Module 3 Word Processing General Concepts Open a word processing program ï ® Start † '† Programs' Micorsoft Office, and † 'Microsoft

Word If the mouse still for a few seconds on the link will display a brief descriptio n of the program For closure ï ® ï ® File † 'Close â œXâ red top right Bakers Mirko â "word processing  © Create a new document ï ® The new document is created when the program opens. To create more than one you can go to: œFileâ â â † 'â Nuovoâ or right-click on â œDocumento vuoto â EA ¬ ™ also can use predefined document templates or create web pages ï ® ï ® Bakers Mirko â "word processing  © ™ s application

Use a template tool to document patterns are simple ï ® ï ® quickly create letters, faxes, business card or at another ssibility of creating new ones to suit you ï ® They differ from the wizard from the fact that this last is ™ Step by step how you can choose the document, unlike models where the â œformattazioneâ is p redetermined Bakers Mirko â Saving a document ï ® File â † 'Save The new document is advisable to save, is to be made available at other times, e ither to avoid data loss for some unexpected (program crashes, power failure ele ttricaâ ) "word processing  © ™. CA ™ is the po

Bakers Mirko â

"word processing  ©

Saving a document 2 Saving for a window opens where you can choose: ï ® ï ® ï ® Filename where the saved file type (TXT, RTF, HTML) For rescue, there are two options: ïƒ ~ Save: Specifies the filename ïƒ ~ Save: upgrade to new changes already saved a file (also with a name) Bakers Mirko â "word processing  © The function of online help (help) ï ® ï ® ? â † 'Help Line F1 The online help is ™ a useful tool for solving small problems or to understand the significance of the multiple functions of word Bakers Mirko â "word processing  ©

Change the page view ï ® View â † 'Normal or Print Layout or Web Layout or Design Allows to display the document with specific characteristics Icons Normal view Bakers Mirko â "word processing  © Print Layout Zoom ï ® View â † 'Zoom With the zoom tool you can enlarge the size of seeing the document on your monit or There is also a shortcut on the toolbar, the It can be recognized by a percen tage Bakers Mirko â "word processing  ©

Toolbars visualized ï ® † 'Bars of Tools â † 'â The toolbars allow you to speed up the work allowing shortcuts to frequently ask ed program features The most important are: ï ® ï ® Format ® Standard Design Bakers Mirko â "word processing  ©

Showing and hiding non-printing characters. ï ® Tools † '† Options' visualized † 'â † Formatting' All

The non-printing characters are only intended to aid in the creation of such doc uments are needed to see the carriage returns, spaces, breaks paginaâ ï ® ï ® Bakers Mirko â "word processing  ©

Predefined Options † Tools 'Options â †' Inf.Utente ï † ® Tools 'Options â †' Default Options ï ® ï ® After changing these parts, each document will be saved with attributes of owner ship placed on â œnomeâ In Options you can choose various folders used by th e program word for rescue and archiving ™ models created ï ® Bakers Mirko â Basic Operations Insert text and special characters Entering Text ï ® Using the keyboard Each letter is inserted in the document is to create the same (Example: a docume nt of 200 letters is the size of a small more than 5,000 words) Inserting symbols ï ® Enter â † 'Symbol Symbols are not all those characters on your keyboard. Symbols are also letters from other languages. Bakers Mirko â "word processing  © Select the data Holding down the left mouse button from ™ beginning of the line to the desired ï ® Hold the â œMaiuscâ keyboard and moving with the arrow keys ï ® Similarly files you can use both œMaiuscâ iguous or discontinuous phrases Bakers Mirko â "word processing  © that â â œCtrlâ to select cont "word processing  ©

Change data Insert data into an existing text ï ® Position the cursor â † 'Type the text you enter

Cursor Replace ï ® Select the text to be overwritten (with the mouse or keyboard) â † 'Type the text you enter Bakers Mirko â "word processing  © The commands â ï ® Edit â † 'Undo / Redo In like manner the trash these two buttons are used to correct procedural errors made during ™ s use of word. Example: If you accidentally deleted a paragraph in the document, you can â œannullareâ remove command. Or after the restore command erases Cancel Restore Bakers Mirko â Keys œCopiaâ Copy ï ® Select "word processing  © and â â œTagliaâ and â œRipristinaâ œAnnullaâ .

