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Supernatural Personnel

Supernatural Personnel

© By Bill Ebert

Supernatural Personnel

Table of Contents
Leadership and team building.....................................9
Chapter One.............................................................................11
Moses Builds the Tabernacle.....................................11
Chapter Two.............................................................................17
The Treasure in the Field...........................................17
Chapter Three..........................................................................23
Role Relationships.....................................................23
Functioning in Multiple Roles...................................25
Chapter Four............................................................................27
Kingdom Principles for Co-laboring.........................30
Chapter Five.............................................................................33
Jesus Preaching Jesus................................................33
Going to the Next Level............................................34
Chapter Six..............................................................................37
The Power in Delegation...........................................37
Chapter Seven..........................................................................41

Supernatural Personnel

Know Those You Labor Among................................41

Chapter Eight...........................................................................45
Trust No One.............................................................45
Trust is Not Trust ......................................................47
Put No Confidence in the Flesh.................................50
No trust in the court system.......................................51
No Trust in Your Ability to Hold Wealth...................52
No Trust in Your Reasoning for Provision................52
Chapter Nine............................................................................53
Authority and Responsibility.....................................53
Honest Communication.............................................54
Define Roles and Rules.............................................55
Don’t Judge Motives.................................................57
Building a people.......................................................59
Chapter Ten..............................................................................61
Dysfunctional Relations............................................61
Chapter Eleven ........................................................................63
Kingdom communication..........................................63
Personality vs Purpose...............................................63

Supernatural Personnel

Keeping your Hands Open........................................64

Perfect Communication.............................................65
Life Mastery..............................................................66
Finding and Fulfilling................................................67
Unfulfilled Expectations............................................67
Embracing Conflict...................................................69
Rocks in their Stream................................................70
Vision Turns to ISMs.................................................72

Supernatural Personnel

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ready !!!

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Supernatural Personnel


The Kingdoms of this world should be subject to the Sons of

God, the revelators of Heaven. God has heavenly vision or
kingdom design for every area of our lives. It requires
alignment for us to see the flow of God or the blessing of God
in our families, businesses and churches.

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for

brethren to dwell together in unity! It is like the
precious ointment upon the head, that ran down
upon the beard, even Aaron's beard: that went
down to the skirts of his garments; Psalm 133:1-2

Alignment with God is very important but alignment with each

other is just as important. It is the job of every member to seek
in humility their particular area of influence and work.

Supernatural Personnel

Working to yield in both opinion and effort, preferring one

another, listening and looking for areas where we can be in

We see the way the kingdom of God works; if we get in

alignment with the purposes of God, we will be empowered
with gifts and supernatural talent or unction to fulfill God's
plans for the earth and thereby fulfilling our destinies and those
around us.

Paradigms or ways of thinking need to be reconsidered and

realigned to God's way for us to have His full blessing and
assistance. Many times people look only for helpers who will
reinforce their understanding and vision rather than continually
looking for God's.

This book is not an exhaustive training for leadership or team

building but rather an overview of major issues. These are
short paragraphs or chapters with kingdom paradigms to help
you realign your life, organizations or families toward God's
way of seeing and doing things.

Supernatural Personnel

Leadership and team building

It is typically held that leaders do not mingle with

employees, officers do not fraternize with enlisted men and
captains of starships do not reveal their weaknesses to their
crew. These are all systems set in place by our society to make
leadership "less messy". Though this concept does make for a
smoother running organization, it also kills the very life flow
of what mentoring, discipleship and a team community should
supply. This way of thought breeds dictatorship-style leaders
and prohibits some of the very finest of people from reaching
the potential God has called them to.

An array of commentaries, articles and books have been

written on team work, leadership and building communities.
These terms or subjects are universally accepted, but the
definition and application of these principles vary so much that
clarity is needed to have any practical application. Variance on

Supernatural Personnel

the application is so diverse that it is as if we are speaking

different languages and yet using the same words. It is subjects
like these that give us an idea of what the Tower of Babel was

I chose many building terms while writing this book because

of the continual reference in scripture to building and its
processes as well as my exposure to the construction industry
for much of my life.

We all desire to have lives of fruitfulness and success in

family, life and ministry. My hope is that this book will help to
give some Biblical/Kingdom foundation for more fruitful
relationships as well as help redefine Godly roles in all that we

Supernatural Personnel

Chapter One

Moses Builds the Tabernacle

God’s ultimate plan is to build a habitation for Himself.

Moses was the first to build a “type and shadow” of this plan…

Moses climbed the Mount of God, received a grand and

glorious vision, but before returning to camp, God instructed
him on the "Supernatural Personnel" that He had placed in his
group. Moses was told that the Master Builder would place the
Spirit of Wisdom on these men and that they would work
together to build the “Habitation of God”. See Exodus 31

In similar ways, God births plans and visions in the hearts of

individuals. The carrying out of these plans are determined by
the giftings, skills and personalities He sends to work alongside

Supernatural Personnel

us. Just as God required Moses to seek out “supernatural

personnel”, He requires us to be humble enough to realize that
we cannot complete any worthy kingdom plan alone.

What do you suppose would have happened if Moses

ignored God’s direction and decided not to work with the
people He placed in the camp to build the tabernacle? We are
not given a choice as to the building material when God places
a person in our life.

I have seen many an organization fail as they rejected the

person God sent to help them get to the next level. As we can
never achieve any great change, thinking in the ways that got
us here, many times God sends us those who think differently
to help us fulfill the plans and dreams God desires for us.
These difference, unseen for what they are, many times causes
division frustration and missed opportunity.

