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OCTOBER 9, 2016 $1.25
[ ] [ ]
estimates of
damage in
Surveying damage in St. Augustine
by Jake martin common sights in roadways post-hurricane breeze on

county top and parking lots throughout one hinge. Some front steps
St. Augustine and West Au- were caved in or missing al-
Saturday morning’s blue gustine, from the bayfront together. Street signs were

$2 billion skies and the many St. Au-
gustine streets populated
with people riding bikes
back to the railroad tracks
and points beyond.
Residents and business
off their poles. Many things
seemed just a little off,
whether crooked or with
and jumping sidewalk pud- owners alike could be seen pieces missing.
by Jared Keever dles provided something of pulling down plywood and Eric Shaw, chief engineer a contrast to the many signs tossing sandbags to the side, for the Hilton St. Augus-
of water and wind damage trying to get a better look at tine Historic Bayfront Ho-
County and local of- brought by Hurricane Mat- their properties to access tel, along with his assistant
ficials urged residents to thew less than 24 hours ear- the damage. Many fenc- Rafel Bamba, had front-
be patient Saturday as St. lier. es and walls had toppled row seats to the Category 3
Johns County attempts to Small debris from trees over. Screen doors swung Crews clear a downed tree on San Marco Avenue just
dig out from under damage and minor flooding were opened and closed in the Please see survey/3A north of Pine Street in St. Augustine on Saturday.
left in the wake of Hurri-

Beach Chief: Night on Anastasia
cane Matthew.
At an afternoon news
conference at the Emer-
gency Operations Center,
St. Johns County Sheriff
David Shoar said he under-

Island ‘humbling’ experience
stood residents who live on
the barrier islands are anx-
ious to get to their homes,
but officials still were not
sure some coastal areas of
the county were safe.
“We are still in the pro-
cess of assessing neighbor-
hoods,” Shoar said.
As of 2 p.m. Ponte Vedra
Beach and the downtown
area of the City of St. Au-
gustine had reopened, but
the Vilano Beach area and
all of Anastasia Island re-
mained closed.
Officials said they hoped
the remaining areas could
be reopened by Saturday
Shoar opened the news
conference in which Coun-
ty Administrator Michael
Wanchick and St. Augus-
tine City Manager John Re-
gan also spoke.
“Today is a historic day,
obviously, in St. Johns
County,” Shoar said.
Shoar said he gauges the
county’s ultimate success
by the number of fatalities
in the wake of a catastroph-
ic event.
“Thank God, this far, we
have not had any, ” he said.
But the county did take a
significant hit as the pow-
erful Category 3 hurricane
skirted the county’s coast,
heading north.
Wanchick called the
storm “unprecedented”
in the county’s recent his-
tory and said preliminary
damage estimates topped
$2 billion. Those estimates
include damage to infra-
structure and problems
caused by coastal erosion
and flooding, he said.
Wanchick said he was
of the understanding that
some homes north of
Vilano Beach were lost in
the storm. State Road A1A,
along the entire length of
the county, remained in-
tact, he said.
Wanchick also urged pa-
tience for residents hoping
to get home and said the
primary objective for offi-
cials is still to protect lives.
“It is important to re-
member that we didn’t
come this far and bring our photos by st. Augustine beAch police DepArtment/contributeD
citizens through this storm flooding was extensive on Anastasia Island during Hurricane Matthew on friday.
to allow them to get hurt on

» Water is still receding in St. Augustine Beach Officials assess damage
re-entry,” he said.
He said he understood
that people were living in
county-provided shelters
in “less than desirable” by Jared Keever lice Chief Robert Hard- morning. by sheldon gardner “The city has been
conditions. wick, three Beach police Prior to re-entry being around for 451 years,” said
“But those people are officers and one National announced, Hardwick re- St. Augustine Mayor Nancy
alive today because of As public safety officials Guardsman stayed on the ported “significant wind Local officials began as- Shaver. “We will do what
those shelters,” Wanchick worked Saturday morn- island through the night damage.” sessing damage on Satur- we always do. We’ll pull to-
said. ing to ensure safe re-entry Friday as the Category 3 “We have power lines day from Hurricane Mat- gether as a community and
“We are being very care- to Anastasia Island, there hurricane skirted the coast, down and still have water thew, starting what could we’ll [do] what needs to be
ful as we re-introduce our were no immediate re- heading north. receding,” he said. be a long recovery process. done.”
citizens into these environ- ports of serious injuries or “It was one of the most He said a number of Officials were optimis- Hurricane Matthew
ments,” he added. deaths as a result of Hurri- humbling experiences of residents chose to stay tic, though the full extent pounded the county as a
cane Matthew. my life,” Hardwick told of the hurricane’s impact
Please see costs/4A St. Augustine Beach Po- The Record on Saturday Please see beAch/3A was not yet known. Please see officiAls/3A

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