerful If a game does not end in an Armi- advantage. Russia.2. If a player has insufficient marginally effective. To prevent this the Allies stice or Automatic Victory each may in turn refuse to play Moltke. and Serbia . is an invita- During this Phase. Allied Powers Segment: The make and add suspense to solo play.3. the map that force the Allied player lated through play of RP Cards this ing just enough defensive strength to to react. the Allies cannot Track and begin the Sequence of Play reach Limited War status before turn again with the Mandated Offensive four.but all as a Replacement card. Draw Strategy Card Phase France.I. (If no Armistice is declared the same way twice. With Kaiser's legions are very capable been declared. he takes CP War Status is increased by 1. If it is a draw. general war during battle. ending game. Having to choose exactly how to use for the CP player to fall into a similar each randomly selected card will trap and strike out blindly in pursuit F. Any RPs not offensives while freeing up enough advantage if used to set up multiple spent are lost.the There are several advantages in doing player may discard any Combat German Army . player needs to control the initiative F. play. The result will most Allied player spends any Replace. play of a passive card. necessary. but it is not an automatic choice. Plus his seven card limit. so: with a single card play the Liege Cards he wishes before drawing new Turks and Bulgarians are only fort is destroyed. as marked on the hold off the inevitable Allied each turn can thus be a significant General Records Track. End of Turn come attached with a downside . A act with only one good hand . and randomly choose ultimately wasted because of strate- weariness has caused both sides to your Strategy Card each round. Without the the next turn on the Turn Record Rape of Belgium.loss If the war has not ended and the last of two VP from Allied play of the turn of the scenario has not been Rape of Belgium . Fortunately the made on the BEF at Brussels and/or cards in his deck to fill his hand up to the French 5th Army at Sedan. Getting the first card play previous turn.

Prevent the Russians from cutting dance to the Allied tune. An eye 2. Ride it out. in the at least a Level 1 trench. 1915 every CP space on the front line the Central Powers are encircled and in France and Belgium should have outnumbered. position. opposite East Prussia before the underestimate the Americans. along with any Playing the Allied Powers space that can be attacked from more Playing the Allies in Paths of Glory is than two adjacent spaces. Brussels should be are razor sharp. and their own interior Cambrai will require two full roll the dice. The best way to defend Fall 1914 line in the west (Ostend/ but the narrow front can make it hard Turkey is to put so much pressure on Brussels / Cambrai /Sedan / Metz / to concentrate enough force to break the Allies in Europe that they can't Strasbourg/Mulhouse) is a good base out of northern Italy. but unless the Germans tion around. Paths of Glory it will most likely be a Central Powers triumph. The historic German Turks. Mobilize the sometime in 1916.don't give up. the Allies. If the final offensives elsewhere. If the Russians are the advance who will be ahead when and of the relevant Events.if there is an early victory in the salient. (A .(Paths of Glory continued from page German army can help the Austrians offensive in turn. the Americans could just prove the off the German 8th Army or breach- and look for opportunities to regain straw that breaks the CP 's back. Get ready for the try and drive Russia from the war CP's goals in 1914 remain the same: entrance of Italy into the war. the they'll be needed. Decide on a major or save those cards to provide the of. 4. It the chance of an Allied breakthrough the Allies will strike. must decide whether he is going to Regardless of the Guns of August. but Salonika and Status-it is difficult to know in against Russian forts. CP attacks the Serbs. the (through the play of the Bolshevik time to prepare is before the IT Entry Revolution and Brest-Litovsk cards) 1. or at least not behind. But sooner or later success of the CP's 1914 offensive. while making some limited offensive moves (such as the capture of Lodz). 27) and later the Bulgarians dig in. Tsar's troops can dig in. (and problems) expand. As was the case in 1918. The Allied In the east the Germans will generally player must take the long view. A last word . The Turks must is also a reasonable defensive on the western front. Mobilizing CP forces by the play of time the CP player can't afford to insignificant. holds Cambrai. There are a lot of VPs in Italy. but properly played hold with any degree of security. The they will be able to blunt each Allied game will see many changes of Both players will want the other to fortune before the end. and any major spare the troops or OPS for major line against which to measure the shift of German forces south increases offensives there. If the CP shape of those 5-3-3 German armies. aim to capture must be kept on the Combined War tions along the English Channel and not just Belgrade. but they can certainly offensive falters. and entrench where possible.preferably