The individuals God directed to assist in building the

Supernatural Personnel

Tabernacle, He "filled" with the Spirit of Wisdom,

Understanding and Knowledge. This building task required
skilled craftsmen in wood, gold and fine linen. Moses was
required to seek help from those individuals who were within
the camp. When God gives a vision to accomplish something,
He makes provisions in revelation, finances and personnel to
see it accomplished.

Without these people, Moses would not have been able to do

the things God called him to. These types of Biblical examples
should be heeded seriously. If we are called to carry out a plan
for God, it is our responsibility to ask, "Who is called to be a
part of the 'Supernatural Personnel', how do I recognize them
and how do we work together to build His Plan?"

In building the tabernacle, Moses can’t tell the goldsmith, “I

think we need to melt the gold at 247 degrees.” The goldsmith
might be very hesitant to take lead from Moses as, “That’s not
how you melt gold.”

Supernatural Personnel

Moses worked together with the goldsmith, but had to

submit to the wisdom of the skilled craftsman when his part
was being done. Many of today's leaders would do well to
allow their people the freedom to make mistakes and help to
formulate the building processes of the plan. Even though
Moses was the one God chose to speak through, he was still
required to submit to circumstances, personalities and opinions
of the skilled craftsmen.

There were certain things about the building of the

tabernacle that could not be changed. For some things God told
Moses, “It has to be exactly this tall, it has to be exactly this
wide.” The goldsmith could not say, “You know, it would work
better if it was two inches shorter.” There was no flexibility in
the construction sizes or the end result. The goldsmith did not
have the authority or role that allowed him to change the vision
to his own specifications. However, the goldsmith did have the
authority to say, “You know, we are going to need this much
gold to complete the job.” We’re not supposed to talk the
craftsman out of that job—he is the expert. The trick here is to

Supernatural Personnel

find the proper balance of authority, responsibility and develop

role relationships that work.

It would do a team well to first determine what parts of the

plan are open for discussion and input. It saves time to clearly
communicate the areas that are not open for input or outside
the area of responsibility and authority from the other team
members. The problem with this type of communication is it
frustrates the typical leader in today's systems and
organizations. The typical leader or what is sometimes referred
to the “type A” personality already thinks he knows what needs
to be done and despises the details and “slowness” of talk.

One way to handle this is to assign the defining stage to a

group or a person who loves this clarity process and re-
communicate the decisions to the leader in a more concise
method. Leaving open the directives as points of question for
the leader to instruct.

Supernatural Personnel

Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables,

that he may run that readeth it. Hab 2:2

The leader or visionary has the first responsibility to

communicate the vision, to describe where we are going and
what it looks like once we arrive. The TEAM helps define how
long it will take, what resources are needed and many times,
how we get there. Often a very wise leader will write his plans
in chalk and hand God the eraser. Letting time, culture and
circumstance decide the final outcome.

Herein is the wisdom of kingdom teams. We determine by

the design of God who is called to fulfill what function and
then through fearful submission one to another we find places
of overlapping compromise, acceptance, other areas of
individuality and self rule.

Supernatural Personnel

Overlapping Compromise

A glorious tool in the negotiation process, building process

and conflict resolution process is this concept of Overlapping
Compromise also called Kingdom Synergy or Consideration of

As you see by the illustration the solid areas are a persons or an

organizations area of influence, authority or rule. The areas

Supernatural Personnel

outside the circle are areas of flexibility or willingness to grow

share or give and take in control or rule. And the lightest parts
and the places where we need help or require instruction or are
willing to share or engage others.

In my experience of working with thousands of companies

and churches in the last 25 years I find that the most important
thing I can do to help any company is to define how much
“help” I can give them and in what capacity they will let me
engage. In the more unflexable companies or churches the boss
has very strictly defined culture, process and goals as well as
the paths he set in place for them to get there, trying to consult
a leader like this is completely impossible as an employee as
his understanding of employ is to own and direct the employee
till his objected end is achieved. Some are willing to engage on
a outside service or consulting relationship and this role
definition seems to help him let go enough to hear outside help.

It is like the old school Pastor who, once a person becomes a

Supernatural Personnel

“member” of his church there needs to be permission for things

like bible studies or prayer meetings as the pastor in this role
believes it is his job to protect the flock but the same person
not a member can write books or have TV show or have
meetings or pray with people and many Pastors are suddenly
ok with that or even encourage prayer with others not in his

Defining your engagement and understanding how others are

best equipped to work will empower and make the relationship
inspire more freedom and fruitfulness.

This is not just for leaders as there are people who work
better under defined goals and tasks and those who flourish
under little supervision with extreme flexibility. More on this
in Role Relationships.

Supernatural Personnel

Chapter Two

The Treasure in the Field

The kingdom of heaven is like unto a treasure

hidden in the field; which a man found, and hid;
and in his joy he goeth and selleth all that he hath,
and buyeth that field. Mat 13:44

This man sells everything he has to buy the field. He didn’t

go buy the treasure--even though that is what he wanted--he
bought the field. He had to buy the field to obtain the treasure
and sells everything to get it. Along with the field came
overgrown grass, rocks and problems.

