eLearning Adviser to CEO Sydney Southern Region‟s 16 Secondary Schools

Physics Teacher for 15 years

Finalist SMART's World Teachers' Day Video Contest 2007

(Beaten by our own Feeder School!)

St. Therese Primary School, Sydney, Australia Also at

The Context

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(up to 1.25 min mark)
Australian Federal Government‟s „Digital Education Revolution‟ 2008 1:1 Laptops to Year 9 students for next 4 years

The Result in 2010

Every school with 1:1 Laptops in Years 9 and 10 and half in Year 11. Most schools have some SMART Boards

Question: Now that every student has a laptop what does this mean for our SMART Boards?


Are they defunct?


Should we still add SMART Boards to Classrooms?


Are there things that are best done on a SMART Board?


Live Experiments

Oscilloscope 2.51


Thomson‟s Experiment

(My first ever publication (apart from SMART lessons) 2008)

“Don‟t Apologise for Teaching!”

The Interactive Whiteboard Revolution Ning

Do SMART Boards Compliment 1:1 Laptop Pedagogy?


What IWBs with 1:1 are Good For
Dynamic Teaching Explicit Teaching Group Activities Interactivities Focus

StudentCentred Learning Individualised Learning

IWB with 1:1
Modelling Class Experiments Columns 1 & 2 Combined!!!

Differentiated Learning Flexibility

Good Examples of Lessons Using SMART Boards in a 1:1 Environment
Notebook Activity

by Jenny Symington, ASCGC Liverpool

Good Examples of Lessons Using SMART Boards in a 1:1 Environment

Where to from Here?


„Aristotlean‟ Model of Contemporary Learning

Learning Space




Contemporary Learning Spaces
no fixed teacher desk! no rows facing forwards!

Contemporary Learning Spaces

Picture: Stuart McEvoy, Source: The Australian

Parramatta Marist High School

Contemporary Learning Spaces


Parramatta Marist High School

Research Paper on Contemporary Learning Spaces

Latest Literature on IWBs, 1:1 and Technology in the Classroom

Prezi on Becta, JTLA and OECD -

I would like to acknowledge the following people and organisations for their help and support:
Dr Dan White, Dr Mark Turkington, Seamus O'Grady, Michael Krawec, Mark Rix, Tony LoCascio, Kitty Beale, Jenny Symington, Phil Hogg, Stuart Lemos, John Coppola, Jeff Palmer, Rhonda Thompson, David Stores, Adam Tulissio, Chris Betcher, Peter Kent, John Pearce, Kel Hathaway, Marty Williams , Marni Hutchinson, Deena Zenyk, Lauren Lucas, Wendy Ardolino, Stuart McEvoy, CEO Sydney, St Patrick‟s College Sutherland, Clancy Catholic College West Hoxton, All Saints Catholic Girls‟ College Liverpool, De La Salle College Revesby, St Therese Primary School Mascot, Holy Spirit Primary School Carnes Hill, Parramatta Marist High School, OLIC Primary School Sunshine, The Catholic Weekly, The Australian, Sneaky Sound System, The Grates, Electroboard, SMART Technologies and ISTE.
Special thanks to the following artists for giving written permission for use of their music in the opening video: Sneaky Sound System 'I Love It' and The Grates 'Science is Golden' (get students to seek permission to use music rather than copy it illegally!)

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