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Articles of Confederation

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*US operated under the Articles for 8 yrs-1781-1789
1. Franklin’s Albany Plan 1754: Join, Or Die
a. July 1775-Franklin submitted proposal to 2 Continental Congress
2. Richard Henry Lee (VA)-June 7, 1776
a. Submitted 2 proposals to 2 Cont Congress
i. Independence Decl of Indep
ii. Form a nat’l govt Articles of Confederation

Problems addressed by the Articles
1. Fear of strong nat’l govt
a. Make it Weak
2. Fear of some states dominating
a. Give all states 1 vote

1. Weak central govt (has few powers)
2. Congress: 2-7 delegates from each state, each state has 1 vote
3. NO Separate Executive or Judicial Branch

**Critical Period: pol and econ

Articles of Confederation
**States were Sovereign (power to rule)
Govt Could Do Govt Could NOT Do
1. Make Treaties 1. Raise an Army.
-each state own militia
2. Regulate Foreign Trade 2. Tax

3. Regulate Interstate Trade
4. Coin Money-each state had its own

Land Claims
1. State claims overlapped. Prevented states from ratifying Articles
2. MD-none

3. 1781-VA gave up land claims
a. All other states followed
b. MD Signed
c. Articles ratified, went into effect

Illinois. 3-5 states: Ohio. Section land into 6 mi townships 2 i. Northwest Ordinance-1787 a. Indiana. 5 Main elements i. 60. Sect 16-educ 2. No slavery 1. Any 4 sect-govt 2. Confederation Congress would appt Territorial Governor and 3 Judges ii.Problem: how would Confederation deal w/ land? 1. Townships-divided 36 one-mi sections 1. Land Ordinance -1785.000 free white men-apply for statehood 1. Rules for Governing w/ the Old Northwest b. Wisconsin . 5. Michigan.000 free white men-legislature iii. New states are equal to original 13 iv. Purpose: map and control the land 2 b.Thomas Jefferson a.

Daniel Shay’s Rebellion-Mass-1786 1. Central govt did NOT have enough power .