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CEP Lesson Plan Template

Teacher/s: Alice
Level: Advanced conversation Date/Time: Feb 7

Goal: Students deductively learn about pragmatics in greeting and practice

Students Will Be Able To
1. Review basic greetings in English
2. Practice giving compliments
3. Identify pragmatics of greeting from video and brainstorm for more
4. Summarize pragmatics of greeting

Theme: Greeting/ice-breaking

Aim/Skill/Microskill Activity/Procedure/Stage Interaction Time

Activity 1: 1.1 Pre-Stage:

Ask ss-Hey, how are you? Im
Greet students by giving Alice, whats your name? / How are
compliments you today?... How do you feel like
today? / I like your shirt! The color,
pattern, design Where did you T-SS 10min
buy it? / How do I look today? Do I
look terrible?... / Can I have the
Transition to #2: How to time please? Have we met before? I
break the ice? think weve met somewhere
before!... Where do you come
from?... / Do you read news? Have
you read any news? Whats new
today? / Are you alright? You look
cold over there. Do you want a cup
of coffee? Tea? Oh, but I cant
make any right now. Do you want
to join me later? / How many
people do we have here in the
class? Perfect! Do you already
know someone here? Really?
Whats my name? Whats your
name? Can you greet everyone
1.2. During Stage: So, what was I
Trying to start a conversation. Break 5min
the ice. (Whats ice? What's the
definition for break the ice?) SS-T
Break the ice is an idiom. (To start a SS-SS
conversation with someone you havent
met before. Stranger.)
What was my purpose of doing that?
To test your English!

1.3 Post-Stage: Are you good at

breaking the ice? Lets learn how to T-SS 5min
break the ice today!

Tangible Outcome & Assessment

Activity 2: 2.1 Pre-Stage:

Now, I want you to jot down 3
Role-play: talking to a locations, where you wanted to talk to
stranger someone.
Wait a second before you start. So, SS
whats the tense here? Great, past tense 5min
means? (Your previous experience. So
the location should be in your
Transition to #3: Wrap-up memory.)
role-play And what does jot down mean?!
Ill give you 30 seconds to do this. Just T-SS
write down the location!
2.2. During Stage:
Ok, now, I want you to share your
experience, with a group of 3. So, tell
your group, what were the locations?
Who was it you wanted to talk to? Why SS-SS
did you want to talk to him/her? And 10min
did you break the ice? start the
conversation? Was it successful?

2.3 Post-Stage: Have you done

sharing? Heres another question to
help you wrap up. In general, what are SS-Class
some difficulties to start a
Ill give you another minute! And each
group will have a speaker to speak up
to the class! 5min

Tangible Outcome & Assessment

3.1 Pre-Stage:
Activity 3: Now, I want to show you an example.
Listening-conversation at an About an ice-breaking scenario, at an T-SS (video)
airport airport. Its not very long. After I show
you, I have a number of questions for 5min

3.2. During Stage: Play video once.

Transition to #4 or Wrap-up: Check comprehension by eliciting T-SS
Check comprehension responses.
questions Ill play it another time, now try to find 10min
more details for question 4.

3.3 Post-Stage:
Check comprehension. SS-T 5min

Tangible Outcome & Assessment

Activity 4: 4.1 Pre-Stage: Hand out scripts.

Now circle the words Peggy said that
encouraged Dianna talking.
Discussion Now, get into your group of three SS-SS
again. Based on this video, and your 5min
experience, I want you to make a
summary of what are the common
Transition to Wrap-Up strategies to carry on a conversation
with a stranger? Ill give you 2
minutes, and youll choose a different
speaker to speak up to the class!

4.2. During Stage: Share answer with

the class.
Great! Now, let me show you my
answer to this question. So, how to
better carry on a conversation with a SS-Class
stranger. I think maybe we could share 10min
my information first. For example, I
could ask appropriate questions. Like
are you flying somewhere, but not
where do you sleep tonight? I
should use appropriate facial
expression and body language. Smile,
and another one I read from a blog.
Raising your eyebrow would
encourage more response. The last
trick I have here, is to be nice and

4.3 Post-Stage: Heres another list I

made to be polite T-SS 5min

Tangible Outcome & Assessment

Wrap-up Lesson Evaluation Procedures:

Do you know the word pragmatics? T-SS

Is pragmatics important to people? SS-Class

What are some pragmatics youve

learnt today?


Role-play video of two lady talking at an airport

Listening script of the video