When a new person walks into our life, they are a field;
they’ve got overgrown grass, rocks and trouble. But inside of
every individual there is a treasure, the greatest gift and the

Supernatural Personnel

most precious substance. The kingdom of God is entrusted to

His children, The Creator of the Universe can be found in

The kingdom of God is established in earthen vessels, all

needing mercy, forgiveness and unconditional love. We will be
rewarded greatly as we serve and embrace His children with
longsuffering, patience and kindness. It is in relationships that
the hidden treasures and the purposes for our life are found,
loving your neighbor as you love yourself.

The Church is like a box of cereal; it’s full of flakes, fruits

and nuts, but there's a prize in every box. We have to start
embracing one another with all our weaknesses because inside
each of us lives Jesus Himself and the Glory of God. Unless
we sacrifice our comforts and purchase through love and
patience the people God puts in our life, we’re going to
continue to miss the treasures of God.

Supernatural Personnel

Now Moses was keeping the flock of Jethro his

father-in-law, the priest of Midian: and he led the
flock to the back of the wilderness, and came to
the mountain of God, unto Horeb. And the angel of
Jehovah appeared unto him in a flame of fire out
of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold,
the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not
consumed. And Moses said, I will turn aside now,
and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt.
And when Jehovah saw that he turned aside to see,
God called unto him out of the midst of the bush,
and said, Moses, Moses. And he said, Here am I.
And he said, Draw not nigh hither: put off thy
shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou
standest is holy ground. Exodus. 3:1-5

We are like this bush; earthen and heavenly, consumable, yet

not consumed, indwelt by the presence of God yet not burned
up. It is when we "turn to see" this great thing that God has
done in others that we will begin to receive the ministry and

Supernatural Personnel

glory deposited in our fellow believers. Jesus said, "If you will
receive a prophet as a prophet you will receive a prophet’s
reward." Matthew 10:41

This is not some heavenly reward that God will hand you
some day in eternity, but rather the ministry of the prophet will
manifest when we receive the gift of God He has deposited in
the prophet.

Jesus had difficulty performing any great works in His home

town because they did not receive Him. How much more do
we need to receive each other to begin seeing the body operate
as it was intended? You may have heard it said that a person
will rise to the expectations placed on them, but I would say in
the kingdom of God, believers will grow and manifest ministry
as those around them will have faith in God and receive each
believer as a minister of Christ. You have the ability to draw
ministry from others by encouraging them and expecting great
things from them.

Supernatural Personnel

Our culture tells us that only "full-time preachers" are real

ministers. Let’s begin to change this mentality so that we might
mobilize all to become ambassadors for Christ. 2 Cor 5:20

Supernatural Personnel

Chapter Three

Role Relationships

But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into

him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:
From whom the whole body fitly joined together
and compacted by that which every joint supplies,
according to the effectual working in the measure
of every part, makes increase of the body unto the
edifying of itself in love. Eph 4:15-16

In many of our relationships, we will play more than one

role. For example, in marriage, a Christian man will relate to
his wife as a husband, a brother, a friend, a co-parent and if
they work together, a boss or employee. Depending on the task
they are performing or the discussion they are having, he will
relate to his wife in a different role. Clearly defined role

Supernatural Personnel

relationships make for clearer communication and productivity.

The foggier or misunderstood a role relationship is, the more
room there is for strife or confusion.

The scriptures teach us to relate to others according to their

station in life as it relates to our station in life. God has
established these authorities for His ultimate purpose and
learning how to relate in Godly or Kingdom principles will
help us to walk in more harmony together. Joel 2.

The source of many conflicts is the lack of establishing

proper role relationships. For example, a business owner
becomes a good friend with one of his employees. They agree
to go fishing on the weekend. If the boss treats his friend as an
employee by making him clean the fish, bait the hooks and
load the car, it makes for a well defined line of authority, but
it's not going to make for a lasting friendship. In another case,
a ministry employer believes his ideas should be followed
without question, but his employee perceives that his position

Supernatural Personnel

as team member allows for input concerning his employers’

ideas, even the simplest of instructions or directions can result
in conflict. Lack of clearly defined roles and expectations can
cause major and ongoing problems in any organization.

The intention here is to understand where many of our

conflicts are coming from so that we will take time to
communicate our expectations and define the perimeters of our
relationships. In this way, we can stop unintentionally
offending people, thereby losing the person and the potential
fruit it could have brought. If we were to spend some time
defining these things with those we walk together with, we
would become far more productive in those relationships.

Functioning in Multiple Roles

When we are in a relationship that requires more than one

clearly established role we must change the way we
communicate and share responsibility or authority depending
on the subject we are discussing or working with.

Supernatural Personnel

This may seem complicated at first glance, "Do you mean I

have to change role relationships every time I change topics in
a conversation?" It's not as hard as it seems, actually we
automatically change roles, we just don’t think about it.

A few examples and some ways to understand this principle

will help us in future relationships.

Going back to the boss and employee fishing, as the

conversation stays on fishing each person's level of experience
and personality will determine who has control in the
conversation. If the subject changes to what needs to be done
Monday morning at work, suddenly the employee finds
himself in a submitted position. Conversation could continue
all day switching back and forth. As topics change, levels of
authority and submission are established for each topic.

Supernatural Personnel

Chapter Four


For we are laborers together with God: ye are

God's husbandry, ye are God's building.
According to the grace of God, which is given unto
me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the
foundation, and another buildeth thereon. But let
every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon. 1
Cor 3:9-10

Co-laboring is an interesting and wonderful concept with

many variations in its application. The scriptures give
examples of co-laborers, but there doesn’t seem to be a perfect
pattern on which to build this concept. We see more in
principle than in pattern. For example, Jesus co-labored with
John the Baptist and only one time were they recorded to have
a conversation (Mat 3:14-15). The twelve Apostles co-labored,

Supernatural Personnel

but their labor was done out of an intimate daily community of

prayer, fellowship and labor. This latter form of co-ministry is
the one I will spend most time defining because it is the most
difficult to maintain and is currently a form of ministry greatly
lacking in the Church.

