Appositional Comprehensions

Appositional Comprehensions
Felino A. Soriano

chalk editions 2010

Acknowledgments: Much gratitude to Peter Ganick for publishing some of these poems at experiential-experimentalliterature.

text: © copyright 2010 Felino A. Soriano cover art © copyright 2010 Jukka-Pekka Kervinen book design © copyright 2010 Peter Ganick chalk editions is: Peter Ganick Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

For mom, dad, brother

“Music is a language, you see, a universal language.” Sun Ra “To some degree, yeah, because I have to play a certain number of originals that might be considered avant-garde material. I realize though, that only a few people in the audience actually know what that music is, or understand it.” Archie Shepp "With certain groups, like Albert Ayler, Cecil Taylor, Ornette Coleman, and now my own group, there is a level of playing which we try to reach which is the same thing that people do when they do transcendental meditation and yoga. They talk about "out of the body" experiences. That's what this music is. It's chanting; it's meditation; it's yoga. It's all these things. In order to play, something transcends. Something happens with the physical, the spiritual and the mental state in which they combine, and their energy is turned free. It's a cleansing experience which in a religion they would say, "It's of another world." The state I'm talking about even transcends emotions. It's a feeling of being able to communicate with all living things." Ronald Shannon Jackson

—after Satoko Fufii’s Flying to the South

Portions become saddened when left to discover their open eyes, singular. Partial facsimile desirous methods orchestrate manipulated strides held to hold together fractioned absence through bodiless adaptations. Southern becoming bolded language used not with northern cotemporaries: freed, thus believable why ambulation folds downward processes finding a fortune suitable to abstract ingenuity.


—after Charles Mingus’ Moanin’

Such is wind’s opening morning mouth, exhale platitude circumstance natural as awakening’s thermal discourse. Vermillion ceiling or sky’s early dialogue of discovered salutation, seeing porta of nascent confabulation occurring after midnight’s exuberant lay-down mirror of fading echoes, finding bodies of aurora masks donning mood of recollecting mistakes from previous entities born into asymmetrical vexation.

—after Marion Brown’s The Shadow Knows

Which body’s leaving constitutes contractual misfunction, silent in uprooting akin to the stranger’s smile planting seeds into the later burgeon of memory’s senescent garden. Apparitional occurrences, ghost lingo follows behind necessary finding of errant misplacement. Soon, as death is the winding web wrapping body’s misaligned vernacular, shadow of the positional sameness reinvents upon whispering tongues of mourning’s evaluating newness.

—after Larry Young’s Sunshine Fly Away

Dis c of win d’s reverberating fligh t, focused on the pause delineation, pushbutton era ease variance semblance boy to girl run ran became? motion series high |there| fraction of light binge-diving an gl ed sudden night becomes giant eye of the earth-evidenced shut.

—after Pharoah Sanders’ Astral Travelling

Modicum aware, degrees portion of the passionate high songs sung high, halo circling rim of vertical species; verbatim daily stars research topical sections resting walk-bodies (not, angels) winged maybes highlight significant tightrope answers, tilt into celestial definitions of verbose cognition diaphanous b o d i l y slide, mimicking a section of truisms when consistently ignored becomes absent knowledge of a mouth’s speaking action, allowing respeaking to define with languid and impersonal encyclopedic remorse. debatable,

—after Yusef Lateef’s Plum Blossom

Wears blood as veil on copacetic bride, prejudice toward delight in misunderstanding crimson coat of elegant function, finite breaths apprehensive into totality’s regret.

—after Eric Dolphy’s Out There

Vision, insidious bare tree dichotomy: clever shadow-drawn diagrams dictating various flawed splays amid perfect pause of a life’s burgeoning cycle, series rebirth calamity unfolded chaos retrospect: an ax’s angled swipe pinpoint thrust impulse desire, death soon lean subsequent collection of a differing shadow collected beneath ashen body, no longer delicate.

—after Anthony Braxton’s Played Twice

Of Winter’s elongated thesis, groundhog’s apparitional shadow dictates silhouetted prophecy, body outline protocol echo reunion spiral return, elegant dialectic. Space hands push into warmth’s cylindrical membrane, revolving amid annual’s revelational relation, finding in its eventual return, bodies of wholeness smiling from the vantage of necessary science.

—after Trygve Seim’s Sorrows

Personal wealth, abated worth, connective dance in blurred relation scenic blunders held by wishful hands to conceive and reconnect with hankering’s resolution of end’s comparable fulfillment. Said though to the self whose smile has boomeranged dementia cannot recall home of splaying lips delivering emotional echoes toward listener’s accomplished, desolate attention. Alone. Alone. Trilogy of spiteful revelation sorrow then, satisfied the organic time of relevant position positions self amid tense, terse remaining existence of rue. Alone.

