Minutes of meeting

20 Feb 2017

Meeting: Weekly PM meeting
Place: 101 Eitzen building

Date and time: 20-02-2017 14:00-15:00

Michael Dreyfus Jensen;
Thomas Ladegaard [DSB]

Claus Kirchoff (XCKF)
David Chabanon (XDCN);
Rune Mikkel Jensen (XRMJ)
Karim Itouchene (XKAIT) (for point no. 2)



1. Actionlist
2. RMR status?
3. MQ documentation, the review proces is chaotic
4. Need for forwarding decisions from PM internally – we see many examples that PM
decisions are not shared within BDK
5. Location of ETCS equipment is a DSB decision, in relation to WS, antenna, EVC for Abs
6. MQ Fredericia Workshop visit / Prefitment of MQ – the visit can be held but DSB will
propose dates. Any discussion regarding prefitment should be done in another forum
7. IC3 survey in Langå
8. AOB

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1. Actionlist

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See updated list.

2. RMR status?
BDK informed that there was a discussion between the PM’s and Alstom confirmed that they will
deliver a technical specification for the product. Alstom PM believe the disagreement on this was
based on a misunderstanding.

BDK informed that Alstom is late on the migration of the new RMR 1.6.3. Should have been Friday
last week – now it is planned end of this week.

Unformal FAT for 1.6.3 should be planned for the version in JTL. BDK have requested a date from
Alstom for this activity.

1.6.4 is still planned for May 2017 according to Alstom.

DSB raised a concern that the test is done in Alstom laboratory in order not to disclose issue that can
only be detected in server in JTL.

BDK informed that the current server in JTL can handle up to 200 trains – hereafter a production
server will be established in BDK data center to cover up to 800 trains.

3. MQ documentation, the review proces is chaotic
Installation procedure.
First submittal was poor quality with parts missing content. In order to move forward we reviewed
the document for the parts which were filled out.

BDK suggested to take the review comments given on the first draft and accept or close them ac-
cording to 70% step and the parts which were missing in the first draft and spend the normal 60%
review period for these parts.

With next update coming from Alstom before DSB has to deliver review for the current one, this
process is not to handle because then we get two or more loop ongoing on the same document at
the same time.
BDK thinks that the list of changes to the installation procedure to come every week must be a mis-

DSB expects that for the future FoC installation procedures they expect that Alstom will send a doc-
ument only missing pictures/details that can only be added after installation. There should not be
missing parts of document which will be added in later on before installation. BDK agrees.

DSB is checking the version and that they expect to deliver to BDK tomorrow.

Workable solution for the MQ.

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BDK explained that they have proposal for DSB’s customer participation (both covered by Princi-
paftale and to be quoted from DSB to Alstom) for MQ from Alstom that we would like to have DSB
feedback on. BDK will forward to DSB to have their official feedback.

4. Need for forwarding decisions from PM internally – we see many examples that PM
decisions are not shared within BDK
Examples were shared in the meeting. David will share decisions taken on PM meetings with the
Onboard team.

5. Location of ETCS equipment is a DSB decision, in relation to WS, antenna, EVC for Abs
Regarding litra ABS.
DSB explained that in the MoM that the location on components is escalated to “management”; this
management does not seem to include DSB. DSB expects that they have the final saying on where
equipment is placed according to the Principaftale.

BDK stated that we should avoid to instruct Alstom into choosing preferred solutions. BDK stated
that then DSB should also be prepared to handle a potential claim from Alstom.

DSB asked that BDK get the confirmation from DSB before they commit to locations with Alstom.

6. MQ Fredericia Workshop visit / Prefitment of MQ – the visit can be held but DSB will
propose dates. Any discussion regarding prefitment should be done in another forum
Not discussed. Postponed for future meeting.

7. IC3 survey in Langå
DSB cannot have the meeting in w9 due to EHS clarification ongoing.

8. AOB
Not discussed.

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List of activities (not all issues were discussed in the meeting)
Act Activity Responsible Created Termin Status Open/closed