Some are called to a place of aloneness, but this is not the

general rule for we are called to be "stones fitted together". On
the other hand, it is not essential that we go to the other
extreme and say that everyone must live in a community where
we know everything about those we labor with. Knowing
whether a person likes the color red and enjoys sleeping in on
Saturdays has its place in community, but is not the type of
knowing we need pursue when building relationships in the

One of the most difficult things we do as believers or leaders

is to work with other people. Even in the most God-ordained
and established relationships like marriages, families and

Supernatural Personnel

churches, there are conflicts, power struggles and

misunderstandings. We’ve seen the fruits of miscommunication
and misunderstanding in church splits, divorces, family splits
and heated arguments. Even when we know it to be the will of
God for us to walk together with someone, we know that it
doesn’t mean smooth sailing.

The understanding and yielding to authority and

responsibility will bring much peace to organizations, families
and churches. Most conflicts in the world today could be
avoided if we operate within the kingdom principles of
communication and understanding role relationships.

God has established the government of role relationships and

authorities and if we follow them, we will have more harmony.
Understanding, that the form is never enough; if we build the
perfect organization but have not the blessing and presence of
God, it will be a total failure. A nation or people can only go so
far by building on principle alone; the building of God is living

Supernatural Personnel

and moving and must never be confined to structure alone but

be open and free to move outside the boundaries of our current
understanding or it will become dead, as most do. Eventually
becoming a tool of the enemy to resist the flow of God.

Kingdom Principles for Co-laboring

Our churches, businesses and marriages steal their ideas

from the world far too often when it comes to how we should
operate and manage our relationships. We need to establish our
communities on scripture and Spirit-led living rather than on
worldly foundations if we desire the blessings and the
abundance of the kingdom.


The governments that we are most familiar with are a

“Democracy” where the social conscience rules and a
“Dictatorship” where a single man or small group rules. If a
Church bases its government on the principles of a strong

Supernatural Personnel

dictatorship, the people will be afraid, intimidated and

cautious. Individuals will find themselves in bondage even to
the truths of that Church. A Pastor or leader who is afraid of
losing control or authority, or doesn't believe that God can rule
his Church, has to resort to control and dictatorship where his
word is final and no one can question, confront or correct him
because he is the leader. The other extreme is where the
Church is ruled by a board or the opinion of the masses. This
breeds compromise and weak leadership that is not able to
truly lead their people into victory. God established His Church
on kingdom principles and the Church is to be ruled as a

A theocracy will at times look like a democracy and other

times seem to be a dictatorship where only those who are open
enough to truth and close enough to the leaders, will know the
labors involved in co-ruling a theocracy. Jesus still desires a
place to lay His head. Leaders should work together to hear His
voice, do His work on His timing, His direction, His purpose,
His plan, His way.

Supernatural Personnel

Supernatural Personnel

Chapter Five

Jesus Preaching Jesus

Jesus still appears in a form that we don’t recognize to see if

we’ll find Him. He was on the road preaching resurrection to
two of His own disciples and they didn’t know who He was
because He appeared in a form that they didn’t recognize. We
don’t get a more powerful message than Jesus preaching Jesus.
He sat down with His disciples and broke bread with them. The
same is true with us in that place of fellowship, of broken
bread, that we commune with one another. It is at that level of
intimacy that we finally realize, “This person is Jesus”. Yes, we
have to suffer through inconvenience, disappointment and
frustration—our brother's field—so that we can get the

We have to be willing to go down to that next level and

realize that in the fellowship with our brother, the place of

Supernatural Personnel

broken bread, we can find out what his gifts are. Some people’s
gifts shine brightly and it is real easy to see the gift, but the rest
of Jesus sits out in fields and we miss Him day after day.

Going to the Next Level

In most cases, God will intentionally send someone with

faults, problems and areas that are our button-pushers.
Aggressive personalities don’t like other aggressive
personalities, and He’s going to send aggressive personalities
our way, someone who doesn’t agree with us just to see if we’ll
receive them anyway. “Are you going to fulfill My vision and
My plan, My way? Or do you just want to make it
comfortable? Do you want to put pads on this cross you
promised to bear? Are you going to suffer inconvenience,
frustration, and confusion with someone that I gave you
intentionally that you don’t like. Or are you going to flounder
through life with some successes and some failures?” He has a
plan to see our visions and our plans successful, but we have to
do it His way; sometimes, it’s going to hurt and it’s going to

Supernatural Personnel

kill us. Our circumstances are there intentionally to kill us.

Two of the greatest forces of the universe are trying to kill us
and one of them is going to win--we need to let God do it.
Some of the greatest gifts and callings are surrounded with
some of the ugliest filth you ever want to meet, embrace them!

Supernatural Personnel

Supernatural Personnel

Chapter Six

The Power in Delegation

Moses who was called to be the leader was referred to in

Scripture as the humblest man alive. Even though he was
called to lead, he made many administration and management
mistakes, but he was humble enough to recognize his
weaknesses, his inability’s and his need for other people. When
his father-in-law gave him counsel that he needed captains of
50’s, captains of 100’s, and captains of 1,000’s, Moses took the
advice realizing that in his own ability and strength he alone
could not do the simplest of task of counseling. The masses
became overwhelming task for a single man. Likewise, in
every stage; counseling, building, gathering stones and
perfecting the stones, we need to find out what our gift and
calling is and do that one thing. We then draw on the gifts and
talents from those God has placed in our life and help them do
their part.

