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A Summer To Remember

We've had a summer of reflection so far in 2017. We

unexpectedly had to say goodbye to Thomas' father as he
passed away in June. We were so grateful to Grove Level for
the opportunity to go home briefly to attend the funeral and
help his mother. We were blessed with lots of love from our
church with kind words, meals, and even Braves tickets with
home run fireworks. We praised the Lord that 13 new believers
were baptized in Shiya. The children of Sibong learned the NT
books to earn new bibles. The Cullifer family served the Lord
so faithfully while here and encouraged us. When we reflect on
what God is doing we remember how faithful He is to be a
"good good Father".
"Baptizing them"
We loaded up the vehicles and took 13
Shiyas believers to Howick Comm
Church. There each one publicly
confessed Jesus as their only Savior and
Lord. It was awesome to see these
believers take the next step in their
obedience to the Christian walk and
forsake ancestor worship. Pray that
each believer will now be faithful to
share Christ with others in their
community and make disciples on their

Holiday Club Party Bus

We were so excited to see the kids of Sibong get the opportunity to attend
VBS/Holiday club at Hilton Baptist. Each morning in low 40 degree weather the
boys from the school gathered for pick up at 8am to attend. Some had no coat
but could not wait to get to church to learn more about Jesus. Each day the
number rose from 3 to 5 to 7 by weeks end. Pray everything taught from the
Scriptures sinks deep into these boy's hearts and each surrenders his life to
The Cullifers
The Cullifers are a little faithful
family of 6 who came and spent 10
days on a short term mission trip
in S Africa. They loved getting to
know the people here and thrived.
They re-enacted the story of the
Fiery Furnace for the kids at
Sibong during Fun Club. Scott
made a great King
Nebuchadnezzar! Please pray for
this family as they decide what
God's call on their family's life
looks like. Then for the courage to
live out their calling.

"Matthew, Mark, Luke, John..."

For the past 3 months we have been learning the books of the bible in
song in the grade 5 class and grade 7 class at Sibongumbomvu. 7 grade
5 and 6 grade 7 kids learned all the books of the New Testament in
order to earn their very own bible sponsored by Grove Level. As you
can see these grade 7 girls love their new bibles. Please pray for these
children to become fully devoted Christ followers. This term we will
work on teaching them how to pray.