—after John Tchicai’s Four Clouds Drumming

Tactile seams sewn, pocket-mold clarified, tones of homochromatic silence penitence to re-hold imaginational comfort. Prior to abundance the long view of hope held pause on an eye’s visceral elongation; up looked the still of a shadow’s personal wait: thus, could not comprehend such obesity of sound hovering within a rhythm of painful articulation.

—after Fred Anderson’s Flashback

Mimicry of nostalgia—friendly terminology, invitational prose uttered expedient cloth covering with warming tones avenue of remorse such memory hand describes. Childhood too, societal creation of ‘teens’ years of maturation’s resemblance of manifold bouquets ranging in scent some unpleasant in obnoxious odors. Private emblem, etched alphabetic term calling toward the mind’s recalling extracted fully hand by hand by orchestrated heave.

—after Lester Bowie’s Rose Drop

Scent escape, hand washed thorn cut from living spine of green skeletal thinness. Curtain of vase of hand of plastic coat. After bouquet of beautiful moments begin lean and descent into browned once-red, affirmation calls attention: shadow, hold your firm belief, paused movement callus though now in death after life, once you became causational smile atop face of surprised understanding.

—after Roscoe Mitchell’s For Lester B.

Good man, holder of rhythm’s horn of absolute timing, catapult sound with conversational holding, man, man, man quartet of intellectual improvisation. Lester your trumpet was body of physical revelation, pushing forth executing fervor, fanatic displays of artistic motions, heard, heard atop lands of ascertaining splendor.

—after Arthur Blythe’s Sentimental Walk

Outside earth has pockets of sedentary sound unwound into sporadic splays of intuitional welcomes. Walking such pathways’ aggregated thought resembles mastery of visceral illusion, a mother’s wake and hold following the death of her opened visual attachment gaining by breaths of body-width portions, embrace release now, return shall aware my look into photographic prominence.

—after Miles Davis’ All Blues

Much leans learns from the aptitude of saddened occurrences: existence un folds in to portrayed dissections of relevant misfortune. Encompassing each limb-touch, directional-reach tethered hands’ innate manipulative devotion responds as many tongues do involving learned language lies of linguistic, egocentric magnitude.

—after John Coltrane’s Every Time We Say Goodbye

Air ruptures (bending bleed of catapulted wound) linear contours (our shadow) delineates, demands time away from devotional sameness, altruistic collages happy in the clashing of together-touching echoes created harvest grouped by similar salutations given into each aspect of our propinquity,


—after Stan Getz’s Autumn Leaves

Rolled [edge]s wrinkles of aged devotion, pardoned after realizing green only arrives, too appeases, in the virtual methodology of infant declarations. Orange skeletons dusty brown of burgeoned, predetermined scant living, wind’s various hands throw and tumble destroy and contain on the annual average of deuce-ace months prior to the dissipating heat hides within Winter’s forbidden mentioning of of humanistic warmth.

—after Fred Anderson’s Timeless

Daffodils manipulating scent, a mingling with varied violin-thick strings wind plucks and dissolves subsequent to a mighty hand’s unveiling imprisoned veracity.

A child’s episodic smile.

Reinvention, surplus dignity, time intertwining emanating function, found when happiness becomes accented circumference.

A mother’s devotional hand, holding opportune exhales her child geminates into allegory of changeless occupations.

—after Joseph Jarman’s Inheritance (Studio)

From the cumulous reaction gauged by the re-again dismantling of death-caused macrocosm, body begins floatation occupation, rising summary explanation, elsewhere causational surmised improper emotional graffiti across the forehead of enigmatic debuts of hankering for the alone-time malfunction.

—after Marilyn Crispell’s Vignette 1

Bodies, blended. Too, earth of eyes manifest emotional connection sans clichéd opacity of handholding, tongue touching ideologies, sameness. They, three women. Sit, stilled, your language of hush levitates within park’s unintended watching.

—after Mathias Eick’s December

Crows’ clawing caws bounce echo-dance stylized off window’s murkiness of tone, timid from annual shivers proposed by weather’s casual arrival, causal expectation thus invited, unaware wind of chilled vernacular binds to and controls levitates and demands excavated recollections Winter pronounces eagerly with elemental language of serial comprehension.

—after Enrico Rava’s Outsider

Constitutes denigration though humanized form of neon symbolism, flash portend, nightly whereabouts unscheduled positional fragrance wafting onto sedentary moments bountiful in eclectic eremitic hours sought in the transformation of meditation’s glory, italicized rummage maze unfounded vagabond mischief untamed hankerings.