Supernatural Personnel

In administration, delegation is a necessary key. We can’t

delegate if we’re so proud and believe that we're the only one
who can do the job. The power in delegation and the difficulty
in delegation is to wait for the right person to do it. “God, if
this is Your vision, You are going to provide me the help.” And
we wait until the right person comes in to assist in fulfilling
God’s vision. When they do come, spend time with the
individuals—not with the event—until they are ready (not
perfect) and release them. Give them the authority and
responsibility to do their part and let go.

If we have so many events going on and are burnt out, it’s

probably not God. “My yoke is easy, my burden is light.”
Overworked is not the cross; it is an emphasis on flesh and
activity. That is not what the kingdom is about.

No matter how grand and glorious of a plan we have, we

can’t go out and do it all by ourselves. We have to wait for the
right person and deal with them and not the issues. We have the

Supernatural Personnel

tendency to 'help' our team members do their job, or help them

improve their life. Many times we think it’s for their own good
or for the good of the organization and give individuals tasks
that they’re not good at. Even though we see a weakness in a
person’s life, we in most cases, need to keep them from it and
not help them go through it. We shouldn't force people into
failure situations just because that’s a weakness for them. One
of Jesus’ prayers was, “Lead us not into temptation”. It’s not
our job to take the role of the enemy and press someone to a
place of temptation. Find the gift in a person and see if we can
mold it into one vision.

Supernatural Personnel

Supernatural Personnel

Chapter Seven

Know Those You Labor Among

Wherefore exhort one another, and build each

other up, even as also ye do. But we beseech you,
brethren, to know them that labor among you,
and are over you in the Lord, and admonish you;
and to esteem them exceeding highly in love for
their work's sake. Be at peace among yourselves.
And we exhort you, brethren, admonish the
disorderly, encourage the fainthearted, support the
weak, be longsuffering toward all".
1 Thessalonians 5:11-14

We're required to know the spiritual condition of those we

walk together with in ministry. Even though it isn't a bad thing
to know the temporal or earthly conditions of those we walk
together with, the scripture does not emphasize that we need to

Supernatural Personnel

have a detailed chart of the day-to-day events done by those in

ministry with us. The other extreme would be to see someone
you co-labor with occasionally and judge the success of the
relationship by getting a "good feeling" or the numbers of
people they have following them.

In this area, I have seen all the extremes played out from
someone appointed to ministry responsibility without any
relationship, to those whose lives were so over examined that
they could never measure up to the standards of leadership.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to see if

relationships are healthy and moving toward this scriptural

• First, do I have a number of people in my life both

more mature and less mature who know me well
enough to exhort, admonish, encourage, and support

• Do I have relationships that rely on me to regularly

Supernatural Personnel

exhort, admonish, encourage, and support?

There are so many things that could prohibit the

effectiveness of this type of fruit in your life and ministry. I
will attempt to address only a few:

Leaders don’t desire this type of relationship.

People are so wounded and mistreated they are not willing to


Supernatural Personnel

Supernatural Personnel

Chapter Eight

Trust No One

This section may seem to be a contradiction to some of the

principles of scripture and even some of the things written in
this book. I believe that this is a common experience in the
kingdom of God--finding a truth that seems to contradict a
different truth is usually a good opportunity to find an even
deeper one. In most cases a person will hold to one truth or the
other rather than find the balance or third truth that makes it
alive. Examples of this would be the division of faith vs works
to enter the kingdom, grace and judgement for the believer,
woman called to ministry, submission, or freedom in worship
vs. tradition. Where I don’t plan to address these issues in this
book I will bring up a new one:

Supernatural Personnel

It is better to trust in the LORD than to put

confidence in man. Psa 118:9 It is better to trust in
the LORD than to put confidence in princes.
Psa 118:8

Offering trust, believing all things or giving someone of a

trustworthy report the things of the kingdom are principles we
are to live by. But when our reliance on the ability of others is
our determining factor in our decision rather than our trust in
God's ability to accomplish the things that need doing, we are
misplacing trust that should only be given to the Master. This
perspective of trust will always lead to failure, disappointment
and for both parties, it will hinder the work of God. In a
situation, the trusted feels obligated to a human expectation
rather than a surrender to God and the trustor holds his
expectation out as reward rather than the promise of God to
hear the words, "Well done thou good and faithful servant".
This may be difficult for many to hear because our culture and
society has put a big emphasis on the topic of trust.

Supernatural Personnel

Trust is Not Trust

The world, our society, movies and TV fill us with this

worldly “trust” concept that prohibits freedom in relationships
and maintains co-dependent behavior in many roles we
maintain in our lives.

You may have heard comments like these “I just can't stay
married to him, I just don’t trust him,” etc….

This is not to ignore wisdom in choosing people to hold

positions of responsibility. Instead, it is to set proper guides in
these choices rather than our prejudices and standards that are
many times motivated by our own fears or worldly principles.

This seems to be an issue mainly with those persons in

authority who are responsible or capable to give others
positions of power or responsibility but can't seem to find
people whom they can “trust”.

Supernatural Personnel

If our standards are “our” concepts of ability or maturity, we

will hinder growth in those around us.

