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Pick out the word whose underlined and bold part is pronounced differently from that of the other


Question 1:A. booth B. boot C. cook D. proof

Question 2:A. devotion B. question C. mention D. dictation
Question 3:A. find B. since C. invite D. kind
Question 4:A. heighten B. eight C. freight D. weight
Question 5:A. afterward B. agree C. allow D. advise
Question 6:A. paid B. said C. pail D. laid
Question 7:A. ancient B. patient C. action D. question
Question 8:A. allow B. tomorrow C. below D. slowly
Question 9:A. booked B. missed C. pronounced D. described
Question 10:A. below B. allow C. slowly D. tomorrow
Question 11:A. roofs B. books C. cloths D. clothes
Question 12:A. resistance B. biologist C. rhinoceros D. digest
Question 13:A. sector B. form C. shortcoming D. chore
Question 14:A. mention B. decision C. television D. equation
Question 15:A. sew B. news C. few D. new
Question 16:A. teeth B. breath C. there D. thought
Question 17:A. could B. stood C. tool D. hook
Question 18:A. trade B. great C. save D. part
Question 19:A. threat B. breathe C. thank D. healthy
Question 20:A. grew B. flew C. dew D. threw
Question 21:A. scholar B. scheme C. school D. schedule
Question 22:A. addition B. advertise C. advantage D. adventure
Question 23:A. fortunate B. forty C. forget D. former
Question 24:A. sword B. saddle C. soup D. sugar
Question 25:A. spoon B. tool C. noon D. blood
Question 26:A. bought B. taught C. thought D. tough
Question 27:A. session B. decision C. television D. vision
Question 28:A. beak B. need C. leisure D. receive
Question 29:A. loves B. cooks C. joins D. spends
Question 30:A. compulsory B. security C. situation D. particular
Question 31:A. champion B. cheap C. chorus D. child
Question 32:A. hesitant B. reluctant C. restaurant D. Mexican
Question 33:A. water B. bank C. war D. warm
Question 34:A. arrow B. powder C. owl D. cow
Question 35:A. apprehend B. approval C. amount D. approach
Question 36:A. follow B. fond C. off D. honey
Question 37:A. rough B. enough C. though D. cough
Question 38:A. done B. son C. once D. gone
Question 39:A. with B. tenth C. both D. myth
Question 40:A. beard B. bear C.cheer D. beer
Question 41:A. released B. promised C. reduced D. relieved
Question 42:A. chemist B. cholera C. machinery D. mechanic
Question 43:A. both B. though C. clothes D. thought
Question 44:A. gone B. money C. come D. done
Question 45:A. charge B. laugh C. false D. palm
Cu 46:A. though B. than C. there D. thought
Cu 47:A. role B. fold C. doll D. pole
Cu 48:A. wound B. round C. count D. sound
Cu 49:A. put B. puncture C. pull D. pudding
Cu 50:A. multiply B. wonder C. subtract D. culture
Question 51:A. attacks B. talks C. aisle D. quest
Question 52:A. early B. fearless C. rear D. near
Question 53:A. meadow B. pleasant C. please D. measure
Question 54:A. watch B. sandwich C. teach D. bench
Question 55:A. ruin B. cruise C. suit D. bruise
Question 56:A. lost B. water C. more D. north
Question 57:A. coast B. broad C. boat D. alone
Question 58:A. alarm B. allow C. asleep D. aspect
Question 59:A. worked B. watched C. crooked D. missed
Question 60:A. cup B. bush C. brush D. bus
Question 61:A. patient B. dangerous C. damage D. nature
Question 62:A. work B. way C. write D. would
Question 63:A. blow B. tow C. browse D. close
Question 64:A. secret B. season C. serious D. sugar
Question 65:A. whole B. which C. while D. when
Question 66:A. police B. spice C. nice D. slice
Question 67:A. off B. coffee C. of D. offer
Question 68:A. champagne B. check C. cheap D. champion