—after Keith Jarrett Trio’s Facing East

Ab initio morning’s spray of enlightening angles fumes pilgrimage cross-variation disengaging lock of my sleeping obstructing vision. Outside a conversation of dreams: illusions abstract particles fulfilling whole dexterity renaming such tolerable machinery, laughter of humans comprising variation.

—after Michel Petrucciani’s Home

Not where the coat of my exterior journeys is nor where the bed of my night’s delectation resides altered devotion this definitional collaboration holding whole meaning of where home’s actual skeleton ages with my following shadow, this place of placement’s elegant construction is near the resting body of her spontaneous rest, the love of her need houses all walls needed to retrace physical commendation.

—after Chris Potter’s Vox Humana

Many revisions to the human’s many languages. Blended chants love|devotion to my contoured listening: waiting coalescence of spectacular communiqué. Heard I whispered your shape across the fogged angle of my onlooking mirror, your face a paused bouquet of scented adoration arriving predawn’s susurration of moveable euphony. return

—after Eric Dolphy’s Feathers

Manifest juncture—awkward variance, same-soul tributary mirror dance, self victim-not yet, yen to develop: positional aeriform. Wrapped in language, misunderstood: from the pastime of elegant mood swings, devouring often aggregated ambulation, distance, yes, the foray into valued articulating otherness. missing

—after Joe Lovano’s Cymbalism

Conjugated clatter(s) hand milestone rhythm prolonged respected hitherto unknown celebration based unbiased lean inclusive desolation manifold dispositional truancies collocated amid winding affirmation, thus anecdotal prosperity whispered valuation.

—after Miles Davis Quintet’s My Funny Valentine

You wear my envision for otherness’ aptitude slightly staring around the neck near my necklace gift hugs pound of living understanding. I: your now. I hear calling your voice though, altered wearing pink warm smile a sweater of organized cloth hugging too holding your nearness as mine evolves into distance’s visceral, covetous come here’s.

—after Misha Alperin’s Jump

Bumble bee. Butterfly weave. Wave. Child, searching, playing, alive. Audio curtailed audio whisper slide faint salt learning near architectural rust of pier’s aromatic stand. Pigeon. Personal attribute. Pleasure, introspective passing portion of life’s enigmatic sorrow, aware begun.

—after John Surman’s Not Love Perhaps Or perhaps not à la mode love: emphasizing artistic bodily curls body atop body of alphabetic formulations. Love then, yes: not the camera precisestilled version of physical prose: equate what the turning hand interprets beyond eyes’ disadvantaged myth, love the fundamental warmth unwrinkled amid wind’s delegated reposition of society’s focal misinterpretation. magazine gloss

—after Keith Jarrett’s Waves

Waves welcome shade and shape unfolding collocated virtues sacred within moments of avant-garde superstition. Said of a wave’s ending close against sand’s feet of tired explanations, a seagull dives into finding absence: the silver swerve of a fish’s dynamic configuration heals the pending death of balance, silence, avenues of trust unneeded upon rearranged, devotional methods.

—after Anat Fort’s This Is It

: the memory’s attenuation, grayed through language of incorporated age, mind malleable youth, performed acro bat ic ventures solely within solid manicured environs facilitating methods to hold and behold glances from deliberate braided stares. Names of syllables wind-west exits eventual in delusional tongues calling through fear’s myopic understanding: the body will bleach using versions of the outdated to frame through others’ watching body of once no longer alive though skin’s prism of textured scent rising into the eyes like boulders of light, causational realization. watching

—after Oregon’s Distant Hills

Resemble raised fists, paralleling anger’s unheard scolding toward noon’s overwhelming weight squat-pushing atop bladed green waving in fainting need hoping as does a missing child for salvation of embrace, contoured bodies featuring relief of unbiased veneration.

—after Uri Caine’s Shining Trumpets

Unlike the razor-edged grain of rooster’s alarming reciting predetermined prose of dawn’s electric lecture stating into squinting stares morning must become structure of panoramic phase, elongated. vociferation

—after Joshua Redman’s Unknowing

Rise flamed face physiological haunting heat says remarkable focus from a voice’s bromidic revisiting strolls: bracketed |control| thereby thorough in prophesied attempts though to come is the adjective unable to focus among the clarity of fashionable remorse. Aeolian verbs

—after Cecil Taylor’s Unit Structure/As of a Now/Section

Of segregated portions partial dialectic unbalanced foray, boredom suspected culture relapse finite, jubilation. Current verbatim the body bounces homonyms near descriptive differences, acknowledging rudimentary segments become whole and illusive near the tongue’s reiterating boundless, minimum redemption.

