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And The Cloud And I told them that seven angels would find there and opening of these stamps a nd ... And there the LIFE magazine article that brought this great flame rising into the air, 30 miles high, 27 long, and they said they could not understand wh at was ... do not know yet. Choosing A Bride Rainbow Moon ray Beautifully curving lights on the island of Oahu, a rainbow colored moon fact th e Hawaiian skies with a strange light. Lunar rainbows are hardly seen or photogr aphed, they require a combination of frequent rains and especially local rainbow a clear atmosphere. But for this remarkable photograph, taken at 11 pm, there w as a bright light behind the camera and a rainstorm in front of her. Honolulu an d Punchbowl National Cemetery are on the horizon to the right. Part of Mount Tan talus shown at right. The drops of rain broke the moonlight into the color spect rum in the sky, and the photographer Werner Stoy was just in the right place bet ween the moon and the rain to show the wonder of a lunatic storm hit. (Life Maga zine page. 111 May-28-1963) ... And a High Cloud Ring Mystery Article and photos taken of LIFE magazine page. 112 May 28, 1963. Hanging like a giant ring, a great cloud appeared in the sunset over Flagstaff, Arizona on 28 February and a continuing scientific mystery unfolded. The observe rs impressed by the oddly shaped cloud and the size so large, took pictures at d ifferent times, how are you four, very widely separated locations in the state. Dr. James McDonald, a meteorologist at the Atmospheric Physics at the University of Tucson to state collecting the photographs, using them as a basis for a trig onometric calculation, he has made a surprising discovery that the cloud was at least 26 miles high and 30 long (much taller and bigger than it would be a cloud ). The circle was so high that was made by an aircraft, as well as Dr. McDonald can determine, there were no missiles, planes or bombs being tested nearby that day. He hopes that anyone who has photos of the supplier, because he would like some more details about the cloud 26 miles high, where there is no water or wate r droplets at this stage to form a cloud. The Cloud 6:10 PM N.E of Prescott, Arizona. 6:15 PM North Phoenix. Arizona. 6:30 PM N.O. Winslow, Arizona Cloud-Top Ring In Stratosphere Article and photo taken from Weatherwise magazine, June 3, 1963. By James E: McD onald, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Univ of Tucson. On the evening of February 28, 1963, observers scattered over an area of almost two hundred thousand square miles of Southwest testified to the deployment of a strikingly beautiful cloud. After three months of effort to determine what it wa s that caught his eye, I am not sure myself, despite the relevant details have n ow grown very extensively. Many people first thought it was only a long trail, a s I thought when I first watched from Tucson, but the cloud to its large and ext reme height, came very quickly and they put the sun's rays, leaving very dark ci rrus clouds high, so far to the west () while the ring still shone with a beauti

ful silver luminescence. Of fast computers removed based on the geometry of the evening, the ring is obscured as 1850 MST. I figured that its altitude was about 30 km away and immediately announced in the press and radio to receive reports of observers. In all this lately been received about 200 reports, and the subseq uent calls press to send the photos were sent a total of 85 photos from 35 different locati ons for photogrammetric use. It is now known that the ring was at an altitude of 43 km above sea level, (Which if there would be this uncertainty only about one kilometer, which is high enough that the range of 20-30 km the nacreous clouds in the Arctic. That was on top of Flagstaff, Arizona as 1840 MST, and many great pictures showed in the cloud of inappropriate variety of internal waves in the structure of the cloud, which have been received from different people in that a rea. The north-south extension was over 50 miles, and the width of EsteOeste was about 30 miles like a broad ring with the center open. Although most observers seemed to Arizona silvery white color in the skies, Most observers in New Mexico reported iridescence. That was seen in Arizona, Colorado,€New Mexico and even in northern Mexico and Ciudad Juarez and 380 miles south to where it was the rin g-shaped cloud. In either report after I read that observers emphasized the fact that throughout his life to be watching clouds, a cloud had never seen so beaut