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Competence report Rhys Williams (373073)

Competence report
Level A
Competence report Rhys Williams (373073)

In the report below the reader will be given an overview of the competences (1-6) achieved
throughout the first year of the international sport studies bachelor from September 2017 to date. The
style of self-analysis will be conducted throughout the document using the STARR method (Situation,
Task, Action, Result and Reflection).

SK1 Sports Professional identity

Sports Professionals have a professional identity that combines sporting individuality with research
and creative ability, to be used to continually develop their individual and collective knowledge of the
professional group and field. They identify and explore opportunities in dynamic contexts, seeking to
establish dialogue and co-creation at various levels in order to create value, thereby positioning and
promoting the role of Sports Professional.

Competence 1.1 Reflecting and sport awareness.

The following section is broken down in to two parts. Firstly, a reflection of my personal and
professional identity within sport from a young age up until now. Secondly a STARR reflection
specific to a task completed within the first year of my bachelor.

Sports identity
My development as an athlete has a direct correlation to my childhood, upbringing and love for the
outdoors. I grew up by the coast in Wales. I partook in traditional sports. But living next to the coast
gave me the opportunity to participate in alternative sports too. I learnt how to sail, surf, kayak,
climb etc.

In the final years of my secondary school education, I applied for a work experience placement at
The Edge outdoor activity centre. During my 2 weeks placement at The Edge, I gained a positive
insight in to what it would entail to work within an outdoor activity centre not only running the
activities but also the maintenance, planning and preparation aspects. After the placement had
finished, I was offered a job as an instructor during the weekends. I carried on working at the Edge
for 5 years gained experience and a number of qualifications. I started off as a junior instructor,
progressing to being able to run the majority of activities and running the centre alone.

Working at the Edge enthused me to work within outdoor education, so decided to enrol in a 2-year
study in outdoor adventure activities, which I gained a triple distinction *.

I have great passion for skiing. I was taught by my aunt who lived in Switzerland. She set me up
with the basic skills to practice my techniques and encouraged me to join my local ski race club. I
raced for my local dry ski slope team and during my college period decided to improve my
technique by become ski instructor. I trained for a year including voluntary coaching work and
gained my first level, giving me the ability to teach skiing on snow.

After my study, I went on to work as a ski instructor, ski technician and ski tour representative in
Austria, for 4 seasons. During this time, I worked as a ski instructor teaching a range of participants
and abilities. I also had the opportunity to work as a Ski rep dealing with any problems, concerns or
helping to facilitate any particular needs of the group. I was also trained as a ski technician fitting
and delivering.

Sport gives a person many benefits these include reducing the risk of noncommunicable diseases
(cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease), help with mental illness by reducing stress, giving
them a time free of their normal daily routine.

I hold dear sport for these reasons, if everyone had the access and opportunity to partake in
regular sport, to enhance their lives by doing as little as 60 minutes of exercise per day imagine
what could be done to help society?

As a professional my aim is to use my passion for sport and the outdoors, by building on my past
experiences and qualifications to enhance my skills and future learning though my study I will be a
sport professional with a professional attitude who is positive enthusiastic, reliable, hardworking
and creative whilst maintaining a good work ethic.
Competence report Rhys Williams (373073)

I want to promote positive change through sport, creating a healthy and sustainable society,
working for and with communities helping them and the environment in which they are placed.

STAAR Reflection
During my study I have reflected my passion for skiing across to my peers, friends and lecturers. A
personal and professional goal was to create and portray my identity as a professional skier, to be
able to engage my passion for skiing within my study. Through networking with a sports studies
and honours lecturer Jim no a Njoe, I was able to project my skiing identity. The result of this was
an expanded network that lead me into the wintersport commission. This has produced the
opportunity to develop my skills a professional and has allowed me to use my previous experience
and knowledge to organise the wintersport school and lectures. To reflect upon this process, I feel
that by projecting my sports identity, I have been able to develop further skills within my education
and professional field.

Competence 1.2 Professional attitude.

Situation: During module 1.2 in the course Organisational advice. I undertook an internship at the
Bjoeks climbing centre in Groningen.

The aim of the internship was to conduct research and provide recommendations to the
organisation. During the internship, a professional rapport was created between myself and client. I
worked using appropriate manners working hard to achieve the desired outcomes and adopting a
suitable attire fitting the organisations environment. This was important in creating a positive
professional relationship. By creating a professional rapport, it allowed a clear and mutually
effective base for communication, which in turn allowed a smooth and methodical based approach
to achieve each phases goal.

Alongside the internship I was provided with relevant lectures which gave examples of different
skills on how to present, negotiate, interview and effectively communicate. From the lectures I took
the most appropriate styles of each skill. For example, when completing the confrontation matrix,
the knowledge of how to present the research and SWOT analysis (Strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities, threats) and communicate with the organisation views on each topic outlined.