—after Paul Motian’s Blue Midnight

Such is fantastical drama -tization, fortune-blend, verb/adjective motivation of canescent rhythms haunting silent species of insomnia’s tattered possession. Oracles once named this night-name virtue symbol of relevant episodic occurrence; therefore with hiding shadows beneath worshipped volition of episodic hours, saddened understanding brands with meandering heat symphony of solid, reinterpreted openings. hybrid

—after Albert Ayler’s Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen

Or comprehends the logic of an absent skeletal persuasion. Percentage of vision’s elite myopic absurdities relates subjective definitional surplus—away from the open hand worries of appreciated understandings. Drunken conveyance the tongue mangles unique elucidation calming physical needs to weep and succumb directional to relevant expiry of beauty’s various misconceptions.

—after Albert Ayler’s Summertime

Bouquet of bombilating wings talk into the spiritual shadow of watching halos (vertically handheld) manifest upon redirected fantasies man ambulates of gifted maturation. Fire’s heat hangs more devoid of reconsidered names many recite into sleeping’s need to reconnect rest and the mundane pillow of insensate sides wrestling with the open mouth of incessant warmth, altered seasonal visitation.

—after Contemporary Noise Sextet’s Unaffected Thought Flow, Part 1



smiling bouquets of past present-tense circumstantial invigoration happenstance guiling noise, hurried reinterpretations of epochal guidance grazing mind’s section of closed retrieval, cut hands cannot reach beyond now’s content episodic replay of elongated happiness.

—after Keith Jarrett’s In Front

Renew, stare renew, hear fog climb into view desolate in contoured feel hugging limbs of forested confinement holds and



bodies, bland then alive as warmth of opaque beholds

cultural newness introducing topographical nuances sacred among light of slanting humor squinting their condescending morality. Live alive motion of embrace beautiful encouragement salient togetherness of familial formulations: enough true-enough gathering of sound unblocks the disremembering of visual farness, horizonal meaning curbed by truancy of needed resuscitation hiding found amid curled matter definitional pyramids base-heavy arch leaping toward crown of halo-worn apex.

—after Kurt Rosenwinkel’s The Cloister

Hiding behind element of glaze body, grayed near apparitional rising claims stares of curiosity’s innocuous hesitation. Blurred body, name of your clarity? Who upon the one of your mirror denotes flowering merger weaving sans hands of elemental fervor body or plural of reactionary function, embodiment of sustained abstraction?

—after Robert Glasper’s Maiden Voyage / Everything In Its Right Place

Light I whistle your numeric name, hum the shifting formation of shaped consolation abbreviated atop ground, wet with whereabouts of illustrated arid pronunciation. Gauging by and of necessary hyper asterisks mirages of halo-wearing clouds all is beheld softly, sans foreshortened notion of fix, fathom: expression demonstrated via hands of excavating donations. rename corporeal


—after Lennie Tristano’s Remember

the body bridges emotional salutations. Of remedy-based fiction embracing dissipated countersigns fidgeting with restless past holding nostalgia’s skeleton distant. Portions, the whereas notion truncated past into necessary halls of mind’s overwhelming shelter positing requested scented serial movement, visit, return among now’s catapult of progressive domination.

—after Danilo Perez’s Overjoyed

Encompassing written sounds heard of wings’ hummingbird rise into apparitional absence. Blurred alphabetic spelling of awed reconstruction. Her noise of smiling, morning greet body-spoken variant disparate than yesterday’s version of leaning appositional fatigue.

—after Pink Freud’s Police Jazz

Culprit pop u lar’s version of cultural catastrophe, posited frequent jubilation blindness broken unheard. Jazz I collect data of cuffed sustenance wearing my wrists with anecdotal jubil a tion setting name and etched conversational data into version of my preferential home of safe, dramatic demonstrations. sales, monetary mirrors

—after Contemporary Noise Quintet’s Evil Melody

Claw move or divide focal distributional wisdom. Of wings wearing wind as alabaster shawl, comforting. Hypnotized sense of proprietary function, melodious hands have woven voodoo portion of now’s invisible declaration: capture, comprehend thus your delineated focus becomes hardened but whole delicacy of subjective reformatted a taste. moment’s ability to visualize rudimentary clarity. Façade

—after Contemporary Noise Quintet’s Nautilius

Resemble such proficiency of sounds delve say understanding tongues of twirling mastication. Near bottom of topographical blur between system of drenched ventriloquism, sans legacy of motional monuments spoken of aromatic

portending serial noise of crash and causational fear fundamental reinvention of self among legacy of same-size erudition.

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