the initiative. though the salient at CP will have to judge his chances and combat cards. the CP's options Total War will probably arrive freedom in the west. The Allies will not entrenched as well in case the win the war with a single decisive Germans are later forced to abandon thrust . Achieve Limited War Status ahead card is played. offensive target for the year and don'i OPS and replacements to power his try and do everything at once. it will probably be the CP that play. lose it there. they are tied into the Reinforcement cards. lines to hold out. but their teeth. Remove the restrictions on opera. It will always be a strength armies and entrenchments to near run thing. Don't side reaching a War Status of 4. Clear spaces should have first priority on trenches. has to bite the bullet and play the card. Ultimately the use every advantage of terrain. At the same Though two armies might seem 3. The final winner often have been unusually successful in the won't be known until the last card west. Chances are the CP will still need to Once Turkey enters the war the Near pick up VPs in the endgame to win- East is going to be a constant head- 5. develop tunnel vision. ing the Carpathians . By mid- rather like holding a wolf by the ears. be too busy attacking to do much ultimately the only battle that matters digging. Establish a solid defensive position especially since the arrival of Allenby ache. The CP can't win the game in in the west when the German initial may finally turn the tide against the the Near East. good hand can turn a critical situa- ment event. but the Austrians should try is the last. or by either target break the Russian fort line if an Armistice is declared. either by play Valona as well. which can seriously increase their times the CP is going to have to effectiveness. Inevitably the play of a number of event cards luck of the draw means that some. The CP player CP armies as rapidly as possible.) Once giving the Germans more operational Limited War arrives. and a single spend a card play on the Entrench.

they face no be a good idea to send a French army responding to Allied moves. And the last card play Budapest may appear. and the threat down Austrian resources badly before being released in a flurry of of a permanently lost army grow. Don't forget to use deck. the MEF. Hold Salonika build up a decent offensive force in removed a 4/4 OPS/SR card from his until Total War and the Army of the the Near East. Entrench that's been set up for the next round? While the Allies have to deal with the the Italians to the maximum . well you've Salonika and Valona. With the Central Powers. the CP such animal in the Near East. On a player is giving up the initiative. which can poten- threats on multiple fronts.and without the ability to advance Kovono to Brest as long as possible. Blucher. Hold the fort line from . two turns could be advantage in numbers can quickly armies can't be rebuilt. is vulnerable to a better to divide your actions between As the Germans advance the front lucky Turkish combat roll. or the attack range of the Italian front. the number of German corps in While the Italians will serve to tie as telegraphed punches pile up Reserve will dwindle. By moving adjacent on one the right moment the Russians are and entrenched mountains the front while attacking on another the able to unleash the Brusilov Offensive Italians aren't likely to break into the CP is placed on the proverbial horns against the Austrians. respond with Moltke army dying out of supply is gone for spaces to pick up in the Near East. and perhaps they are a last desperate gamble even take out an Austrian corps. Kosakowski. If he doesn't yet good. You also of 1914 to build up those reduced want every Blockade VP you can get. against fortified blows. and you can dig in without Peace Offensive) are powerful. Even the British present the CP with simultaneous (perhaps through play of the Great Near East Army. At that cards like Yanks and Tanks) can help point he'll need to play the Trench turn the tide. Once reduced disastrous. and the Russian Remember though that the Near East is painful. four years of In the southeast the Serbs should be unrelenting pressure should ensure able to hold out in 1914. and an are a lot of potential CP Victory Point Guns of August. One turn Germans can easily inflict two and in Iraq and Palestine. in the the flanks of his advance. but if giving up a card or a card play. call corps out of Reserve to help hold Italy is to the Allies what Turkey is to Combat in Paths of Glory. but the arrival the defensive somewhere . If moving in the grows longer. melt away.and card play however tempting the occupation of . is a game of chicken. but keep a careful eye on If possible try and coordinate serious thought to not playing Moltke the build-up of German forces. Keep a very wary eye of a dilemma. and the CP will have to west. It is is Allied. dangerously weakened western front. Play the Rape of Belgium and Orient can provide a potent punch for those British replacements that would Blockade as events.If the Germans open the ball with the Serb force outside Serbia. west. it is generally Ottoman Empire. Though this may seem strange in the especially if Russia is still in the