Another example is when I completed a final presentation to the client explaining the final product.
The final product given to the organisation consisted of a networking platform for single climbers,
which allowed climbers without a climbing partner to have the opportunity to buddy with other single
climbers at Bjoeks when previously couldn't. The advantage of this for the organisation was to
create more business through a demographic of climbers who were unsupported as single
climbers. As the client had taken time to allow us to complete each phase of the project, a
professional dedication to the organisation was established and when the internship period was
over, an alliance of work continued to ensure that the product could be made a reality within the
organisation. A manual was created outlining how to physically set up the product. Personally,
making time to go to the centre and create a product manual was important to keep up the
professional identity already established. As a result of this the organisation was able to set up the
product which is now in use with 14 active members (please see Figure 1.1). The organisation
appreciated the dedication, work and product and decided to give payment of half a year’s climbing
worth €260.00.

Upon reflection of this process being within the working field. An understanding of the appropriate
attitude that should be adopted when working as an outside body with an organisation. When
approaching another internship, a similar approach will be taken but with the adaption to the next
clients style of work and environment.
Competence report Rhys Williams (373073)

Competence 1.3 Career development and professional training.

I have worked as a ski instructor and gained qualifications to teach people to ski on the mountain.
Currently I can teach a range of different abilities and groups.

I will undertake an adaptive ski teaching qualification which will allow me to further my skills and
give me the ability to teach people with physical and/ or mental disabilities. I believe by doing I will
develop my personal and professional skills which in the future can broaden my work and abilities.

Reflecting upon this, the course will not only enhance my teaching ability but also allow me to
project the new knowledge and skills which will be learnt across the whole of my personal and
professional career.

SK2 Adopt a methodical and evidence-based approach

Sports Professionals adopt a methodical approach. They support raising questions when dealing with
professional issues and, together with stakeholders, formulate the best possible solution, based on
careful consideration of various sources. In doing so, they contribute to the knowledge development
of the professional group.

Competence 2.1 methodical approach

Module 1.2 in the course Organisational advice during my internship at Bjoeks climbing centre in
Groningen. I developed my competence in working with a methodical approach.

The internship presented 5 different phases: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test. The
task of the project was to conduct research and provide recommendations to the organization. To
achieve a successful outcome, I firstly created an action plan which highlighted what action should
be done, where and what date they should have been achieved/ reviewed. Also, in this phase I
went to the organisation, met with the client and completed general research to obtain background
knowledge of the organisations situation which then allowed for creating an initial problem
statement. I could then outline the research methods I would choose when going in to the second
phase. In the second phase I conducted internal and external analysis in which I used the PEST
analysis method to research the Political, economic, social and technological factors influencing the
business. In the third phase I used the research I conducted to formulate a SWOT analysis
identifying and listing Bjoeks Strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. The SWOT analysis
could then be used to formulate a confrontation matrix which would be taken to the stakeholders to
review the needs, wants and wishes of each area and identify the most suitable approach to take.
To be noted when creating the confrontation matrix, I had my own personal opinions on the best
approach/ product for the organisation, after the session was over a completely different option was
taken which proves each step of this process is important. Phase 4 was prototyping the product
taken from the approach which was the networking platform for single climbers. I took the prototype
to the client and he gave us positive feedback and wanted us to create a final product to be
produced for Bjoeks to use in the future.

This process has taught me to take an approach that I wouldn’t have taken in the past. Previously I
would have created an un researched product and then go to the client straight away with my own
assumptions of what the organisation needed. In this scenario I created a well research product
which suited the needs and wishes of the organisation and has proved useful in reality. From this
working with a plan and outlined steps will be a future must.
Competence 2.2 knowledge worker
I worked as a pair with Mieke van den Akker in module 1.3 for the course Sports innovative
product. In this course the task was to research with a view to finding solutions to professional
issues and designing innovations with added value. A task that I undertook within this process was
to formulate research relating to the sub question that we had created previously in order to
produce an A0 research poster about our innovative product. A research question I completed was;
What stages of learning are supported by the product (Sport spirit pole)? To answer this, I firstly
reviewed a previous lecture on the stages of learning and combined it with desk research to gain
an overall picture how learning is broken down. I then took a look at the Sport spirit pole and
Competence report Rhys Williams (373073)

created an outline of what stages it could be potentially used for. Once roughly placing the benefits
to each stage of learning I backed my results up with further research. As a result of this both
Mieke and myself had a comprehensive view of how the product could be used at each stage of

To reflect on this process, I believe that this style of research worked well for this project. I was able
to understand the and review if the product we had ideated would be beneficial to the market. It
also allowed us to share our findings between each other and give feedback and whilst in the
process. The A0 poster created gave an in-depth knowledge about the product and the
environment it’s in.

