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Lesson plan with technology

Subject/ Course: Spanish 1

Topic: Food Unit
Lesson Tittle: Lets talk about food.
Lesson duration: 2 weeks

Lesson Objectives:
Students will be able to:
Know their food vocabulary
Use the food vocabulary in real life contexts
Answer questions about food preference and give description of the different meals
Explain and understand differences in food and meal customs in Spanish Speaking

MLI.IP1. B. - Express likes, dislikes, emotions, agreement and disagreement.
MLI.IP1. C. - Make simple request.
MLI.IP1. D. - Ask for clarification.
MLI.IP1. E. - Give simple descriptions.
MLI.IP1. G. - Ask questions and provide responses based on topics such as self, family,
school, etc
MLI.IP2. C. - Demonstrate Novice-Mid proficiency in oral and written exchanges with
respect to proper pronunciation, intonation, and writing mechanics.
MLI.CU1. C. - Describe customs and traditions of the cultures such as greetings,
celebrations and courtesies.
MLI.CCC5. B. - Identify resources, such as individuals and organizations accessible
through the community or the Internet that provide basic cultural information about the
culture(s) studied.

Summary of tasks/Actions:
Activity #1
Students will receive the vocabulary for the Food unit. They will have 30 minutes to
write flashcards and when they are finish they will work with a partner to practice these
Instead of using paper flashcards students will use a computer app called
Quizlet. This tool will allow students to write the words in Spanish and
English, add images to represent those words, and when students are
finished, they will have the ability to play games to practice that vocabulary.
This will replace the 30 minutes of writing and the partner practice.
This app will also be used at the end of the unit, to practice and review all the
vocabulary, as a large group competitive game.

Activity #2
Students will create small groups of 4 to begin working on group food project. This
project will focus on vocabulary production and will require students to use Spanish in
their communication with each other. (This will be a critical and crucial part of the
grading for this project)
The students will create a dialogue of a Restaurant Visit where 3 students will take the
parts of customers and the 4th one, the part of the waiter. The students will receive
instructions and a rubric to follow along as well as constant feedback from the teacher.
They will be given 20 minutes daily to work on this project as a group. The primary
objective is to create a scene where customers enter a restaurant, order some food, ask for
some information related to the food, receive their order, talk among themselves about
some of the food characteristics, ask for the bill, speak of money and then leave. All of
this conversation needs to be in Spanish, so the students will use dictionaries and online
translators to create their scenes. The teacher will correct the Spanish, provide feedback
and then the students will have some time to practice their lines as a group, to get ready
for the class presentation.
Instead of performing the script in class, students will be allowed to record
themselves and create movies to present them in class. Students will use
IPads provide by schools or use their phones to record their performance and
then they will create a movie with their recordings. For that, students will use
recording software (Imovie or Movie Maker), and sound software (Audacity)
to edit their product and create a movie with a beggining, an end, tittles,
transitions shoots and final credits. The students will use the computers in
the computer lab to work together and edit their movie.

Also, to add variety and incorporate some of the students suggestions, the
teacher will add 2 new alternatives to the Restaurant visit. The two new
alternatives will be the Cooking show and the Visit to the market.
Cooking show - Students will be able to create a video, where they will record
the cooking process from beginning to end. The recipes would either involve
baking a simple cake or cook a batch of brownies. Students will reserve time
and space on the cooking lab used by the culinary arts class.
Visit to the market - 4 students will create a visit to a market. 3 will use
plastic props to create stands filled with food items, and the 4th will have a
list of foods that he/she will need to buy from each vendor. Students will
interact with one another by describing colors, shapes, and tastes of foods as
well as taking about quantities and prices.

The evaluation of these videos will also be be different. Students will be

taught how to create a Formal Evaluation form. For this task, students will
use Google Forms, and the teacher will provide some guidelines as well as
direct them to examples online for Formal Evaluations on video projects.
Finally, as a group, students will agree on the type of questions that they will
ask for their assessment. These evaluations not only will ask about what they
thought of their videos quality but will also ask for suggestions on changes
and possible additions to make it better. After each presentation, the rest of
the class will receive a link to the groups assessment, and they will spend a
few minutes answering those questions.

Activity #3
Students will practice with some worksheets that review all the food vocabulary that they
will need for the Food unit test.
At the end of the unit the teacher will use Quizlet live and Kahoot which
are review games that will be used to practice the vocabulary needed for the
Food unit test.

Activity #4
Food Unit test
Students will not be taking the Food unit test in the classroom. They will go
to the auditorium, and each student will also take a laptop with them.
Students will be instructed to sit away from each other, and after the test,
students will be directed to log into their Educreations account and record a
3 to 5 minutes speech about their role and participation in the food video
project. The teacher will give the following prompt:
- What was your role or part in the video project?
- What was the hardest part of the video making process?
- Did you think all members of your group worked as a team? Explain why
or why not. (Remember, this recording is confidential, only you and I will
listen to it, so be as honest as you would like but remember I do not need a
list of complaints, just possible suggestions that you think might have, to me
help students create better groups)
- Did you have fun with this project (what was your favorite part)?
- Would you do it again?
- What would you change or add to make this project more accessible or
engaging to students?

Materials: Index cards, Spanish/English dictionaries, vocabulary lists, props needed for
restaurant scene
Quizlet and Kahoot apps with vocabulary and questions already create by the
teacher, classroom computer and Smart Board, 1 laptop per student (reserve time
for computer cart)
Laptops or Ipads wit recording capability/ video camera or phone (video recording)
Video making software uploaded on Ipads or laptops, supplies needed for the
cooking show, props needed for market project