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The Youth Pledge Day

People of Indonesia annually observe Youth Pledge Day on October 28. This is an important
observance, commemorating the 1928 Youth Pledge.
The Youth Pledge was a declaration made by young Indonesian nationalists on October 28, 1928
during the Second Youth Congress. The young nationalists proclaimed three ideals, one
motherland, one language and one nation.

The formulation of the Youth Pledge announced in the Second Youth Congress. The idea of
organizing the Second Youth Congress comes from the Perhimpuna Pelajar-Pelajar Indonesia
(PPPI)/ Association of Indonesian Students, a youth organization which membered students from
all over Indonesia. On the initiative GN, congresses held in three different locations and divided in
three meeting.

The first meeting,

Saturday, October 27, 1928,
in Building Katholieke Jongenlingen Bond (KJB), Field Bull.
In his speech, Soegondo hope the conference will strengthen the spirit of unity in the hearts of
The event was followed by a description Moehammad Jamin about the meaning and
relationship of unity with youth. According to him, there are five factors that can strengthen the
unity of Indonesia, namely the history, languages, customary law, education, and willingness.

The second meeting,

Sunday, October 28, 1928,
in Oost-Java Bioscoop Building,
to discuss education issues. Second speaker, Poernomowoelan and Sarmidi
Mangoensarkoro, agreed that children should receive education nationality, must also be a
balance between education at school and at home. Children also should be educated in a
democratic manner.

Third Meeting,
Building Indonesisch Huis Kramat
At the next session, Soenario explain the importance of nationalism and democracy in addition
to scouting movement. Scouting movement since the early to educate children and self-
discipline, the things that are needed in the struggle.

The participants of The Youth Congress come from many youth organization at that time, as Jong
Java, Jong Ambon, Jong Celebes, Jong Batak, Jong Sumatera Bond, Jong Islamic Bond, PPPI, and
many others. Among them, also attended Tionghoas youth as a observer. They are Oey Kay Siang,
John Lauw Tjoan Hok, and Tjio Djien Kwie.

The situation

Before the congress closed, the song "Indonesia Raya played by Wage Rudolf Supratman. The
song was greeted with a very lively by Congress participants.
Congress was closed by announcing the formulation of the congress. The formulation of the Youth
Pledge was written by Moehammad Yamin on a paper when Mr. Sunario, as a messenger of
scouting the middle of a speech at the last session of Congress. Oath was originally read by
Soegondo and then explained at length by Yamin. By the youth in attendance, the formulation was
pronounced as Oath Faithful.

Heres the English version of Sumpah Pemuda:

We the sons and daughters of Indonesia, acknowledge one motherland, Indonesia.
We the sons and daughters of Indonesia, acknowledge one nation, the nation of Indonesia.
We the sons and daughters of Indonesia, respect the language of unity, Indonesian.