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FEA Course Contents

Workbench – Mechanical Introduction

Introduction Workshop 5.1 – Free Vibration Analysis
Chapter 2: Mechanical Basics Workshop 5.2 – Pre-Stressed Vibration
Workshop 2.1 – ANSYS Mechanical Analysis
Basics Chapter 6: Thermal Analysis
Chapter 3: General Preprocessing Workshop 6.1 – Steady State Thermal
Workshop 3.1 – Contact Control Analysis
Chapter 3: General Preprocessing (cont.) Chapter 7: Linear Buckling Analysis
Workshop 3.2 – Meshing Control Workshop 7.1 – Linear Buckling
Chapter 4: Static Structural Analysis Analysis
Workshop 4.1 – Linear Structural Chapter 8: Results Post-processing
Analysis Workshop 8.1 – Results Processing
Chapter 4: Static Structural Analysis Chapter 9: CAD & Parameters
Workshop 4.2 – 2D Structural Analysis Workshop 9.1 – Parameter Management
Chapter 5: Vibration Analysis

Mechanical Structural Nonlinearities

Nonlinear Overview
General Nonlinear Procedures
Basic Contact
Advanced Contact
Metal Plasticity
Nonlinear Diagnostics

Introduction to CFX

Introduction to CFD Workshop 5: Centrifugal Pump
CFX GUI and Workflow Demo Turbulence
Domains and Boundary Conditions Heat Transfer
Solver Settings CFX Expression Language
Post-processing Moving Zones
Review of Day CCL and Solver .out File
Interfaces, Sources and AV’s Overview of Advanced Physics
Transient Flows


Introduction Advanced 3D Geometry
Graphical User Interface 3D Curve
Sketch Mode Pattern Operation
Sketching Enclosure Operation
3D Geometry Mid-Surface Creation
Catalytic Converter Working with CAD
Working with CAD Fill and Face Delete
Parametric Modeling Enclosure and Slice
Catalytic Converter CAD Repair
Pulley Model with Parameters Parametric
Introduction Pulley Model with Parameters
GUI Navigation Concept Modeling
Static Mixer Line and Surface Bodies

DesignXplorer 12.0 Introduction Using DesignXplorer 12.0 Response Charts Parameters Correlation and Min Max Search Six Sigma DesignXplorer and APDL Workshop 1 – Design of Experiments Workshop 2 – What If Workshop 3 – Mechanical APDL Input File Workshop 4 – Goal-Driven Optimization (Support Bracket) Workshop 5 – Six Sigma Workshop 6 – Goal-Driven Optimization (Cylindrical Support) Workshop 7 – FLUENT Optimization Workshop 8 – CFX-Mechanical Optimization Introduction to FLUENT Introduction and Welcome Heat Transfer Modeling Introduction to CFD User-Defined Functions Solver Basics Advanced Physics Boundary Conditions Transient Flow Modeling Solver Settings Postprocessing with FLUENT and CFD- Turbulence Modeling Post Advanced Heat Transfer Topics ANSYS APDL Command Language Using Command Objects Named Selection Control Surface to Surface Radiation Phase Change Workshop 7-1 ANSYS Meshing Application Introduction Introduction to Workbench Sweep Meshing Meshing Application Overview Multizone Meshing Meshing Methods for 3D Geometries Meshing 2D Geometries Common Meshing Application Controls Mesh Quality Tetrahedral Meshing CFX-Mesh GAMBIT to DesignModeler and ANSYS Meshing Transition Course GAMBIT vs. DesignModeler and ANSYS Meshing approach DesignModeler ANSYS Meshing Static Mixer Multizone Meshing for a Tank Geometry with Piping Cleaning-up and Meshing an Airplane Geometry Example of Parameterization .