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Reflection on Number 17 lesson.

On Sunday, February 26th, 2017, I taught my class math lesson which was about the
number 17. As it a first lesson, I think it was good. I used to make sure to make the
circle time about 8 minutes. I did a quick counting and writing the number in the
board with playing quick game. I think my instructions was clear and good because
my students were understanding what I said and they achieve the activity well. I
think I need to focus more in my classroom management. Therefore, for the next
time I will start to use the reward system effectively. I will make sure to talk with
children when they are talking in the mat. About the time management I think that
was great because I achieved all my learning outcomes in the time. For the next time,
I want to improve my art activity to make it fit with all different abilities in the
classroom. I will let high level to do it as they did in the class, medium level to have
some missing numbers and low level have a written numbers and they just need to
color the blocks.

Reflection on patterns lesson.

On Monday, February 27th, 2017, I taught my class a patterns lesson. I think the
lesson was great and a got a good feedback from my MST and MCT. I think that I
achieved all my learning outcomes. My activities was excellent and useful to support
students learning with very clear instructions and transition. I think for the next time,
I need to be stricter with children who were talking in the carpet time. I will try to
stop them to talk and talk with them about this behave as my MST advise me. Also,
I will make sure to apply My MST comment which is dont ask children if they
enjoyed the lesson, ask them to tell you what they learned this will give them the
opportunity to practice the second language and learn the content. For the next time,
I will make sure to use the extra activities as I did in my lesson when students finish
their activities they can do them to keep the lesson flow and flexible.

Reflection on long sound /oo/.

On Wednesday, 1st of March 2017, I taught my class /oo/ long sound. I think that I
did great job as a first time to teach children double lesson. I achieved the lesson
successfully because I achieved my learning outcomes. As my MST gave me some
feedbacks such as make sure for the next time it focuses on the introducing the lesson
by focus on the sound of the letter before show them the video. Also, she liked that
I am encouraged the good behavior and I asked children about the each words. I
think that I managed the time and I did the activity well. Students were understanding
because they can say and form words with sound letter /oo/. For the next time, I think
that I will engage children to say the sound before moving them to do the activity. I
will try to use the reward system more. I think that also my transition was organized
because children were able to swap and do all activities in the lesson.

Reflection on Monkey Puzzle storytelling

On Monday, 6th of March, 2017, I read for my class a story. The story was about
"Monkey Puzzle". The lesson was done successfully and children learn about the
forest animals. I carried out two activities. Students were able to do them on time,
so I was managing the time well. For the next time I want to make the activities
simple as I can because I want my student focus on story more than doing art activity.
I need to make my instructions clear about the print and paint activity. I need to tell
than what will happen for the butterfly, if we just paint on side and the other side
will be colored with paint also. Also, I need to use the management chart effectively
with children. I think my reading and using the expressions with changing my voice
was perfect and students were paying attention to the reading the story aloud. Also,
I think that I asked children many open-ended questions to make them think deeply
and support their cognitive and learning. My MST gave me a good feedback and I
just need to make the activities simple to let children focus on the story more.

Reflection on fill in missing numbers

On Tuesday, 7th of March, 2017, I taught my class math lesson which about fill in
missing numbers. I think that the lesson was great and I achieved my learning
outcomes. As my MST said that, I did a nice introduction because the children found
it entertaining and funny. It got their attention. And I kept reminding children about
the class rules and made use of the behavior charts. Also, she mention that is great
to PowerPoint, it was something different and children were enjoyed it. I think that
my activities were simple and easy and worked well to encourage the worker and
shy ones to participate in the class. For the next time, I will try to set up extra activity
for children who will finished early. Also, I need to work on time management and
I think this lesson could have been done in a double, that you would have had time
for plenary.

Reflection on th sound

On Tuesday, 7th of March, 2017, I taught my students about /th/ sound. I think that
the lesson done successfully. I used to focus on the sound and words that start with
the sound. I think my management was weak because the students were coming from
the playtime and they were active. I think my art activity was useful because students
can recognize the sound and write the sound by creating mouth with teeth and
writing the word mouth. For the next time, I will try to manage the time because
at the last two minutes I did not have time to make the assessment for learning. Also,
I will try to manage with the teacher assistant to help me with doing the activity. I
think my instructions were clear and simple to help the students do the activity
without an issues. I think my assessing during the lesson was great because I
observed all students and I tried to check their understanding and learning.

Reflection on /qu/ sound.

I taught my class a lesson about the two sounds/qu/. I think I did great job because
students were able at the end of the lesson to say the sound /qu/ and form it correctly.
I think that I have a clear and simple instructions because students were able to do
the activities without any issues. I did the explanation of the lesson well done but I
think I need to prepare my learning outcomes and write them on the board before
the lesson start. For the next time, I need to make sure to use the reward system and
classroom management effectively because students were lit bit noisy during the
activities time. It is interesting to notice that I let students do their activity
independently without helping them, just I observe them and I asked them questions.
I think I achieved my learning outcomes, and my students were able to understand
the lesson.

Reflection on number 19 lesson

I taught my students a lesson about the number 19. The lesson was more review than
teaching. I think students were able to count from 1 to 19. The activities were able
to help them practice the counting and focus on distinguishing 19 from other
numbers. In this lesson l made sure to engage children to be more management when
they are doing the activities. I think my instructions were clear and simple. Students
did the activities and they are focus on their work. Students were interacting with
me and they were responding to my questions. I think that I have a good relationship
with them that let me be able to teach them without any difficulties. For the next
time, I will plan for the lesson to be one lesson than double lesson. Because of the
lesson was easy and students did the activities before the time. So for the next time
I need to manage the time correctly. When the students finish early, I used to assess
their learning my asking questions especially weak students.

Reflection on adding two numbers together.

I taught my class a lesson about the adding two numbers together. The lesson was
done successfully. I think students understand the lesson well. I made a game that
help them to understand the concept of adding two numbers. They are participating
in doing the activities and all activities are depend on hands on activities. I think for
the next time, I need to improve my instructions to make them clear and simple.
Because of when I divide them on groups, all of them were asking me how to do the
activity. Therefore, I used to go to each group to explain how to do it. I believe that
students were active and participate because they were understanding the lesson. I
think that my time management and classroom management were done well. I
finished on time and I controlled the classroom.

Reflection on reviewing digraph sounds.

I reviewed with my children about the sounds that they already learn them. My
instructions were clear and simple, all children understand the lesson and did the
activity well. Because it was the last week for children in the school for this term, I
used to apply one activity that contain to achieve the learning outcomes. The time
was managed well also and I had time to assess childrens learning. For the next
time, I will use the same activity because students were able to do it. Also, it helps
children to write the letter, draw picture to present the letter and write words start
with the letters. I need to improve my classroom management by using the reward
system effectively.