phrase â † 'â † Edit' Copy ® Select a phrase â † 'â † Right' Ctrl + C Copy ® Size ï ® Select phrase â † 'â † Edit' Select Cut ® phrase â † 'â † Right' Ctrl + x Cut ® The buttons allow you to copy and cut ™ store in a special part of memory the phrase or the selected paragraph. With the command â œcopiaâ selected text i s duplicated in memory, instead pressing the â œtagliaâ text is erased and r ewritten from its original place in memory. The memory is rewritten with new dat a every time you perform an operation œtagliaâ â or â œcopiaâ Bakers Mirko â "word processing  © The ™ Paste Edit ï ® ï ® ï ® Right Ctrl + V â † 'Paste â † 'Paste ™ s memory area filled by copy and paste buttons Can be used by going to â œtirare out the information on it with the statement â ™ ™ s œIncollaâ paste behaves like a keyboard key , writes the memory contents starting from the cursor or paste a selected text, this is replaced Bakers Mirko â Move or copy text Duplicate ï ® Select Text of origineâ † 'Copy ® Select destination â †' Paste Move "word processing  ©

ï ® Select Text of origineâ † 'Cut ® Select destination â †' Paste EA ™ can paste an infinite number of times the text copied and cut without hav ing to redo the first step Cancel Select the text â † 'â † Edit' Delete ® Select the text â † 'â † Right' Delete ï ® ï ® Delete Bakers Mirko â Find & Replace Find ï ® Edit C † 'Find Lets look at Replace ï ® Edit â † 'Replacement How to find, searches for and replaces it with a more ™ other placed in the bo x below. Offers the possibility to replace all at once Bakers Mirko â "word processing  © Formatting ™ s appearance of text ï ® Format at † 'Character It is possible to choose the font size is that the writing style Through the boxes of the effects of control enable or disable formatting In ™ thumbnail is displayed as the text will be amended "word processing  © ™ internal document phrases or words "word processing  ©

Bakers Mirko â

Shortcuts for formatting Font size Bold Italic Underline Styles Fonts Text color Bakers Mirko â "word processing  ©

Copy the formatting and the Match Case Copy formatting ï ®

Select the text â † 'â † Press the brush' Select the text to be changed (by hold ing down the mouse) It is a very useful procedure when at styles Case Sensitive ï ® Format â † 'Match Case Bakers Mirko â Text alignment ï ® Format â † 'Section With this window you can modify all options that affect the very important parag raph of the text are the spacing and indents ™ Most of the functions in this t able you can find them in the working window in the form of shortcuts Left Right Justified Centered Bakers Mirko â "word processing  © The Tabs ï ® Format â † 'Tabs The tabs can be made either via the TAB key,€and through the alignment of paragr aphs using the tools of Word are all displayed in the ruler on top of the docume nt To move simply drag the mouse After inserting the tabs by pressing the tab ke y, the cursor moves to the point Aligning the tabs Bakers Mirko â "word processing  © "word processing  © ™ s the same letter should be used more

Bullets and Numbering ï ® Format â † 'Bullets and Numbering EA ™ can also choose the structure will beco me like the paragraph with a list ™ s list also takes account of paragraph for matting, you can then moved to and from the phrase using the buttons on the rule r ï ® ï ® Bakers Mirko â "word processing  ©

Borders and Backgrounds ï ® Format â † 'Borders and Shading

This window makes it possible to add or modify both the edge of a paragraph or p age, and change the background color of both the useful ™ preview box displays an example of how it will work after confirming with œOKâ â Bakers Mirko â "word processing  ©

Formatting a document ï ® File â † 'Page Setup This part is making available the ability to change the page orientation ™ and white margins that will create at the time of printing is also possible to chan ge the paper type for the document. Pass such a standard format œA4â â â t o a format œbustaâ Bakers Mirko â "word processing  ©

Top of page headers and © View â † 'Headers and Top of page © ï ® Each page will be so amended by adding a header document in a comment Bakers Mirko â "word processing  © ™ â co ™ at the top or bottom of the

Breaks and page numbers ï § Enter â † 'Break Page, even if the text is not completely full, you can insert a break mmands without using OAS head until the end of the page ï, § Enter â † 'Page Numbers It is possible to choose the location and number format (1,2,3 â IIIa ) Bakers Mirko â Objects "word processing  © â

"I, II,

Create a table ï, § Table â † 'â † Insert' Table The window that prompts you to specify apparrà after how many columns and many r ows will create the table The table is also possible to draw using the mouse Bakers Mirko â "word processing  ©

Selecting and writing ï ® For the selection is made by placing the cursor on cell dâ ™ start and holding the mouse is dragged to the desired cell selection It can also be made with the help of keys œCtrlâ and â â œMaiuscâ using them as selections in order to write windows, just put the cursor on the cell and start typing ï ® ï ® Bakers Mirko â "word processing  ©