We see this in the home of a teenager; Dad knows his son's

weaknesses and past failures and therefore can not see beyond
them to “trust” him to be responsible with new freedoms. Or
the boss who sees desires in his workers to rise above their
current stations but knows that their skill set will cause them to
make mistakes if they are given more.

A person will justify these behaviors by saying he is

concerned about his people or business but unless his co-
laborers are rebellious or severely lacking in character, it is our
responsibility to allow people to grow and have responsibility
“before” they are perfect.

God gave me a wife before I was a good husband, He gave

me children before I was a good father. We need to be an

Supernatural Personnel

example of His trust in others by allowing those around us

some room to grow and not cutting them off when they make
errors in deed or judgment.

I was talking to a man once about some of my past

experiences in business. In his analysis of the reasons why
some things went bad in my past was due to me allowing those
who were not mature to handle things they were not ready for.
He asked me if I learned my lesson yet. I told him I still
believed it was the will of God for Jesus to let Judas hold the
moneybag. Today, some of my most faithful friends are those
who I allowed to mess up knowing they probably would and
taking just as much responsibility for their actions as my own.
Many of these people tell me how much they appreciated the
opportunity when others would not give them a break. Sure it’s
a risk, but what is more valuable to God than the discipling of
His children? What business or organization should stand if
true disciples aren’t being made in them?

Supernatural Personnel

Put No Confidence in the Flesh

"Jesus did not commit himself unto them, because

he knew all men, and needed not that any should
testify of man: for he knew what was in man".
John 2:24, 25

We have been bombarded by the media and the social

conscience to exalt the concept of trust way beyond its true
intent. Trust in most cases has nothing to do with empowering
others to fulfill their destiny, but rather an earthly, self-centered
and misplaced romanticism that will ultimately strangle the
"trusted" and discourage and disappoint the "trustor".

Our hope and trust should only be in Jesus. We surround

ourselves with the trustworthy, yet Jesus fellowshipped with
thieves and sinners. He even gave His money bag to the
betrayer in the group.

Supernatural Personnel

Many of the concepts of scripture have been turned inside-

out and therefore have lost their power. Mt. 15:6 Freedom is
manipulated to such a degree that it no longer has any life, but
only division and death. Christians have misinterpreted trust so
often that what is accepted is, "We first develop trust in others
before they will hear our gospel," or "I can't give someone
responsibility until I can trust them with it," or "I don’t know if
I can continue to walk with, stay married to, fellowship with
this person--I just don’t trust them.” The American concept of
trust is just selfish expectation in disguise; it breeds suspicion,
fear, separation and confusion. Jesus' most basic teaching
surrounded the issue of trust. Listen for it in these quotes:

And whosoever shall compel thee to go one mile,

go with him two. Mat 5:40-41

No trust in the court system

And if any man would go to law with thee, and

take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also.

Supernatural Personnel

Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that

would borrow of thee turn not thou away. Mat

No Trust in Your Ability to Hold Wealth

But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven,

where neither moth nor rust doth consume, and
where thieves do not break through nor steal:
Mat 6:20

No Trust in Your Reasoning for Provision

Therefore I say unto you, be not anxious for your

life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor
yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the
life more than the food, and the body than the
raiment? Mat 6:25

Supernatural Personnel

Chapter Nine

Authority and Responsibility

The understanding of authority and responsibility will bring

much peace to organizations families and churches. Most
conflicts in the world today could be avoided.

The idolatry of individualism in America has influenced

even the way we think about spiritual growth. Most spiritual
formation teaching tends to be self centered without any
reference to our relationships to others. This is completely
unbiblical and ignores much of the New Testament.

Proper authority and kingdom principles must be established

that will help resolve conflicts and teach people how to work
together, become fitly joined where each part "supplies" to
build the habitation of God.

Supernatural Personnel

There is so much that could be said on the subject of

communication that book stores are filled with books on the
topic of communication. So for the sake of space time and
simplicity, I will only mention a few tools for effective

Honest Communication

Honest communication is not very well received in our

society but is crucial to building fruitful and lasting
relationships. One of the drawbacks in honest communication
is that sometimes it eliminates and alienates those who might
walk together with you. Jesus used many methods to gather the
masses but once they were gathered, He was more concerned
with truth and quality than with numbers of people.

The possibility of offense keeps people from being honest

with each other. In addition, we don’t want to be rejected and
honesty causes us to be vulnerable to rejection. Honest
communication takes time. This and other reasons keep us

Supernatural Personnel

from "real" relationships, but don’t settle for mediocrity

because our society has established norms that keep us separate
from our family. Break free from fear and communicate.

Define Roles and Rules

If we don’t define our desires and expectations, people will

offend our boundaries and continue to say and do things that
make us uncomfortable. Lets say you were to invite a guest
into your home for a season. While your guest was living there,
they began to discipline your children and eat all your food,
you would probably define the rules of the home quickly. If
you make clear from the start what you expect and help the
other person find solutions to what they see as needs, you will
begin harmony.

Supernatural Personnel

Don’t Under-Communicate or Over-Communicate

Seeing that everyone is different, there are no set-in-granite

rules. Depending on the consequences of that relationship or
the tasks that are involved will determine how much time
should be spent with the person defining roles and rules. It
would be commonly expected that if a school director hired
someone to head up their Christian school, they would want to
spend a great deal of time in defining authority lines,
philosophy, responsibilities and gaining a place of agreement
on important issues before committing to such a trusted
relationship. In another instance, to hire a person to mow your
lawn you might not even need words, just point them in the
general direction. Now, if a school director is the type person
to hire a School Master and then point him in the general
direction, but spend twenty minutes telling the lawn guy just
how he wants his yard to look, he should reconsider his
leadership position and ability.