war. opportunities against the hapless If the CP doesn't play the Go A. The Russian front offers offensive corps in Egypt and Basra. and of facing the CP Limited War cards three times the losses on the Russians the Russian forces in the Caucasus. with only Mobilization cards that they take. attack in the east and vice versa. positive note. different theaters. on any Germans forces moving in attack made this round. ber. There or two to help with the digging. If he does. But rather than a winning hand.that counts. tially deliver the coup de grace to the a 3 or 4 OPS card. offensive in the west will quickly Allied and Italian units can arrive at Unfortunately it will take time to grind to a halt.it may Whichever he chooses. after combat .much of their offensive From the beginning you should try to but don't be afraid to give ground potential is lost. If at needed elsewhere. the Allies have played their own cards right until now.most of the Americans (and the use of likely on the western front. the mobilization of new Allied armies Come 1918 the war's outcome should will soon force the CP to go over to still be in the balance. a place where the words of playtester Steve pressure from Allied attacks in the war cannot be won but may be lost. otherwise be wasted in the summer War on turn 3 is the goal. face of the initial German onslaught. Does he respond to the stretched to the breaking point. Remem- beware of advancing into Hungary . The Serbs real aim is to and at least until Bulgaria enters the have Falkenhayn in his hand his preserve a front in the Balkans until war. The offensives between the British forces . If you play Retreat card) to save the army. it's the last battle . if he is German wolf in Europe. as soon as possible. only the Turks stand in the way. the won. Allied Limited an offensive into Turkey or Bulgaria. The German Kaiser's card to protect what he has already Battles cards (Michel.certainly not before turn 2. it is a trap. give Austrians. a serious German offensive in Italy may mean a Try not to play the Entrench card. too easy for the Austrians to cut off a . the CP may be CP heartland.

Covering Wing as it scythes towards Paris in - no expectation of ever doing another the American Revolution on a grand August 1914. as I think choice for the Great War. in my designs because I've never style game on that subject (For the From the importance of Sedan in believed there is only one "right People (TAHGC. Then last a WWI tank as easily as an 18th September. I turned my northern France. process and was actually scheduled for which with a few twists could drive release in March 1999. Great War in Europe (XTR Inc. strategic level. reason a card-based system couldn't work on a hex map. simply new scale. It has turned out to sequels. with its you a great deal about the strategic emphasis on non-linear campaigns options of 1914-18. . As an example. still supplying a German occupation of way" to do a topic. as some players Civil War. first was that while Great War was wargames before. Unfortunately for me . Quickly though. and to use a point-to-point map. I believe. wouldn't work GMT's publication schedule when confronted by the continuous has been a long and winding one. and began work Lawrence's Arab Northern Army back into the trenches. Of Two things changed my mind. Hill Game Company. 1993 ). Clearly there was a time favorites. to capture Aqaba and cut off the new design concept to go with the Turkish garrison of Medina. and So the second thing that led me down restrictions are needed to keep the quickly sold out. The result. a Belgian sortie full-sized maps and 1500 (mostly aware of. Though there is no inherent production team. Roberts Award. however. 1998 ). WtP used card play as effect is achieved by simply not the engine that powered the game. he path leading to the arrival of Paths of Glory: The First World War on and decisive battles. This might seem a strange be one of my better decisions. So Great War somewhat reluctantly. in most games special won a Charles S. The course cards had been used in . I had the People (TAHGC. Paths of Glory vanished into corporate limbo. and tactical occurrences Belgians being cut off and eliminated weekend.E. I was attracted Paths of Glory is my second design by the freedom a point-to-point map covering all of World War I in Europe gives to introduce realistic geographi- and the Near East. The cards provided through that company's development an amazingly flexible mechanism.if map.with its add-on for the Near East . with its on the map was unlike any previous occupy Sedan (as they should) and Near East companion it had three design. other topics. its use. and on the theory that you Herman's groundbreaking design We attacking to cut off the German Right should quit while you're ahead. Great War still required a ignored in most strategic games. If I was going mind back to WWI. I had no desire. It was in short a this path was the arrival of Mark Belgian Army in Antwerp from success. simply to My first thought was that WtP would A lot of thought (and trial and error) shrink Great War down to a corps / work very well for the American went into the creation of the PoG army level design. Though two neatly allowed for the effects of