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Student-Teacher: Shaikha Salim Saeed


Course: fall 2017

Grade Level: KG1

Subject: letter T
Learning Outcome (ADEC code and words):
Student will be able to write letter T in capital and small
Student will be able to know words start with the letter
Student will be able to know who to say the letter in right way.

Resources (what materials/equipment will you and Preparation (what do you need to make or check before
the students use? Be specific) class?)
enough reasources for all students
For the circle area: board, marker , picture cards (
tomato, tie)
Key vocabulary
Group A: pincle colors and green recycling paper, Tree
scissors, glow Toothbrush
Group B: green and red papers, scissors, glow, pencils Tomato
Group C: different color of painting, papers, pallete for Twelve
mixing the color. Two

In circle area

I will show the students the letter and ask the student if they know what letter is this.
Then I will show the student video song about the letter and it is describe the captal and small Tt.
While the students are enjoy watching the video song I will describe for them the video.
Also in the video it have words start with the letter T so after they listen to the song I will ask them
about things they know in the video
Time: 15 min

For example I will ask them; what letter you have listen to in

the video?
Can you tell me words start with the letter?

Also, I will show
Kids, B. P. (2016). The Letter T Song - Learn the
them cards start Alphabet. Retrieved from Youtube:
with the letter and HHEqOLZ0hr4
it have picture for example: Tie,Tomato

Then I will show the student how they can write the letter T only we will take the capital in next class
we will take small t

Independent Experience (group A) tree group

In this group will give the student paper with letter T and they have to color it as branch of the tree then
so they need to color in the brown color then they will stick recycling green paper above the T so they
will make tree.
tree start with letter T
Also the student can be creative more and do another style for example making the tree as tomato tree
or maybe make it as table or whatever the student imagenation will be.

Independent Experience(group B) tomato group

Time: 15 min

In this group the student will create a tomato with the papers the student will cut the red paper as a
tomato shape then they will stike it in white paper or maybe they can drow the tomato and then they
should write letter T under the tomato they made.

Independent Experience(group C) finger paint group

This group will write the letter T with their finger ..

The student will deep their finger in any color they want and they will create the letter T.

This group will be helpful if have students with the low level because its is easier for them.

Time: 15 min

Student will back to the circle area and I will ask the low level student or the student I saw that they are

not writing the letter will to come and write the letter T in the board.


Asking the students to write the letter T with me and also they have a book they should bring it in their home
and practice more to write the letter (Homework)