4 Initial drilled holes in David 19-09- ? DSB have recieved confirmation Open
the 5056. Damage 2016 that the vital parts of the trains
assesment have not been touched. There will
be cost to mitigate. Estimated 750K
DKK per hole from DSB to repair.
BDK will return with a proposal for
next step. During meeting w44
Alstom raised a need to have it
rasied as an offical claim from DSB
to BDK and onwards to Alstom
before the issue can be proceed
DSB have escalated this matter
19-12-2016 DSB provided a claim
16-01-2017 BDK is awaiting a feed-
back from Alstom. Rune will follow
up with Alstom.
06-02-17: BDK informed DSB that a
notice was sent to Alstom to ad-
dress this claim as per the contract
proce-dure. DSB/BDK will follow up
on a weekly basis. BDK will send the
notice they sent to ALS to DSB
XDCN 160217: done
14 Havarilog interface David 24-10- 12-02-2017 Thomas will come back on this Open
implementation 2016 point. Still to be communicated.
BDK have send a response to DSB
on why BDK have instructed Alstom
not to implement this.
06-02-17: issue will be addressed at
the next hazard workshop – not
only testtrains
13-02-17: no new status
16-02-17 XDCN: what is the action?
20-02-17 To be checked with Simo-
20 DSB will check status Michael 08-11- 15-01-2017 06-02-17: DSB is in the process to Open
for NDA signature for 2016 sign the NDAs.

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21 DSB to check with Michael 08-11- 15-01-2017 NDA sent to Alpha Train w50 Open
Alpha Train if they 2016 06-02-17: DSB legal is discussing to
are ready to sign BDK legal to see if the confidentiali-
NDA ty agreement between Alpha and
DSB is sufficient. In order to de-risk
late objections of Alpha to train
modifica-tion DSB will take Alpha
technical expert to a walk through
the train to present the modifica-
tions to be done by Alstom.
37 DSB ask that BDK Michael 12-12- 09-02-2017 BDK have provided input, now Open
provide their input 2016 pending DSB to come back with a
on additional infor- full list.
mation needed in the List if okay to have in Danish and
list of ongoing pro- not translated
jects and then DSB 06-02-17: DSB is in the process to
will return with a full compile this list. IC4 has many on-
list going projects. Target to send the
list this week.
13-02-17 List have been send. BDK
should analyze if any projects are in
conflict and initiate a first meeting
39 David will ask Ton to David 09-01- 09-02-2017 David talk to Ton. BDK will come Open
investigate with Al- 2017 back in RSWG
stom documentation 06-02-17: Wait from feedback Ton..
for all mechanical 16-02-17 XDCN: in progress
changes to have this 20-02-17 It is proposed in the
clarified. RSWG to have it included in the
exisiting documentation. DSB to
check if they are happy and come
41 David will discuss the David 09-01- 09-02-2017 David to talk to Jan R Open
cable routing work- 2017 06-02-17: Ongoing – no confirma-
shop IC3 with Alstom tion yet.
to have it prioritized 16-02-17 XDCN: no update. Alstom
before FoC. too busy right now wit all FoC de-
20-02-17 DSB is asking if w10 could
not be used as every will be on the
train? BDK take note
45 Rune will follow up David 16-01- 30-01-2017 Rune to talk to David Open
on if the Taurus 2017 06.02.17: David to talk to Christo-
commissioning pro- pher concerning the list of com-
cedure can be deliv- ments that should be implemented
ered for information in DSB trains commissioning proce-
to DSB. dure that were accepted for the
16-02-17 XDCN: Ongoing

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47 List tasks to be per- Michael 13-02- 27-02-2017 DSB will comment on the memo Open
formed by DSB staff 2017 forwarded
on behalf of Onboard Replaced by ID 54
48 Proces for FoC where Thomas 13-02- 27-02-2017 DSB will propose a setup for how Open
Alstom and BDK 2017 they would like to have the setup
expects DSB to be for handling decisions on site. Base
available non-stop it on the updated MQ installation
49 List of decisions, DSB David 13-02- 27-02-2017 BDK to update document according Open
provides first feed- 2017 to missing decisions.
back end week 7, 16-02-17 XDCN: Ongoing
BDK provides update
of issues (when?)
50 Maintenance Readi- Michael 13-02- 27-02-2017 DSB will appoint a one-point re- Open
ness Group, needs to 2017 sponsible for the group and return
be restarted to BDK
51 Maintenance Readi- Rune 13-02- 27-02-2017 BDK will talk with Mads Thuesen Open
ness Group, needs to 2017 and recommend how it is organized
be restarted on BDK side.
53 DSB Status of discus- Rune 13-02- 27-02-2017 BDK to send DSB a written reply on Open
sion about which 2017 this request.
EIRENE standard,
Onboard must use to
get the approvals for
the whole ERTMS
54 List tasks to be per- Michael 13-02- 27-02-2017 DSB needs more time to evaluate Open
formed by DSB staff 2017 the memo forwarded and will get
on behalf of Onboard back to BDK asap on this within 2
project. DSB feed- weeks. BDK explained that it is a
back on this list? brain stormning list of all tasks
Laszlo for Lokaltog. possible and that DSB is also wel-
come to add tasks not identified
and also state if they do not see
that they can contribute on specific

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