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What is the Difference Between OPT and

What is the difference between Internship and OPT?
Which is better for a job opportunity?
Does it make any difference if we join MS during spring or fall?

OPT is a 1 year work permit given to students after completing graduate
degree program in the United States.
You have to find a job within 90 days of that 1 year period after graduation,
or else you become out of status.

If your employer is enrolled in the eVerify program, you can get up to 29

months of OPT.

You have to apply for H-1B visa while in OPT.

To work as an intern in F-1 Visa, you will need to get an internship
Your college then has to issue a CPT (Curriculum Practical Training)

CPT is a work authorization that will allow you to do internship.

CPT can be issued for 1 semester up to 364 Days (rules vary among

If you have 365 days of CPT, you may not be able to get an OPT.

So an OPT and a CPT are similar in the way they both allows you to work legally
in the U.S. You will need a CPT to work as an intern before graduation, you will
need an OPT to work after completing a degree.
In some cases, you will get a Pre-Completion OPT that will allow you to work
legally before graduation, in instances when you have consumed the entire
duration of your CPT period.

U.S. universities will allow international students to do internship only after

completing at least 2 semesters (varies among schools) or after completing a
certain number of credits.

Par-Time CPT vs OPT Eligibility

Following CPT rules

CPT must relate to your major and the experience must be part of your
program of study.
When you enroll at the graduate level, your designated school official
(DSO) may authorize CPT during your first semester if your program requires
this type of experience. Ask your DSO for details.

Your DSO will provide you a new Form I-20, Certificate of Eligibility for
Nonimmigrant Student Status, that shows that the DSO has approved you for
this employment.

You can work on CPT either full-time or part-time.

CPT requires a signed cooperative agreement or a letter from your

If you have 12 months or more of full-time CPT, you are ineligible for OPT, but part-time
CPT is fine and will not stop you from doing OPT.

Last bullet point says, you will not have any problem for using Part-Time CPT for
over 12 months.