Supernatural Personnel

Don’t Judge Motives

Years ago, my daughter Hannah who was three years old the
time, was playing with a friend who was a few years older and
he thought it would be fun to play hide and seek. He said to a
visiting friend, "Let's hide from Hannah and run from her".
Well, you all know a three year old little girl judged his motive
and began to cry saying, "I'll never play with you again!"
Offenses are taken many times and communication stopped
just because one person improperly judges the motives of
another. How many times have we seen someone give us a
certain look or say something to us sharply and we
automatically assume they are mad at us.

We must always believe the best of people removing the

suspicion that is so prevalent in our society. We are being
trained by the world to protect ourselves and to judge every
persons motivation. In movies, we know the motivation of
everyone by the background music and in life we carry it on
with our limited life experience assuming the motive of others
by our weakness, woundeness or limited experience.

Supernatural Personnel

We might see someone intense and raising his voice often

and assume he is an angry person who just does not care about
others feelings, or see someone who does not work or produce
as well as others and assume they are lazy. A leader or good
team member does not assume motive but helps discover it. If
the motivation is bad we help fix it.


We are all subject to the positions we hold in this world.

Some would clamor to be free of the limitations placed on
them by the conditions of their stations. I would like to suggest
they are for our good and part of the plan of the Kingdom to
make us stronger to help us find God and to mold us into the
people of God we are called to be.

We are all subject to restrictions of our station and free from

them at the same time. Jesus was teaching in the temple at the
age of 12. His arguments amazed the teachers of the day. He
was the Son of God and could have done much to teach and

Supernatural Personnel

work for His heavenly Father even at this early age. But His
comments and actions show His understanding of His station.

Building a people

A wise man, Wade Taylor said, “God makes no perfect

people and no perfect organizations on purpose.” We are not to
look to our building but to the Builder. We who labor alone
labor in vain. If we look to any of these instructions as our
standard or to the pattern as our hope, we have missed the path
of peace and life. Our hope is only found in Jesus and His
continual guiding. It is possible that God will choose our life to
not fit any pattern and our labors to be without evident
building. This is a great and wonderful thing about serving our
God, He is God and does things in unique ways.

Supernatural Personnel

Supernatural Personnel

Chapter Ten


People first 'and' last. You have heard a father and husband
make the excuse that the reason they are always working and
have no time for the family is because they care for the family
and want the best life for them so they are workaholics. OR the
Pastor who in attempt to save the world, his own family is lost.
Even his closest workers in the church are burned out, used up
and then tossed aside when they are having hardships.

Dysfunctional Relations

Many years of counseling, I have run into the question as to

whether a person finding themselves in a codependent,
dysfunctional or abusive relationship wondering if they should
leave or stay. Many circles promote the position that leadership
is always right and when they are wrong, you quietly submit
until God changes their heart. While this may seem like a
position based on grace and peace, it is actually the opposite in

Supernatural Personnel

many cases. Consider the current doctrines and positions we all

currently hold dear all came from a group or individual who
would war against the established leadership to change the
status quo.

On the other hand, God does establish rule and authority in

government and business as well as most areas of life including
the family.

Paul stayed; Peter left. We see in the book of acts that both
Peter and Paul found themselves imprisoned by unbelievers
and God opened the prison doors for them to escape. In the
case of Paul he chose to stay a prisoner wrongly accused and
Peter chose to leave the system that held him.

In both cases, the men followed their beliefs and conscience

to determine which was best for them and those on the outside
can argue who was right or who was wrong and why but God
judges the motive and the heart.

Supernatural Personnel

Chapter Eleven

Kingdom communication

I hope to someday write an entire book on this subject but

here is an overview.

Personality vs Purpose

Are we fixing people vs helping them find their calling? So

many times we try to make people in our image or in an image
we think is best for them. In our attempt to help some we
thwart or frustrate many. We have rule in our circles not to help
adjust a person's personality or preferences even if it annoys
others but only focus on what God desires for the person and
the things that are hindering the agreed goals we have with
each other.

In this way, we can celebrate differences and leave room for

diversity in temperament and personality.

Supernatural Personnel

A calm person seeing the benefits of calm does not have to

make the energetic and active members in his group conform
to his personality and the prompt or exacting person does not
have to teach the relaxed 'go with the flow' person all the
benefits of punctuality.

What we do want to focus on are what we call the “rocks in

their stream” the attitudes, sins, or actions that are hindering
their flow with God and their influence in the areas they are

Keeping your Hands Open

You own nothing, without God we can do nothing. I believe

the key of David, being able to have a throne that was
established forever and ever was that David did not do it.
David allowed the call of God to become manifest by the
timing and will of the Father. Many great things are done in the

Supernatural Personnel

name of the Kingdom but few men are willing to wait on the
Lord and 'only' do what the Father says do.

It is also just as important to hand over the rule of your

office and the keys to your kingdom to those around you in real
delegation and ownership for them to become who God has
called them to be.

Perfect Communication

Mastering communication but never expecting it. Patience,

long-suffering, kindness, gentleness and love are the keys to
true kingdom communication. Communication is difficult in a
world of distraction and sound bite communication where the
average person won't read a book and the youth of our country
will rarely watch a video that is longer than 4 minutes.

