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SL NO PRODUCT ISSUE Detail of Items in issues

Outer Tube

BOI delivary issue as

supplier not meet spec
1 TRU TRAC & dimensional
Inner Tube

Dust Proof


BOI delivary issue as

supplier not meet spec
& dimensional

Fabricated item
PU Roller Mould

Backing Plate & Srt

3 Spillex clamp delivary issue

BOI quality consistancy

4 HD-PU-L & delivary issue

5 PEM Sprung Box delivary &

squre tube consistant
quality issue.

Mould drg received for

Rubber pips elastomount pips
Element mould to be

Ovality in pipe increase

7 SR & SRG
frictional inertia

8 Operational issue
HOSCH * Atlat Copco Compressor under breakdown for last 4 month. MKS sir approve the cost
* Paint booth to be made. Facing paintin & environmental issues due to this.CAPEX mad
* Production supervisor require as Mr Joydeep Mukherjee totally busy with planning of
* New Dryer require as present one not working properly after repeted rectification. W

CC * Need leading hand /supervisor for TRU TRAC & ALIGNX .

* Packing & related documentation to be off loaded to despatch dept
*Need cahnge of heating mode from electrical to steam for 300 T press
* 300 T to be shifted to DESMA shed for better contol & cost effectiveness.
* Need store under lock & key for ALIGN X & TRU TRAC safety stock items
Specific dimensional issue

ID not found as per spec

Concenticity issue

Circilp to circlip dimension deviation

Bearing fitting dimension

OD not found as per spec

Concentricity out of spec .

ID found not as per spec . H7 not achieveable

Non confirmatory product as per drawing

Air entrapment in product made from compound MDI

Quality issues are minimised but delivery is still taking longer

than the requirement

Inconsistent delivery

last 4 month. MKS sir approve the cost of repairing approx 1.25 Lakh. But PO till pending. Stervation observed.
ronmental issues due to this.CAPEX made but not approved.
Mukherjee totally busy with planning of HOSCH & CC. Regular production confermation,DPR maintain is an issue
g properly after repeted rectification. Water particales in compress air affect painting,damage penumatic equipment.

ded to despatch dept

o steam for 300 T press
contol & cost effectiveness.
U TRAC safety stock items
ACTION PLAN meeting held on 18.10.2017
*Outer pipe of specification IS:9295 is being procured 10 nos on trial. OD 152.4 x
4.5th ERW pipe reqd. Dust proof to modify accordingly to get interfernce fit and
complete assembly and trial will be done, if found satisfactory design to be changed

* Purchase need to search pipe india and china of spec OD 152.4 x 4.5th which is
used by TRU TRAC SA. Indent already placed.

* Tolerance to be revisited and enhanced from +0.36 to + 1.0 mm.

* Tolerance of length should be in positvie side for better fitment of circlip.

* OD to suit as a interference fit as per ID of pipe.

* We are trying to develop a jig to get the concentricity of shell close to the spec.
Frictional force tested for all the Alignx rollers and found 0.3 to 0.8 Kg well in the
spec. If the roller is not concentric this value can hardly be achievable. This
information shared to PMG and they have cleared existing finish roller on that basis.

* Technical support to existing vendor

* Vendor are unable to manufacture the fabricated item as per the close tolerance
and for that vendor needs to make welding fixture to achieve the same.
* New design is in process.

* Development of alternative vendor

*Technical suport to existing vendor to enhance capacity

*Development of alternative vendor already is in process.Inspection at vendor site

done on 23/10/2017 but get rejected due to number of NC.

* Alternative job work vendor required immediately.

* Material from Germany expected mid of NOV'17

* Acceptance from Chinmoy pending

* Drg to be prepared by PMG after discussion with CS

* PMG to take call to stock pips from GmbH if any issue arise in quality consistancy
of in-house process/product

25 Lakh. But PO till pending. Stervation observed.

production confermation,DPR maintain is an issue

ress air affect painting,damage penumatic equipment.

On prpcess
Current status/Action Plan 24.10.2017 RESPONSIBILITY
Present process to be maininted till the trail as agreed on
18th OCT'17 is completed & supply of new pipe as per IS
9295 is established. Purchase to explore sourcing both locally
& out side. Procurement

Drawing to be revised based on assembly & vendor visit.

Found to be satisfactory during visit on 23rd. Vendor to Procurement

supply as per latest drg.

Tolereance to be changed to + 0.1 mm /-0.0 mm Design

Finalize the OD of dust proof as per trial. Present lot found


concentricity requirement of .05 to be revisited & revised Design/Production/Purchase

based on vendor visit on 23rd.

Purchase to ensure the tolearance level in bearing bore Procurement

2types have been accepted by PMG. Rest to be rectified & Procurement/Anser/BKR/AGH

supplied by vendor.
Conceptual development of mould is under process & SJ
complted with in 30th OCT'17.

Commercial issue has been resolved on 23rd.300 nos out of PMG

500 nos req by OCT irrrespected by 25th.

Quality issue solved .2nd vendor under development. Procurement

In-House machinging & assembly to be alterantive Procurement /Production

Mould drg is releasing today . Mould will be ready by 20th Purchase/Mould dept

PMG to modify the QAP for friction test value. PMG

Status freezed on 25.10.2017 Remarks

Procurement to cotact steel tube

agency for branded tube of
TATA/JSW/Bansal.By today confirm
the date of avalability .

Issue resolved but needs to be

checked the consistancey of

Needs change by 26th This dim does not exist - as we have already
discussed with Pratha Da Today

It has been resolved with the

present machined pipe.

Concentricity to be removed from

drg by26th OCT'17.Any deviation
in concentricity found during
assembly material to be rejected Done and uploaded in SAP
& send to vendor.Automated
welding process to be
implemented at Unitech within
26th DEC '17

To send Chinmoy Sasmal to check

why such deviation & suggest
corrective action.Resolved within
this week.

Lifting all materials from vendor

.Present assemly & fitment
checked. Check the fesibility
cutting with plasma & oxy-fuel
,check the quality & accuracy.
Cutting process of different parts
of fabricated items will defined
after confermation from BKR &
AGH sir.
SJ find out wheathrer TDI is TDI is not accepted only MDI is accepted
acceptable or not.

ASO procurement to be given by

PMG for Galvanized & SS BKPL.
Minimum stock to be revist &
revert back .

Seararch new vendor having

capacity to manufacture this type
product in mass. Till such time
vendor will keep stock for 50
scrapers parts.

Altenative vendor to be searched

& also create set up to make it in-

Element pips mould to be search

PMG to modify the QAP for

friction test value for SR & SRG &
same to be mentioed in assembly

Operational issue not discussed