Question 69:A. refugee B. agree C. referee D. committee
Question 70:A. moment B. event C. element D. equipment
Question 71:A. opened B. linked C. lived D. arrived
Question 72:A. station B. transfer C. cable D. stable
Question 73:A. pear B. tearing C. bear D. hear
Question 74:A. gone B. none C. done D. won
Question 75:A. some B. come C. comb D. comfortable
Question 76:A. meet B. sheer C. deep D. keen
Question 77:A. follow B. off C. fond D. honey
Question 78:A. cough B. enough C. though D. rough
Question 79:A. bear B. fear C. dear D. hear
Question 80:A. boat B. broad C. road D. coat
Question 81:A. service B. device C. practice D. office
Question 82:A. thrill B. enthusiasm C. third D. thus
Question 83:A. knowledge B. flower C. shower D. coward
Question 84:A. mine B. famine C. examine D. determine
Question 85:A. many B. happy C. fat D. man
Question 86:A. pleasure B. best C. sound D. same
Question 87:A. sure B. sing C. sight D. same
Question 88:A. student B. studio C. stupid D. study
Question 89:A. with B. breathe C. smooth D. depth
Question 90:A. these B. weather C. therefore D. theory
Cu 91:A. loudly B. thousand C. brought D. without
Cu 92:A. most B. ghost C. post D. lost
Cu 93:A. mouth B. southern C. mountain D. count
Cu 94:A. foot B. blood C. look D. good
Cu 95:A. wild B. child C. mild D. bill
Question 96:A. typhoon B. typing C. typist D. typical
Question 97:A. label B. level C. travel D. Nobel
Question 98:A. prefer B. suffer C. differ D. offer
Question 99:A. suppose B. purpose C. impose D. enclose
Question 100:A. exchange B. achieve C. chore D. technology
Question 1:A. daunting B. aunt C. autumn D. taught
Question 2:A. leisure B. measure C. pleasure D. pressure
Question 3:A. completed B. defended C. composed D. supported
Question 4:A. cooked B. sacrificed C. explained D. laughed
Question 5:A. pictures B. airports C. ways D. questions
Question 6:A. solutions B. schools C. secrets, D. weekends
Question 7:A. angry B. family C. safe D. frank
Question 8:A. explain B. enterprise C. extinct D. endanger
Question 9:A. injured B. finished C. starved D. arrived
Question 10:A. missed B. talked C. arrived D. stopped
Question 11:A. measure B. breath C. head D. breathe
Question 12:A. came B. economy C. device D. computers
Question 13:A. customer B. uniform C. university D. student
Question 14:A. impaired B. performed C. produced D. designed
Question 15:A. stomach B. change C. watch D. church
Question 16:A. healthy B. whom C. honest D. heal
Question 17:A. amuses B. repeats C. attacks D. coughs
Cu 18:A. relax B. campus C. fashion D. locate
Cu 19:A. worthy B. together C. ethnic D. though
Question 20:A. throw B. brow C. slow D. crow
Question 21:A. pizza B. paparazzi C. seizure D. blitz
Question 22:A. carpet B. school C. contact D. facial
Question 23:A. develops B. laughs C. takes D. volumes
Question 24:A. comb B. come C. something D. done
Question 25:A. washed B. called C. talked D. passed
Question 26:A. peasant B. penalty C. pencil D. personality
Question 27:A. compose B. prove C. program D. host
Question 28:A. cooked B. practised C. laughed D. decided
Question 29:A. application B. identify C. chemistry D. indicate
Question 30:A. touched B. crooked C. missed D. watched
Question 31:A. dedicate B. private C. eliminate D. educate
Question 32:A. wreath B. measure C. breath D. head
Question 33:A. arrived B. missed C. stopped D. talked
Question 34:A. chasm B. phrase C. suitcase D. chase
Question 35:A. vineyard B. Finland C. business D. ignite
Question 36:A. managed B. played C. penalized D. marked
