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Beta Alpha Psi

The Alpha Rho chapter of Beta Alpha Psi exists to unite accounting majors
and to provide networking among students and professionals in the field. It
tutors business students in accounting courses, promoting peer leadership. It
also assists nonprofit organizations in providing tax preparations for those who
cannot afford professional services. The chapter introduces students to potential
future employers by inviting local accounting professionals to speak at their
meetings. This chapter also hosts pre-testing for CPA examinations, assisting the
largest national professional organization for accountants, American Institute
of Certified Public Acountants.
Front Row: Davo Ybarra, Aisha Hunter, Jolanda Haley, Melinda Korczynski, Brittney Scott, Kimberly Kuhl, Rocio
Cantu, Katie McCoy, Stephanie Kuhl, Becca Crawford. Second Row: Stacy Lewis, Lindsay Hamonds, Savannah
Spigel, Shannon Ayers, Chase Grygar, Brain Johnson, Ali Lueck , Kandace Wolfe. Third Row: Elizabeth Grissom, Anna
Roseman, Ashley Welch, Amy Boatman, Ashlee Hillerud, Vicky Cooke, Andrea Kline. Fourth Row: Trey Whitten,
Timothy Nelson, Jeremy Fowler, Nathaniel Barrett and Chris Herold.
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Society of Professional Journalists

Society of Professional Journalists works to promote ethics in journalism
through collegiate and professional chapters internationally. This year the
Baylor chapter sent Rebecca LaFlure as a representative to the annual
National Society of Professional Journalists Conference in Washington
D.C. in October. Locally it brings in a variety of area professionals
to speak at monthly meetings, helping student journalists to be better
informed about their chosen field. One such speaker presented a video
of New Orleans photojournalists sharing their stories of photographing
Hurricane Katrina. Another spoke on his experiences as a war
correspondent in Iraq. Such stories present a reality that hits close to
home to the future professional journalists in SPJ and strengthen their
passion for encouraging ethics in their field.
Lela Atwood, freshman liaison; Jenna DeWitt, freshman liaison; Lindsay Harrison, president; Rebecca
LaFlure, vice president; Ponciano Duran, human relations officer; and Christine Bolanos, secretary.
Photo by Jed Dean

National Society of Collegiate Scholars

National Society of Collegiate Scholars honors first- and second-year college
students displaying exceptionally high academic success. The organization
serves the community by assisting at Quality Care, offering service points for
recycling, volunteering with Mission Waco, building with Habitat for Humanity Sa
and actively participating in Steppin' Out. The organization promotes Ca
scholarship through its annual March to College Day, a national event organized an
by NSCS to give high school students an inside look at preparing for college.
"The goal is to help provide them with information and help show them that
college is an option no matter what their background is," said president Kate
Adolf, an Everly, Iowa, senior. Locally, NSCS also mentors students from upper-
elementary age to high school age in several different schools.

Front Row: Bethany Green, Alexander J. Dubois, Jaclyn Reddick, Judy Flores, Sara Rae Schlesinger, Cindy
Hromadka. Second Row: Kate Adolf, Katie Crandell, Becca Oliver, Jae Kelley and Trent Patterson.
Photo by Jed Dean

