First Person: Talking About The Role Of Police

In The Community

Photo by Michael Lipkin / KPBS
Above: San Diego Police Department Officer David Lee (left) and City Heights resident Eddie Rivers on March 24, 2017.

Monday, April 3, 2017

By Michael Lipkin

Can police officers and the people they protect have honest conversations about race
and their own biases?

That’s the idea behind the Game Changer program, which brings together police and
community members for moderated discussions about their experiences. After an
hours-long discussion, the few dozen participants bond at a basketball game or other
sporting event, where they can talk more informally.

Officer David Lee, a five-year veteran of the San Diego Police Department who patrols
in the Western Division, and City Heights resident Eddie Rivers were at the most
recent Game Changers event.

As part of our First Person series, they shared what they learned from Game Changers
about how police officers approach those they pull over.