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Toyota Yaris 2006 Model (Yaris compact) Assignment on Toyota Yaris 2006 Model (Yaris compact) .

Anti-lock brakes (ABS) Brake System The tandem master cylinder brake system is a hydraulic system with a separate sub-switch. and your stopping distance will increase. the breaker system warning light may come one. Toyota Yaris 2006 Model (Yaris compact) Concerning primary safety features. Also. If either the sub-system should fail the other will still work. However. include primary design elements such as dual- circuit braking systems. the pedal will be harder to press. Front Ventilated disc It works by when brake booster is applied. that are designed into the vehicle which reduce the possibility of an accident. the hydraulic fluid from the master cylinder is pumped and passed through the tubes and reaches to the hoses where pistons are pushed by the fluid is acted on the plate which is used to stop the wheel rotation. Rear Drum .

they are pulled away from their pivot point by friction Parking Center hand brake The main purpose of handbrakes is to prevent car from moving when it is parked. Brake Booster The break boaster uses engine vacuum to power assist the brakes. This assists in providing directional stability &steering performance of the vehicle under these circumstances. a cable is operated which applies the rear wheels brakes. . there are brake shoes. And the gear mechanism and a gear lock is in way that it prevents the cable to release tension. Anti-lock brake system (with “ABS” warning light) The Anti-lock brake system is designed to help prevent lock-up of the wheels during a sudden breaking or breaking on slippery read surface. Toyota Yaris 2006 Model (Yaris compact) It works as the hydraulic fluid from the master cylinder is pumped and passed through the tubes and reaches to the hose. If the engine should quit while you are driving you can bring the vehicle to stop with normal pedal passive. There is enough reserved vacuum for one or two stops but no more. It is generally provided only on the rest wheels. When you push the button on the handbrake. that are forced against the rotating drum. the lock is disengaged and you can alter the tension. When you apply the hand brakes.

assists the turning of the steering wheel. The operations are as follows: -  A steering control module (computer) electronically reacts to steering pressure  The module operates the electric motor in the rack assembly to help the driver steer the wheels  The module can reverse motor rotation and alter motor speed as needed . using an electric motor. Toyota Yaris 2006 Model (Yaris compact) Electric power steering system The electric power steering system. The Toyota 2006 Yaris uses the Electric Motor Power Steering.

Toyota Yaris 2006 Model (Yaris compact) .

the MacPherson strut. Whenever the car hits a bump. the 2006 Toyota Yaris’ front McPherson strut suspension has installed with a completely new design and features an optimized geometry to provide the best possible balance between steadiness and ride comfort. Toyota Yaris 2006 Model (Yaris compact) Suspension On the front part of the wheel. it is a spring + shock absorber combination. It acts as both energy dissipation and energy absorber due to the combination of spring and shock absorber. it acts as both energy absorbing (when the spring is compressed) and energy dissipating (used to damp or control motion in a vehicle) . There is a single control arm connected to the bottom of the wheel hub.

As the engine is has automatic transmission. There is a pump inside of a torque converter and that is going to push the fluid out and rotate the turbine which is connected the transmission. there is coil spring along with the torsion beam. the energy from motion compresses the coil spring and absorb the energy. the flywheel which is connected to the engine shaft(crankshaft) is also rotated. When the car hits a bump. in which power is transmitted to the wheel through torque converter from engine to the transmission. Toyota Yaris 2006 Model (Yaris compact) On the rear suspension. When the spring released. Torque converters are used in automatic cars. the spring push back. Power train On our Yaris automobile assignment. The torsion bar resists twisting action and acts as a conventional spring. there are 4 main components: -  Flywheel  Turbine  Pump  Stator and there is fluid inside When the engine rotates. flywheel which is also rotating . The torque converter is placed in between the engine and the transmission. it is front engine rear wheel drive.

the fluid spin the turbine highly and this spinning of the of turbine is transmitted to the wheels and higher speed is achieved. In the stator. Toyota Yaris 2006 Model (Yaris compact) throw the fluid to the outside in the flywheel. the direction of the flow is cycled continuously. So. when the accelerator pedal is pressed. This fluid moves and in contact with turbine. then spin the turbine which is connected to the transmission and then turning of the wheels. .