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Clinical and laboratory steps of complete

denture fabrication

Dr. Katalin Krolyhzy

Semmelweis University Budapest,
Department of Prosthodontics
Head of the Department:Med. Habil. Dr.Pter Hermann
Preparing Complete Denture
1. Personal particulars
2. Present complaints
3. Dental History
4. Medical History
5. Extra-oral Examination
6. Intra-oral Examination
(stomato-onkological examination)
7. Orthopantomogram
8. Examination of the denture.
Diagnosis: Complete edentulousness

Treatment plan:upper and lower complete

Primary impression:
It is an impression in which certain Dental materials for impression
landmarks of the jaw are recorded. taking:
Plaster of Paris (history )
Stock tray
Static Silicon
Primary impression, outlineing the special tray.
The material of the special tray: -shellaque
-acrylat:-light curing,-self curing,-clear
Close fitting or spaced tray
Adjusting the special tray:

Border trimming materials:Green stick compound,impression wax, acrylic

Secondary impression taking techniques: -mucostatic

Secondary impression materials:

ZnO-eugenol paste
Oroplastic impression material
Combinated technique:ZnO eugenol and
oroplastic impression material
Working cast,
Occlusal rims:

Boxing with impression wax

Jaw registration
Preparing upper and lower occlusal rims
Measures of wax rim:
Highness at the front region:
Lower: 16-18 mm
Upper: 18-22 mm
Highness at the molar region:
till the middle of the tuberculum alveolare mandibulae
Molar region: 6 mm
Front region :3-4 mm
Not longer than the second molar
Jaw registration,
Tooth shade selection
Determination of RVD,
interocclusal space, OVD. Carving
the orientation lines.
Semiadjustable and adjustable
articulators construct occlusal
balance in lateral, and protrusive
movement of the mandible.
Casts are mounted on an articulator
Setting up the trial denture in the laboratory
Try in procedure
Flasking and packing acrylic resin
Fitting the complete denture,
Short time recall,
Long time recall
The Clinical and Laboratory Steps of Complete
Denture Fabrication
Clinical Laboratory
1.k, History, examination, stomato-
oncological monitoring
2.k, Primary impressions
2.l, Primary cast
3.k, Outlining of the special tray on the 3.l, Fabrication of special
primary cast trays
4.k, Functioning of the special tray, 4.l, Fabrication of the
Secondary impressions secondary cast and
5.k, Determination of centric relation occlusal rims
6.k, Try in procedure
5.l, Mounting of
7.k, Insertion
8.k, Short term control
articulator, setting up
9.k, Long term control teeth
6.l, Finishing of the
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