Gamma Beta Phi

Gamma Beta Phi is more than an everyday honor society. While it does
reward students for their outstanding academic achievement, it is also a
strongly service-minded organization. This chapter of Gamma Beta Phi
meets twice a month and participates in various service projects, including
a book drive for children both locally and overseas. At Thanksgiving the
organization hosts a party at the retirement center. "It is well worth it.
Being involved in a group here at Baylor means a lot to me. It helps to
be involved in an activity that strongly encourages studying and good
grades as well as giving back to our community," Sugarland sophomore
Allyson Townsend said. "The service is fun and easy and our sponsor is
great," Oklahoma City sophomore Deanna Miles said. Fr
Front Row: Jessica Richards, Farrah Najmuddin, Judy Flores , Cindy Hromadka, Rachel Law, Miran Lee. He
Second Row: Katie Linman, Ashley Allen, Jessica Melton, Emily Fete, Kate Adolf, Lauren Repa. Ca
Back Row: Allyson Townsend, Deanna Miles, Jaclyn Reddick , Katie Crandell and Sara Rae Schlesinger. Ha
Photo by Jed Dean M
310 Beta Alpha Psi, Society of Professional Journalists,
National Society of Collegiate Scholars & Gamma Beta Phi
Hands In
Cori Weyhe Sameena Mohiuddin and Javairia Syed Jennifer Lee and Paige Tucker Service
CHI'S Service Sorority forms sisterhood through
helping those in need
Every Saturday CHI'S Service Sorority devotes time to serving the com-
munity. This service can be anything from ushering at Pigskin to participating
in Steppin' Out to working Relay for Life. In order to have a bigger impact,
CHI'S works with organizations such as Caritas, Gospel Cafe, Historic Waco
Foundation and Cameron Park Zoo. At Halloween it passed out candy at Zoo
Boo, held at Cameron Park Zoo, to give kids a safe place to trick-or-treat.
At Christmas, CHI'S continued its annual tradition of decorating the Earle-Napier-
Kinnard historical home in Waco. "It is a wonderful way to serve the community,
spend time with my sisters and get into the spirit of Christmas," League City senior
Kathryne Butler said. The CHI'S sisters ran ornament making and cookie decorat-
ing activities in the Bill Daniel Student Center at Christmas on Fifth Street. Another
service project of CHI'S is working with the retired residents at Quality Care. "This
last semester we held an event where we played Bingo with them. Hearing their sto-
ries was so much fun," Katy junior Whitney MacNabb, service vice president, said.
CHI'S is not only about service; social events also keep the Chi's sisters
connected. Events this year included take-a-date to the football game against
University of Texas, CHI-B-Q barbeque dinner and intramural sports. It
also traditionally holds an overnight sisterhood retreat twice a year includ-
ing a service project, stories, pledge skits and songs and other activities.
Combining both service and social elements, CHI'S organizes a crush event
during the fall semester where the sorority sisters and their dates carol through-
out the neighborhoods of Waco to collect canned goods for local food banks.
Another social tradition of CHI'S is family dinner night. Each semester the
four groups within CHI'S get together for dinner to bond with their new fam-
ily members. Through such traditions of sisterhood, CHI'S has been strongly
united to involve women in service for 52 years. In fact, this local service soror-
ity is the oldest surviving Baylor organization formed especially for women.
"If you rush CHI'S, you will meet girls that will be your best friends for the rest
of your life," Butler said. "The only requirement is that you love service as much as
Samavi Ahsan, a Grand Prairie junior, hands out candy to kids at Zoo Boo, CHI'S Halloween service held at we do."
Cameron Park Zoo. "I really liked helping out at Zoo Boo because it was a great way to see all the kids get out Jenna DeWitt
and go trick-or-treating for Halloween," Ahsan said. Organizations Editor

Front row: Kelly Schulz, Brianna McClane, Malan Shiralker, Tammy Woods, Lauren Jones, Julie Smith, Kim
Herrejon, Ariana De La Torre, Sarah Torneten, Amber Rhodes, Whitney MacNabb, Cinnamon Trotter, Veronica
Carvajal. Second row: Carly Kimball, Brittany Gardner, Chelsey Masterson, Rebecca Liddicoat , Lauren Otto,
Hanh Bui, Cori Weyhe. Third row: Carmen Jimenez, Alisha Hash, Reshma Mohiuddin, Anya Cooray, Heather Courtesy photos
Magbag, Quyen Dau. Fourth row: Kim Chou, Brittany Heath, Huma Patel, Mollie Gallipeau, Marian Minton, CHI'S Service Sorority lines the sidewalk on Fifth Street for the homecoming parade. "CHI'S works to positively impact
Julia Zenteno, Jennifer Lee, Kathryne Butler. Fifth Row: Ashleigh Schulwitz, Paige Tucker, Judy Hamouie, Nicole the Baylor/Waco community. It is an organization of truly service-minded girls whose main priority is to serve a
Palmer, Holli Deems, Keisha Alfonso, Sameena Mohiuddin. Back Row: Shairoz Keshwani, Deborha Winters, community in need," Katy junior Whitney MacNabb, service vice president, said.
Petrice Waters, Samavi Ahsan, Melody Markum and Jennifer Moon.
CHI'S Service Sorority 311

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