German advance west. King Albert's of table space. but the use of cards connecting the Antwerp and Liege = designed very much to be a playable to control all movement and combat spaces. The cal effects without additional rules. It was with relief that in One of the first decisions I made was February I got the rights back. Paths of Glory my doubts turned to growing had been slowly moving its way enthusiasm.Mark map that by itself presents consider- explore different game mechanics had already determined to do a WtP. and century carriage. Hasbro bought the Hill. (Or at least any I'd been leave a corps in Liege. I've always preferred to not happily for the rest of you . and my mind began army is thus bottled up in historic need for a more compact strategic to turn to the idea of adapting it to fashion with no explicit rules limiting WWI game. open up the possibility of the the entire campaign in a three-day diplomatic. out of supply if the German army serious commitment of time. I needed a on Paths of Glory. fronts and attritional nature of Originally contracted for The Avalon modern Total War. My reluctance was based on my studying the game geography will tell concern that the WtP system.those political. and will even experienced players could manage random events . The first. and lots WtP rapidly became one of my all reverses direction.) Mark's card system also to Brussels will have no affect on the divisional) counters. But in PoG the same game covering the same ground. it was still a monster. Lite had no appeal. And so.1995 ) . with its you'll agree when you see the superb images of trench lines on the western job done by Andy Lewis (the game's front stretching from Switzerland to developer) and the rest of the GMT the sea. Assuming the Germans monster. is a game urged. able insight into the course of WWI. of the within days settled on GMT as the sort that was used in WtP and its game's new home. to the ability of T.

Even if its designa. three Austrian armies are providing a simple method to move reflect this by using separate Fire eliminated. inflicting permanent damage on gave the players some control over Austria's war effort. training and equipment to as simulated by PoG. turning made it so playing them as events oranges into apples. With only two corps corps into and out of the Reserve Box. Romania. armies are the basic unit for army units combine with the Reserve going to the Carthaginians and vice most nations. this meant it was possible to would corps and armies relate? and the needs of the future.the cards. In WtP a next major issue was unit scale. The Combat system would strikes.With the map question settled. consider the versa. their war economy. one last major issue the army has been permanently remained: victory conditions. Now the Bulgaria. I lacked in arms and organization. and to a large extent the Austrian commander Conrad each have their own deck. When the Brusilov Offensive rail and sea movement. Stripping get a completely useless hand. that 5 OPS card with its hefty garrisons holding quiet sectors of the replacements or the Bolshevik front.it can be rebuilt. Then to twist the knife. card as an OPS even if the event combat system. but its and keep fighting in Russia as well? organizational and logistical structure There are six potential card plays a has survived . you could not simply and combat system were worked out best cards for OPS. SR military organization . your nation's resources dangerously combat). from the first.) currently in the deadpile or tied up quickly doubled that number to four Corps would thus represent not just on garrison duty in the Balkans. My Reserve Box and you are not making card had been either an Event or an intention. and every Turkey. In order to My solution was to split the cards field effective modern armed forces: launch an offensive in Italy (with its between the two sides. those nations which lacked the Austrian Army in the summer of 1916 weapons. To emphasize the difference I decided not to use a build up/break Only after the map. A balance must be kept between only playable by one side or the punch? Or vice versa? And how the needs of the fighting front now. Which is worth more to you - fighting in secondary theaters. (The sole exception to this is pulls corps from the Reserve Box to card would present a choice of Serbia. the breadth. Players are thus con. 24 agonizing choices. By tying Replacements to the cards I or only corps. had been to effective use of your manpower. and tied directly at the risk of eating your military events. one army is lost for good.one lacking Reserve to back up his armies in the solved the problem of how to portray the artillery and logistical support of east. Operations (OPS) card (used to use a mix of corps and armies. The exceptions are Box to recreate history. Orders of Battle. SR and RPS the create an army by exchanging a did I turn my attention back to the best for Events as well . Too many corps in the design engine . tion may linger on. the next game corps and break down corps from help you weather a current crisis or in the series. Would you build armies out of your corps from the Reserve Box may Hannibal (TAHGC). Having given ferocity and generalship what they army at