iful as this. The ring-shaped cloud over Flagstaff, the perspective is flattened into a long, thin lapel in this photo by Lynne E. Cobble, in Albuquerque, NM, about 280 miles from the cloud Photo taken in Winslow, Arizona. The heavens declare what the Bible says, the message declares, everything is the Supreme Authority with his white hair and beard black as shown below. Many of y ou have seen this picture. There we have it, just flip to the right. There is as perfect as if it was taken a photo of him Spiritual Food, p. 16 What William Branham said AFTER THE SEALS ON THE CLOUD And this morning, I was picking thorns that some people call them bulls or goat head, I was pulling the sleeve of his trousers and the explosion happened exactl y as was said, is this, a certain Brother Fred? ... And I might I jumped up from the floor above me were the angels of the Lord who brought me the message, I ca me here to open these stamps. Standing in the Breach, pp. 20 Jeff., Ind., 6-23-6 3 One day while I was standing there, I started to take off my nipples and legs bulls came the seven angels of heaven and the place shook and stones fell from 5 0 to 60 pounds that were rolling on the hill, there were the seven angels standi ng and I was commissioned to "Go and take these messages." He said he would meet one by one and say what would happen and it happened exactly that way. Shevepor t The Absolute, The., 1/12/1963 That message about What time is it, sir, and I s aid to you that seven angels would find there and the opening of these stamps an d ... And there the LIFE magazine article that brought this great flame rising i nto the air, 30 miles high, 27 miles long, and they said they could not understa nd what was ... do not know yet. Choosing A Wedding, Los Angeles, Calif., 04/29/ 1965 Now look again, before the Seven Seals were predicates, (I had no idea this would be so) while still here in the Tabernacle, The I spoke of this and sent m e to Tucson, saying to you all that would happen. There are some men sitting her e this morning who were present when all this happened the way it was said that would happen. He said the seven angels were coming, and came. Newspapers and mag azines published it across nations (a mysterious circle of light in the shape of a pyramid, like the one sketched here for you rose from the place where those a ngels were standing up to a height as 41 km 48 km wide. It was seen across the s tate while he took his trip to the Northwest from there near Tucson, where it ha ppened. This is not just someone forcing something

You but to reveal the true spiritual application of this hour. The message that followed opened the Seven Seals, which revealed all the hidden mysteries of the Bible. These are the doctrines that the world today as boldly attacks saying tha t these things are false. Recognizing the day and Págs.4 Message 7 Jeff. 07/26/ 1964 Ind. These mysteries will be revealed in the last days when the seven angel s ... the Message of the seventh angel, when he ... not when he starts to do thi s but when it starts ringing Your Message. See? Not the years in preparation, bu t it ... when he starts playing the message, these mysteries will be revealed th en. And here they are, not knowing them, and yourselves people, bear witness to that. And then this great observatory ... so that the world is in question ... T hey are still wondering what happened. What is it? They still put in the paper D o you know anyone on this thing? What happened? No fog up there, there's no air, no humidity, thirty miles high in the air. Oh! "There will be signs in the sky above. And when these things happen, earthquakes in several places, then the sig nal will appear in heaven the Son of Man. That day (Luke) the Son of man is reve aled again and will be revealed Himself. Those who have the Spirit of God expect these things. Making God a service without His will, Jeff., Ind. ,18-7-65 white wig on his head to speak in Revelation chapter one, denotes His Supreme Deity, His supreme authority. No other voice, no other God, nothing more, because He li ves the fullness of the Godhead bodily. The angels themselves were his wig. Amen ! What is the attraction in the forest?, Jeff.,€Ind., 25.07.1965 there until I looked inside that circle up, began to rise up, and they became like a mystical light, like a fog, just like that. How many saw the picture of it, which was tak en in Houston? Remember that? See? Well, that's exactly the way it was. It becam e the same thing, kept climbing higher and higher. Trying to make God a service, Sheveport, The. ,27-11-65 I went to my room