Mastering the language and arguing flawlessly is not

kingdom communication. An anointed, God purposed heart,
preferring one another, speaking the truth and challenging

Supernatural Personnel

those around us to greatness. This is perfect communication. If

you were to live this perfectly God's will would be done and
fruit would be born, whether you find yourself and your
organization successful in the world's eyes or not.

Life Mastery

Excellence in God's house is unlike that of the world. After

times of refreshing and encouragement we immediately suffer
pain, rejection or temptation for the purpose of making the
Word real and drive it deep into our character. Those who draw
back God has no pleasure in and the work of the fiery press
seems to almost disappear.

We are to become the message not just preach it or force it

on others. Ever learning never coming to the knowledge of the
one true God is the condition of most who call themselves
believers and it is time we become those who do not run from
trouble but embrace all forms of conflict and allow the process
to change us and to kill what needs to be killed.

Supernatural Personnel

Finding and Fulfilling

The greatest goal of any leader, husband or father is to find

and fulfill the gifts and calling of those in his employ or sphere
of influence. The glorious opportunity to find the balance of
service and practical leadership growing in our ability to lead
others to the Creator.

Unfulfilled Expectations

Mastering the skill of peacemaker can be one of your most

worthy endeavors. If you were to master this one area you
would gain in influence in every single area of your life.

Since 100% of all life's conflicts come from this one thing,
how effective would you be as a peacemaker if you mastered
the cure.

Supernatural Personnel

Whether it is a country going to war or two little kids

fighting in the park the conflict is exactly the same root. There
is one or more expectations being unfulfilled. Someone wants
something and they don't see it happening.

Listening is the first key to mastering this skill. Listen first

to the person who is suffering and then listen to the Spirit of
God. You will be surprised with exercising this listening you
will begin to find the root cause for each persons unfulfilled

There are basically three solutions to unfulfilled expectation

1. we stop expecting and accept the reality of the current


2. we change the situation or person who can give us what

we need and thereby fulfilling our expectation

3. we move toward compromise or negotiation and

change both people's expectations and now have

Supernatural Personnel

Embracing Conflict

In the movie Matrix 2, Neo walks in a room and is asked by

the doorkeeper is he is THE ONE when Neo replies yes the
doorkeeper immediately begins fighting with him swinging
kicking wildly to do whatever he can to hit Neo. Then just as
suddenly as it starts, the doorkeeper stops and says, “Ok, you
are the one.

Neo replies, “Well, you just could have asked.”

The response was amazing. The doorkeeper said, “You don't

really know someone till you fight with them.”

How true this is on so many levels. Until we can get to

honest communication we are living in a false reality or social
game of politics or politeness.

Just as it is true that friendship is built on inconvenience the

reality of kingdom is only “found” when its foundations are

Supernatural Personnel

revealed. How many times I've seen popular leaders after

calamity or failure say I never knew who my real friends were
or the motivation of those around me until the success fell

I'm not saying to pick a fight with everyone you know or to

be so offensive that only the truly spiritual will be be able to
stand you. But I would say relationships unchallenged are
relationships unfounded. In a world of superficial people,
covenant-breakers and a sound bite society, do not be surprised
if those you call friends are few.

Rocks in their Stream

Wounded and imperfect people make for bad partners and

co-laborers. But too bad, that's all you get to work with. I have
been on the inside some of the largest ministries and businesses
in the world, behind the scenes of some of the most prosperous
and fruitful adventures. You would be shocked to find the types
of people who are running these ventures.

Supernatural Personnel

Some of the organizations that are gathering large numbers

of customers and huge followings in ministry are run by some
of the weirdest, silliest or dysfunctional people you can image
and yet, God has many wonderful things coming from them.

Not only is He using these things in spite of their weakness

but many times because of it. For example, one the the meanest
and proudest leaders I have ever worked for was also one of
the most fruitful, purging and purifying for this ministry he
worked for. What caused so much pain in the lives of some
was used of God to bring fruit and life and purge many hearts
and motives. God was not in the anger and the meanness of
this person but He did a work anyway.

The really bad thing in this case was this angry person saw
God doing this purging work and it reinforced his agenda and
caused him to be even meaner. God's grace on those we abuse
is no excuse for abuse and yet the unhealthy version of the

Supernatural Personnel

submission doctrine, the command and control mentality of the

world still propagates and justifies these behaviors.

Chapter 12

Vision Turns to ISMs

I have seen many cases where a person or organization has a

wonderful vision, but turns to frustration in many of those
joined with it because leadership breeds idealism or schism


Idealistic relationships, processes and systems may be a vision

from heaven; but in reality, personalities, skill-sets and
circumstance will always, on this side of glory, prohibit
perfection and breed frustration in many if the people in the
systems don't measure up to the leaders ideals.

Leaders sometimes add levels of human perfection or

performance that are unreasonable. With the old paradigm that

Supernatural Personnel

leaders are to drive results, people get driven instead of served

or led. Expectation in levels of commitment, dedication and
performance obligate people to the whims and expectations of
the leader or organization instead of freeing them to find their
voice in their performance and calling.

Leaders can have both.

The typical aggressive leader feels unsure when he relinquishes

control, believing the job will not get done as he would do it or
sees it. This many times restricts people from seeing things
from their own gifting and trying to perceive what the boss
would do.

There are secular and kingdom companies today who have

discovered a new way one where the people and their voice is
just as important as the leaders vision.

It isn't until the leaders realize that excellence is secondary to

human growth, participation and grace. The people are the

Supernatural Personnel

reason for the vision not the vision.