Trent. solved this problem by armies? The answers I chose were indulge a fleeting opportunity. but making all cards both OPS and somewhat radical. that the players could move and fight fronted with issues of depth as well as across the battlefields of WWI . Corps would be would remove the card from the used to represent small armies game. Tables for combats involving armies available. But with many corps the player two choices per card. keep the card - has suffered losses in men. Now eliminated. I made the down system. in which when no such corps exists the army the best choice is often just the lesser has been used up. Since most events were with a few armies adding additional thin. combat system be entirely repaired. map. other. it famous sealed train. by adding in Strategic Redeployment a smaller but a different kind of Conrad has only two corps left in (SR) and Replacements (RPS). in game terms and cards set. or act as reinforcements for Revolution? Let Lenin loose in armies engaged in major offensive or Petrograd and pay the price of defensive campaigns. whose armies made up in reinforce and add punch to his Operations or Events.and then certain number of corps. while an army. didn't apply to you. But Too few corps and you are stretching activate units for movement/ how? Would the basic unit be corps. of four evils. Greece. a hole has been torn in the military fabric that cannot With the OB. increased Communist agitation at home in the shape of the loss of that When an army is eliminated with a card? Or refuse Lenin passage in that corps available in the reserve box. many tempting Victory Point spaces) Central Powers and the Allies would Montenegro. But it was still As an example of how the corps and possible to see all the Roman events In PoG. But turn. so you could always use the into the development of the game's seed corn.

of play balance. would activate individual spaces With every card play decisions must I decided how much better the instead. east in 1941-43). Only filling every space with 1918 style the side that feels it is in a position of entrenchments? Tie the ability to advantage (ahead in victory points) build trenches to an army's Loss can offer terms. What to do to when a player operational dynamism was for much lacked the cards to fill his hand. You can wreck your army winner couldn't be determined until was complete. combat. if you be incomplete. . the Allies would have to do to accept style? Separate movement from Unlike World War II. would be spent rounding off the France . ganda war was waged both to the following turn? Give him the World War I is a multi-front struggle influence neutrals and justify to the option of taking an automatic 1 OPS.only to give up just as your edges (with Andy Lewis giving a opponent was certain he could hold Fortunately my experience with final vital polish at GMT Games). but WWI was and the Near East. or even desirable.Europe. getting a 50/50 split expect. but else- where . wished to save a vital Event card for war (west in 1940. rules for offering Peace Terms. pretty quickly. Better still if the At this point the basic design work cracks. western front. or of its length essentially a one-front During the war a separate propa. what were they fighting for? he may just accept your terms. Arguably then the home front the war's ever-increasing Great War is a greater test of a cost. so OPS Allied victory in 1918 as my baseline. the chance of triumph in Central Powers would have to do to from massing his forces and blitzing one theater must be balanced against claim victory. Using the historical not noted for great captains. (gain a VP) with a show of reason.27) and and as the war becomes Total. from the start. and Perhaps the use of this event card in Allied and CP wins might not be most importantly ending the game in will provide the key to unlocking the possible. positions harden and the Peace Table will be hard to establish and always Allied Powers player (p. But even on the western front the I also needed to consider the question winning you less than your people possibility of breakthrough beckons.trench lines the Central Powers player (p. and how much worse sections of the enemy front in WWII the possibility of tragedy in another. but the next two years trying to shatter the deadlock in the very end. Or you can win the war on Great War in Europe helped me OPS were used to activate command. Perhaps sheer attrition sides had to feel that had a reasonable will wear him down until the front chance of victory. causing unrest at home. not to end the war Factor (a sort of general measure of but to score a propaganda victory quality) and the results of a die roll. but both a draw.Ed. But Effective trench systems will show up Note: See Ted's insights and hints for propaganda can backfire (lose a VP) in the west by mid-1915.36) on the best becomes less effective.as historically . the more mobile battlefields of Russia come up with victory conditions ers in We the People. Finally. of Glory . How to keep the attacker be made. From this was born the game's How to keep players from instantly gamer's strategic ability. no longer. which for all its a draw. course of action to take in GMT's Paths offer peace to an enemy on the ropes.