Question 37:A. style B. typical C. pretty D. penalty
Question 38:A. mature B. century C. future D. puncture
Question 39:A. lie B. pie C. tie D. believe
Question 40:A. accurate B. tale C. shape D. date
Question 41:A. situations B. obstacles C. secrets D. sounds
Question 42:A. lie B. goalie C. society D. pie
Question 43:A. finished B. jagged C. packed D. punched
Question 44:A. imagine B. discipline C. determine D. Valentine
Question 45:A. purses B. blouses C. amuses D. pleases
Question 46:A. mastery B. baggy C. deny D. symbol
Question 47:A. organization B. capital C. dictation D. co-operation
Question 48:A. that B. mother C. this D. think
Question 49:A. fracture B. signature C. culture D. mature
Question 50:A. pride B. life C. combine D. machine
Question 51:A. question B. potential C. sure D. shrine
Question 52:A. compete B. medal C. defend D. intend
Question 53:A. leaves B. practices C. wishes D. introduces
Question 54:A. dough B. doubt C. county D. blouse
Question 55:A. says B. play C. lemonade D. plate
Question 56:A. bother B. breakthrough C. thoughtful D. geothermal
Question 57:A. contributed B. eradicated C. developed D. needed
Question 58:A. breathe B. threaten C. healthy D. earth
Question 59:A. element B. election C. event D. eliminate
Question 60:A. dreams B. thinks C. hours D. gardens
Cu 61:A. Valentine B. determine C. examine D. heroine
Cu 62:A. muddy B. punctual C. studious D. culture
Question 63:A. prohibit B. co-exist C. frozen D. notify
Question 64:A. rational B. devastate C. parade D. danger
Questions 65:A. approached B. unwrapped C. obliged D. sacrificed
Questions 66:A. brush B. crush C. rush D. push
Question 67:A. autumn B. summer C. sunny D. much
Question 68:A. considered B. stayed C. picked D. received
Question 69:A. rained B. followed C. arrived D. jumped
Question 70:A. leather B. tea C. lead D. leave
Question 71:A. physics B. hesitate C. basic D. reserve
Question 72:A. finished B. developed C. defeated D. looked

Question 73:A. tough B. rough C. through D. enough

Question 74:A. exhibition B. holiday C. childhood D. hilarious
Question 75:A. laughed B. watched C. lived D. cooked
Question 75:A. Christmas B. switch C. character D. chemical
Question 77:A. honest B. exhaust C. heir D. height
Question 78:A. handcraft B. handkerchief C. handbag D. handbook
Question 79:A. called B. prepared C. expressed D. raised
Question 80:A. exchange B. technology C. mischievious D. challenge
Question 81:A. finished B. declared C. linked D. developed
Question 82:A. accept B. succeed C. account D. accident
Question 83:A. compulsory B. curriculum C. substantial D. supportive
Question 84:A. committed B. daunted C. confided D. installed
Question 85:A. much B. autumn C. sunny D. summer
Question 86:A. dedicated B. hatched C. stopped D. influenced
Question 87:A. spectrum B. special C. species D. specify
Question 88:A. wrong B. two C. windy D. wrist
Question 89:A. picked B. naked C. booked D. worked
Question 90:A. plays B. works C. lives D. buys
Question 91:A. frogs B. villagers C. fields D. insects
Question 92:A. page B. village C. damage D. luggage
Question 93:A. safety B. ready C. entry D. occupy
Question 94:A. league B. equal C. creature D. menace
Question 95:A. food B. school C. root D. wood
Question 96:A. facility B. society C. necessity D. economy
Question 97:A. stamped B. indulged C. accomplished D. practised
Question 98:A. nowadays B. ruins C. pesticides D. dykes
Question 99:A. technology B. opposite C. economic D. appropriate
Question 100:A. friends B. clubs C. tunes D. stamps