Competence 3.1 Collaboration

Module 1.1 presented the opportunity to develop my collaboration skills within the sports events
course. Sports events was a group-based project where I worked in as part of a team of 6. The aim
of the project was to learn how to plan, implement and review a sports event.

Throughout the process I was required to collaborate with my team to effectively carry out
researches, organise the event and implement in to a tangible event. The event we ran was
Archery tag.

On the day of the event the expectation was that a number of participants who had already signed
up for the event would play a series of tournaments and result in a competition with a final winning
team. Unfortunately, only half of the perspective participants showed up. But this would not be a
problem. I saw an opportunity to collaborate with an international exchange day also going on
within the sports complex. I spoke with the leaders of the day and invited the exchange students to
join the event. I had a meeting with my team and asked if it would be more suitable to change the
objective from tournaments resulting in a winning team to drop in sessions where people could play
for fun and try out the sport. The team agreed and as a result of this action we increased our
turnout from 6 participants to 60.

I believe my collaboration with my team and the international exchange day ended up creating a
successful event and allowed the participants who signed up be able to have the full experience of
the sport.

Competence 3.2 Networking

For roughly 5 years I have worked as a ski instructor, ski technician and ski tour representative in
Austria in the winter season. From this I have gained a lot of experience working in the winter
sports industry.

Within block 1.3 I was fortunate enough to experience a talk from Charles Ruffalo who is known as
the Network King. Listening and interacting with Ruffalo I gained a sense of the importance of
creating a network and using it. This talk led me to a conversation with Jim lo a njoe who is a
lecturer for sport studies and is actively involved with the honours community in which I am
connected. In this conversation I discussed my previous experience in the ski industry and that led
to receiving an invite from a student in Jim’s network contacting me to become part of the
commission organising the 2019 ski trip.

This reviewed a point in which Chares Ruffalo stated “it’s not who you know, its who knows you”
and in this case I believe it’s a fitting a very relevant statement to make.

Competence 3.3 Positioning

In module 1.3 in the course ISP (innovative sports product) I created a new product which was
designed to prevent and rehabilitate spinal injuries the device is called the Sport spirit and is a pole
that gives its user a visual aid on their balance. Research behind the product showed that if the
users hands are level when completing an exercise, their shoulders and in turn core will be aligned
creating a balanced workout.
Competence report Rhys Williams (373073)

The task was to promote the product, to the target audience in the most effective fashion. To do
this I conducted research on marketing techniques and similar approaches in the field. I promoted
the product in a product market to my peers. Which allowed myself to gain constructive feedback. I
partook in a pitch with my project partner and presented the product to a panel of 4 judges, two of
the panel were our class lecturers and two were independent external bodies. We presented the
product and also gained feedback on the business proposal.

As a result of this one of the external bodies who helps small business start-ups asked for my
partner and myself to contact him to take the product further.

I believe that this use of using my personal network gaining feedback and promoting the product
through our presentation, I was able create a product that could be brought in to the market.

Competence 4.1 empathy in communication

In the month of February, I worked as a ski instructor and ski tour representative for a 1-week
period as a ski tour representative, your role is to work with the client to ensure their week goes as
smoothly and efficiently as possible. You work in communication with the lead party member of the
group and with the ski tour operator.

During the start of this week a problem occurred where a mis communication had a occurred
between the sales team and client. The problem was that the bus taking the party from the hotel to
resort wasn’t a private bus and had general population on it. This resulted in some of the group
who were all school children not having seats. My job as a ski tour representative was to resolve
this issue. Whilst resolving the issue I had to keep the party calm who were threatening to not let
the group ski the next day if the problem wasn’t solved. Even though I couldn’t get them a private
bus I had to keep the group happy, empathize with the situation and communicate the messages
back and forth from the group to the company.

The result of my actions keeping the group calm helped to resolve this issue. I asked the bus
company if they could pick our group up first in the mornings and afternoons allowing all members
of the party to sit safely. The group agreed to this option and were able to ski the next day. The
group will be returning the following year and left the trip happy.

To reflect on this, I believe I acted well in a high-pressure situation not promising to be able to solve
the issue and lie. I used my experience of working with groups and creating a certain environment,
staying calm and relaxed and thought logically about a solution.

