Motthew Chqn

PO Box 6865
Columbus, GA 37977

Phone: (762) 359U2S FAx: (888) 696-3441

March 8, 2017

Honorable Judge Philip Senan Jackson
Circuit Court for Baltimore City - Civil Division
111 N. Calvert St., Room 462
Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Case: Mitul R. Patel v. Mathew Chan (#24-C16003573)

Honorable Judge Jackson:

lwrite this letter as a follow up in regard to my "Defendant's Response to lntervenor's Motion
to lntervene & Motion to Strike Judgment" filed on October 24,2016.

Since October 24, 2016, there have been no new responses or rebuttals by either party. There
have also been no new notifications or updates from the Clerk of Court or the Court as to when
this case might move forward towards resolution. I believe each side has filed the proper
responses and is waiting to hear from the Court.

Since December L6,2OL6,l have spoken twice with Mr. Maggio, the named plaintiff's attorney,
to inquire if he has heard any updates on this case. He has not. I have also called the Clerk of
Court's office twice to find out when we might hear from the Court on moving forward. I was
told twice to allow more time and wait to hear from the Court. However, it is now over four
months with no word. My concern is that this case might have fallen through the cracks. Based
on my and Mr. Maggio's understanding, both sides agree that my motion to vacate consent
judgment/order should be granted and we are simply waiting to hear further instructions,
clarification, or a final ruling from the Court.

This false and forged judgment remaining on the public docket concerns me and I am anxious
to have it removed as soon as possible. I respectfutly ask the court to provide an update and
clarification on what the next steps might be or when a final ruling miSht be made.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter. I look forward to hearing from the Court soon.


Matthew Chan, PRO SE
I HEREBY CERTIFY that I have this 8th day of March, 2017 mailed a copy of the
Class postage prepaid to fte following:

James G. Maggio & Steven D. Shemenski
$Ql, Ing'lssids [ys.
Catonsville, l'/D 21 228

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