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Haney March 13, 2017


Content Objectives: Utah Science Common Core Standard 4

Objective 1: Students will be able to compare the size and
engage students interest in specific

distance of objects within systems in the universe.

What will I do to

learning goals?

Language Objectives: Students will be able to name the

different planets in our solar system, and describe the scale

of their distance from the sun.

In order to engage student interest in these specific learning
goals I will be showing them a short clip from the movie
Contact that shows a brief overview of the planets in our
solar system.

In order to help students interact with this knew knowledge
interact with new
What will I do to
help students

students will be completing a table in which they will convert


the distance of the plants from the sun in astronomical units

to miles.

Students will work in small groups to create a visual model of
What will I do to help students

the distance of each planet from the sun using toilet paper.
Each square of toilet paper on a roll will represent one
astronomical unit. They will roll out toilet paper squares in

rows to represent the distance of each planet from the sun.

This will help them better understand the distance of our

planets from the sun and that the rocky midgets are much
closer in distance from each other than the gassy giants.

Kelsey Haney March 13, 2017

What will I do if they still dont get

or they need more?

In order to deepen
at their level of learning?
What will I do to deepen
students understanding

understanding they I will be working with students
will be working with
during our workshop/step-up
their small group of
time to read leveled reader texts

peers to answer a
series of questions about our solar system, and
related to the discussing them as a small group.
distance of the .

I will use this data to guide my future instruction and reteach
What will I do
next with the

any information if necessary.

data I now