to talk to God. I followed through my match to Daniel which sa ys: "And it came to the Ancient of whose hair was white as wool" (Daniel 7:9). I said, 'Lord, do not know what to say, and I have the responsibility. "Remember, this was like a year or more, before the Seven Seals were opened. I asked as he prayed: "Lord, what is it?" And I looked, and stopped in front of me was a man. He was a judge and was wearing a white wig to show that they were a Higher Auth ority. So when I saw Jesus with a white wig, said, "This only vindicates the tru th we already know, that He is the Supreme Authority. God witnessed this same th ing in the mount of transfiguration when He said: "This is My Beloved Son, hear ye." The Supreme Authority. Then there in the beginning of the Seven Seals, when those seven Angels came down in a pyramid and were there telling me to return t o Jeffersonville and talk about the Seven Seals, and that He would be with me, a nd that He would show me what it was like Hidden ... Then when that cloud up the great observatories in California, in Mexico in Tucson and elsewhere took their picture. It was mysterious what we saw. Brother Fred Sothmann (sitting here), a nd Brother Gene Norman and I were there present when the cloud rose. They took p hotographs, but still do not know it was. Not long ago, everyone was saying that the cloud looked like this and that and the wings of the Angels were bent in a way ... One day, turning the picture to the right, and looking, there was Jesus Christ as fully equal to Drew Hoffman. He is there wearing his white hair, looki ng down to earth, showing that He is the supreme authority. The heavens declare it! The Bible says! The message is declared! All is the same Supreme Authority w ith His white hair and beard black as shown below. Many of you have seen this pi cture. There we have it, just give him the right turn. There is as perfect as if it were a photograph taken from him They're looking the wrong way. It is about the right way, and only the Lord God can reveal what is the right way. See it an d on the right side and there is a. .. as perfect as if it were Him spiritual fo od in due time p.13, (18/07/1965) Jeff.Ind. ABSTRACT The prophetic ministry of William Branham is so important in God's Divine Plan b ecause it is for the last time, the last age of the Church, the last generation

before the trial predicted according to the prophet Malachi 4:5. So God took car e to show in the early life and ministry of this prophet a phase of His deity: t he Pillar of Fire, to be a supernatural sign in the ground and vindicate the min istry of His messenger and then send him another signal Heaven: The cloud. The c loud itself is an important event occurred during the ministry of William Branha m in 1963. Visitation begins with that Brother Branham Angeles in July at Mount Sunset in Arizona to receive the commission to go and reveal the seven seals of the Book of Revelation. After such training is Supernatural in the cloud at the same time it is sign of authority, the Deity of view, it is also the sign of the Son of Man in Heaven. The photo and article from this event so special, here tr anslated, appeared in Life magazine that was best known around the world and is published in many languages, and other local magazines. While scientists do not understand what had happened, the prophet William Branham knew what had happened to this fact so tremendous in the formation of this cloud in the same place whe re he received the commission of those seven Angels. In this brochure we present out of many pictures that maybe were taken, 7 photos of the cloud that we gathe r as a testimony and vindication of the ministry of the last prophet of God for this age Gentil and remaining as a witness in this scientific age. The cloud at the beginning shows the similarity of the first face of the Lord Jesus Christ as seen in Revelation 1:14 "And his head and his hairs were white like white wool. " But at the end of the afternoon,€the cloud was leaning to the left and down u ntil you have the shape of a hanging rope, as used in the trial in the days of t he old American West. We see in Scripture that we live in the last age of the ch urch, which at the same time is the conclusion of all things, the time of the St one of Corona, the head coming into the body. The cloud speaks not only of Autho rity, Judgement, Divine Authority, but also a conclusion., Adoption, transition etc. We believe this work of compilation will be a blessing to the people of God follower of this Glorious Final Message. Brother Julian Cordova Cervantes, Edit or.