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S.No Suffix Meaning Example Words

1 ate state of quality of(adj) and makes the word a suffocate, procreate,
verb abbreviate, accelerate,
stimulate, illuminate,

2 ion, sion, denotes action or condition, act of, state of, allusion, creation, notion,
tion result of fusion, compulsion,
expulsion, collection,
attraction, affection

3 al of the kind of, pertaining to, having the form accidental, seasonal,
or character of tribal, natural, pastoral

4 ic/ical relating to, characterized by.". poetic, archaic, metallic,

public, economic, tragic,
musical, mystical,

5 ly forms adverbs from adjectives gladly, gradually,

secondly, easily,
definitely, lovely

6 ious, ous possessing, full of covetous, glorious,

nervous, wondrous,
garrulous, mervelous,
envious, atrocious

7 ment denote an action or resulting state , a product refreshment, fragment,

or means ornament, judgement,

8 ive a suffix of adjectives expressing tendency, active, corrective,

disposition, function, connection, etc detective, sportive,
captive, detective,
receptive, deceptive 1

9 ing a suffix of nouns formed from verbs, convincing, relaxing,

expressing the action of the verb or its result, polishing, enterprising,
product, material, etc crucifying, examining,

10 ed a suffix forming the past participle of weak performed, reformed,

verbs ( he had crossed the river), and of exlplained, ordained,
participial adjectives indicating a condition or redefined, explored,
quality resulting from the action of the verb emaciated, captivated

11 able capable of, susceptible of, fit for, tending to, laudable, teachable,
given to, associated in meaning with the presentable, abominable,
word able impeccable

12 ible An adjective suffix, now usually in a passive edible, Credible, audible,

sense; forms adjectives meaning: able to be. sensible, incredible,
relevant or suitable to, in accordance with. feasible
expressing capacity or worthiness in a passive
sense convertible.

13 ence/ance used to form nouns which refer to a quality or inference, indulgence,

state insolence, deference,
abundance, allowance,
assurance, conformance

14 ness the state of the original adjective. hungriness, hopefulness,


15 ism used to form action nouns from verbs optimism, criticism,

baptism, realism, egoism,

16 ist a suffix of nouns, often corresponding to verbs dramatist, novelist, realist,

ending in -ize or nouns ending in -ism, that baptist, artist, socialist,
denote a person who practices or is concerned
with something, or holds certain principles,
doctrines 2

17 er, or a suffix used in forming nouns designating icelander, southerner,

persons from the object of their occupation or villager, six-footer,
labor or from their place of origin or abode or manager, publisher,
designating either persons or things from some Gladiator, translator,
special characteristic or circumstance imposter, narrator,

18 dom a suffix forming nouns which refer to domain, kingdom, officialdom,

collection of persons , or general condition, earldom, freedom,
rank or station bachelordom, boredom,

19 en suffix added to nouns to produce golden, oaken, bedriden,

adjectives meaning "made of, of the nature of" untrodden, frighten,
awaken, enlighten,

20 ish a suffix used to form adjectives from nouns, British, mulish, babyish,
with the sense of belonging to, after the bookish, freakish, fiftyish,
manner of, having the characteristics of, childish, snobbish,
like, addicted to, inclined or tending to,
near or about

21 less an adjective suffix meaning without, and in childless, peerless,

adjectives derived from verbs, indicating resistless, tireless,
failure or inability to perform or be performed meaningless, helpless,
aimless, shameless

22 ity, ty suffix forming abstract nouns from vanity, entity, deity,

adjectives, meaning "condition or quality of dainty, abnormality,
being absurdity, accountability,
brutality, calamity,

23 acy a suffix of nouns of quality, state, office, etc fallacy, legacy, delicacy,
piracy, democracy,
conspiracy, intimacy,
aristocracy, lunacy

24 ship ship is a suffix used to form nouns of state or hardship, worship,

condition, chiefly added to nouns and showmanship, 3

especially personal nouns. acquaintanceship,


25 ify, fy to make, cause to be, render , to become, be clarify, purify, liquefy,

made, magnify, specify, amplify,

26 ize, ise to render, make / indicating quality, sterilize, baptize,

condition, or function barbarize, franchise,
merchandise, mechanize,

27 esque an adjective suffix indicating style, manner, picturesque, grotesque,

resemblance, or distinctive character: humoresque, grotesque,

28 ful full of, characterized by , tending to, able spoonful, harmful,

to, as much as will fill, wakeful, careful, painful,
helpful, hopeful, useful,
meaningful, powerful 4