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Appendices continued

Eskom high-performance
utility model (EHPUM)
Develop the enterprise
Executive governance Treasury management

Scenario Stakeholder Governance policies Follow up Board member Corporate social Policies and Cash Financing
Diagnosis development management implementation and review training responsibility procedures management activities

Strategy and business development Business processes management Enterprise performance management Legal services

Corporate vision Organisational Key business Business Business Enable strategic Develop and Monitor enterprise Legal and Intellectual Corporate matters
and strategic structure drivers process process delivery alignment maintain measures performance commercial property management
objectives definition environment and reports operations management

Key success Growth Growth story

measure strategy financing Investor relations management Capital management
and prioritisation
Earnings Report stock
Operational strategy People skills and IS and IT Annual IR Shareholder base IR strategy Shareholder release performance Relationship Capital Capex management
competency model requirements framework marketing review targeting management monitoring management planning/allocation

Interim sustainability and external reporting Regulatory affairs and compliance Enterprise
risk management
Socioeconomic Socioeconomic Human Other Regulatory
Technical Environmental performance Safety Manage performance resources sustainability Regulatory strategy compliance
performance performance performance external requests integration Financial risk
(Phase 2) (Phase 1) performance KPIs management management

Safety, health and environment Non-financial

risk management
Industrial Management of Product Hazardous Dangerous Waste Manage defunct Manage
hygiene and safety health and wellness safety substance goods management mine and environment, Insurance
(IH&S) management management water use health and safety management

Global label Occupational Words for Windows Standard rules Reach compliance Environmental Basic tools
management health Interface compliance

Operate the business (generate and supply energy) Operate the business (transmit and distribute electricity)

Manage generation Operational Wholesale market Manage wires Plan, manage and Operational Manage the intelligent network
infrastructure excellence generation integration infrastructure execute work excellence wires

Manage generation Perform online Price and structure Establish Manage network
maintenance Manage work Manage distributed
asset investments maintenance transactions strategy operating generation
Manage asset
programmes and Manage plant Manage generation
new buildings operating integration
Define Manage planned
Manage Manage strategic Execute work
documents and asset Manage planned financial outages
outages generation maintenance plans
information trading Manage the meter

Third-party energy products and services

Manage forced Perform ISO Provide Manage
Core operations communications Process data
outages generation settlements meter assets
Plan and manage Manage forced environment
performance Manage supply chain outages wires
physical Manage Manage
trading meter assets meter reading Aggregate data
Wholesale customers

Generation production Construction/

Market operations

Perform contract

Retail customers
Manage generation settlements and Maintain Administer
production assurance reinforcement wires meter point

Operate the business (retail and customer operations)

Retail and customer operations planning and tariff management Execute customer service excellence
Manage customer
Forecasting and Customer service Retail pricing services core
planning planning operations

Service the operations

Manage HR and performance

Organisational HR HR HR
management Talent management Employee services administration operations support

Manage finance and tax

Treasury Provide Financial planning, General ledger and Financial close and Manage tax and Operational Manage revenue Accounts
management treasury services budgeting and financial master reporting compliance resources and tariffs Cash management Sundry debtors Travel services payable
control data management

Manage supply chain Eskom aviation

Requisition to Supplier relationship Contract Material and service Supply chain Integrated demand Manage warehouse Manage investment Provide fixed wing Provide rotary
management master file forecasting and Sourcing passenger transport wing service for
receipting development management management strategy supply planning and haulage recovery service maintenance

Perform engineering Fleet management

Manage engineering Manage engineering Provide Perform Perform Manage fleet

business project Manage technology Manage design base Design system technical assurance specialist engineering Support engineering technical services

Deliver projects Manage insurance

Portfolio Programme Planning and Project sourcing and Monitoring and Manage Manage Manage ESCAP
management management Project management scheduling contracting Cost management reporting policies claims Manage re-insurance financials

Manage real estate and facilities

Integration Knowledge Resource Stakeholder and Financial
Commissioning Environment management management management
management Risk management
management Develop real estate Perform site analysis Negotiate Plan and
strategy and selection project terms approve site project

Construction Regulatory and Quality Configuration Engineering and Scope Perform site Establish work place Maintain/repair Divestiture of real
management permitting management and document Health and safety Site management design management construction and assets workplace and assets estate and assets
management management

Manage IT services and business systems

Manage business and Manage
Manage IT strategy Manage enterprise customer Manage service Manage service Manage IT services information
and planning architecture relationships development transition technology risk and Enterprise business content management
Content Knowledge
Master data management management management
Identify master data Define conceptual Define detailed Build MDM Test MDM
requirement and Maintain master data Govern master data
design/architecture design/architecture environment environment
define master data

Support the operations

Manage logistics and construction

RRR core operations RRR accounts


Eskom Holdings SOC Limited  Divisional Report 2012 95