Insert and delete rows and columns Insert ï ® TableA † 'Inserisciâ †' â References to left and right take into account the position of the cursor when t he button is pressed Cancel ï ® TableA † 'Eliminaâ †' â The cells to be selected before you delete if you want to delete an entire colum n ™ just leave the cursor over a cell of the column to delete Bakers Mirko â "word processing  © Changing Table Rows and Columns ï ® TableA † 'property â †' â In section œRigheâ and â â œColonneâ you can specify the size in centime ters. Otherwise it can you do about moving the areas of writing directly on the ruler Borders ï ® Format at † 'Borders and Sfondoâ †' â It has the same form used for editing the page and paragraph. Used the same way: you It can change both the edges and the color of the background Bakers Mirko â "word processing  ©

Insert graphics, images and graphics into a document. ï ® Enter â † 'â † Image' â Depending ™ s object to be imported at ™ internal document, open an appropri ate window. The files will be selected from a directory on your computer Bakers Mirko â Insert a clip ï ® Enter â † 'â † Image' Clip The drawings are clip art or photos already in the program office. Can be used t o enrich their documents to the â œClipArtâ ™ you can search the Office's internal collection or having an active internet connection on the library that Microsoft provides the Web Bakers Mirko â "word processing  © "word processing  ©

Insert an image from file ï ®

Enter â † 'â † Image' From File This opens a window that allows you to look for a picture at computer Bakers Mirko â Enter a Chart ï ® Enter â † 'â † Image' Chart Opens a â œfoglio Datia where you can enter the chart data to be inserted in the document, this last ™ will change its shape in real time. Right-clicking on the chart area ™ then â graficoâ œTipo of Word allows you to choose bet ween many types of data visualization (pie, histogram, Radar ) To return to t he document just click on a ™ area outside the graph and table Bakers Mirko â "word processing  © Change the graphics All graphic elements described so far may be used and behave like text selection s; CIOA ¨ is possible to copy and move them from one side to the other ™ of th e document or a document to another to change the size used mouse: bringing the handles around the edge blacks ™ s image and holding you can zoom in and out b oth horizontally and vertically Bakers Mirko â Mail Merge What ï ® ™ is the merge "word processing  © "word processing  © ™ ™ inside your

The merge is a process in which, from a document and a data source (such as an a ddress book or database: in essence is a table) yields a series of documents tha t all have the same structure, but each has different data. For example, the doc ument in question Can be a letter of congratulations and the data source Can be a list of employees of a company: each letter is printed name and address of an employee other than by withholding the necessary data from the source data. So t he point is the same for all employees, while some points of the letter vary fro m employee to employee. Name Mario Mark Anna Bianchi Rossi Surname Information The ddress Via Verdi 5 Via Righi 73 Romeo Street 4 Phone 0577234567 0577456783 0578345234 ï ® ï ® Bakers Mirko â "word processing  ©

Prepare the main document

ï ® The Document Can be created in the usual way, or you can use a document ready, openi ng it. ™ s recipient's address will be different for each letter ï ® The document must, of course, contain the text that will be equal for all documents and data "general œ which will then automatically replaced with the data in th e data source. Bakers Mirko â "word processing  ©

Prepare a distribution list, or data files ï ® If you choose to open an existing one, just select the file that contains the de sired data source. Finally you can choose to use the contacts as a data source: clicking on this item opens a window that is what is required to use the address book. You can create a new data source, cia to open a new window in which to insert the columns that must be present in the source table data Bakers Mirko â "word processing  © ï ® ï ® Create a mail merge ï ® Tools â † 'Letters and Addresses â †' Merge Opens a window that leads to the completion of the merge, at each step selected và ™ option and press forward for each of the 6 steps. At 5 ° point you are p rompted to insert the block of addresses, simply drag the field on the letter NB fields are indistinguishable from normal text as shown in quotes are © ( "and Â") and when you position the cursor take a gray background 1. Type of Document 2. Source Document Bakers Mirko â "word processing  ©

Create a mail merge 2 3. Source Address 4. Positioning address 5. Positioning address 6. Positioning address Bakers Mirko â Printing Spellcheck ï, § Tools â † 'Spell check As you type the words deemed inappropriate are underlined in red. This emphasis is not this being printed. To add a word to the dictionary is also possible to i "word processing  ©


nsert in your document, select it and then click "add" by letting you open menù click with the right mouse button. Bakers Mirko â "word processing  © ™ s Printer ï, § File â † 'Printer Useful to get an overview of the document. It allows you to view everything on o ne screen is also possible to view more pages with Word offers the opportunity t o make some changes such as tabs or send aa head phrases Bakers Mirko â "word processing  ©

Print options ï, § File â † 'Print ï, § It is possible to specify how many and which pages to print or print only s elected text ï § With the button â â œproprietà you access the Printer Optio ns dialog (change from printer to printer) allows you to change settings paper t ype, ink type printing â Bakers Mirko â "word processing  ©