Competence 4.2 Correct use of language

To gain an internship at Bjoeks climbing centre I had to use the correct use of language for the
environment. The task I took was to gain an internship at Bjoeks. The first approach I took was to
directly go to the centre and explain the internship and see if there was an opportunity to complete
it at the centre. On the day the manager was not available, so I communicated with the receptionist
to question the best way of contacting the manager. The way I was directed to contact the manger
was via telephone where I received the personal number for the manger Gert. I called Gert and
asked if I could have a few minutes of his time to propose my plan to complete an internship within
his centre. He replied with “yeah sure go ahead” which was a very relaxed response. I gauged from
this to speak in a tone which wasn’t too formal but still with a professional touch.

The outcome of this was that I could complete my internship at Bjoeks that he would help with any
questions and that I was allowed to visit the centre at any time. To reflect on the process of gaining
an internship place by communicating with the client which led into a successful internship.

Competence 4.3 means of communications and applications

Module 1.1 in course Sports event the first insight into the different use of communications and
applications. The project was to plan, implement and review sports events. The task was to
broadcast and promote the sport event to our target audience. I used a range of different
appropriate platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and email. I used Facebook to create a
Competence report Rhys Williams (373073)

Facebook event in which the participants could state their interest in the event and keep up to date
with what’s going on and planning. The Facebook event page also had links to an Email address in
which I was in charge of communicating with the clients about any queries and signing them up to
the event. Finally, I used Instagram which was also connected to the Facebook event page and the
Email address, I used this platform to also promote the event and regularly update the target

This method of communication to the target audience did work well although as an improvement to
future techniques of communication I would use paid social media accounts to reach a more
specific audience.

Competence 5.1 Engagement and sensitivity

Within the course Sports sociology in numerous occasions I was involved in class debates. The
class I am part of is multi-international with peers from all across the globe. Many of the class have
been brought up with their own set of strong values and sometimes values of class members can

The task of a particular debate was to debate the topic of whether women should be able to
compete against men in sports. My stance on the topic was that men and women are equal so
should be able to compete in competition. Members from the opposing team also had strong views
against my opinion. During this process I was able to stay calm and focused but also managed to
not take anything that the opposition said personally. I showed respect to their opinion and
reasoned whilst maintaining my position on the topic.

The result of my action was to win the debate and due to not only good points of evidence stated
but also the fact that I could reason with the opposition and stay level headed. I have taken the
same techniques in to further debates and have also managed to win my arguments.

Competence 5.2 Interculturalism

I chose to study sports studies outside of my own country to be able to learn and apply a diverse
set of knowledge and collaborations into my development as a student. My personal task has been
during the first year of my bachelor program to work with a variety of different people from different
backgrounds. I have chosen to work with different people in each group-based project to broaden
my skills and enhance my development. I also socially interact with all members within and outside
to class room environment. I have also chosen in a house with Dutch people and taken the
initiative to join a Dutch for foreigner’s language Course to be able to fully integrate in to my new

The result of this Is that I have gained an insight in to different people backgrounds, styles of
learning/ working and attitudes. I have been able to take away these attributes and develop myself
by incorporating them in my own techniques. I am enrolled on an accredited language course and
will aiming to achieve my Dutch level A2 by the end of the academic year.

I work well within different cultures and find that I am very open to people opinions and views. My
work with the international group has enhanced my view on sport in society and has been
embedded in to my daily values.
Competence report Rhys Williams (373073)

Competence 6.1 Ethics

Within class I have been able to identify my position within a number of professional issues.
Within block 1.2 a task was given to debate the controversy of Zwate Pete (black Pete). This topic
is controversial in the Netherlands as it is a Christmas time tradition that has occurred for a long
period of time but recently has been discussed for the potential racism which has been attached.

Having experienced this tradition in the past I was able to have a well-informed position in the
debate. I chose to debate the topic being against the tradition. Working within a small team we
discussed the topic and highlighted issues involved. I was then chosen to be the speaker of the
debate against one other peer. From discussions within my team I could relate with some of the
oppositions points and rebuttal with a backed-up answer. Result of this was that the teachers
judging chose my position in the debate as I showed sympathy but also the knowledge to back up
my statements.

This experience showed that I can not only have a strong view of a certain topic, but also accept
and respect other opinions, views and ethical beliefs on topics.

Competence 6.2 Citizenship

I am currently working on a citizenship project outside of the university setting where I am working
to raise awareness and funds for the refugee crisis. I am working within a team of 3 to promote and
raise money for an event we will be attending. The event is called Nacht van de vleughteling (Night
of the refugees). As a team we have already raised nearly €400.00. We will be walking through the
night 40km from Rotterdam to The Hague.

My task was to promote the event within my network to raise sponsorship. I created a team and
personal profile which could be shared through my network to explain the nature of the event and
how to sponsor.

The result of this was to raise an awareness and a monetary fund of around €400.00 which is still

This has shown that I can sympathise with social issues and engage within the community. I have
also shown that I have a moral understanding of current issues.

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