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Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees

September Board Meeting held on October 17, 2018

Members Present: Marie Black

Dr. Imogene Mixson
Bill Johnson

Also Present: Sandra Holmes, Library Director

Jennifer Simpson, Administrative Assistant

Absent: Marian Jenkins

Jewnita Clark

Marie Black called the meeting to order at 9:09 a.m.

Minutes from September. Dr. Imogene Mixson moved to have the September minutes
approved and Bill Johnson seconded. All were in favor and the motion passed.

New Board Member. Mr. Charles “Bill” Johnson has joined our Board. He is retired from the
military and has his own consulting business. He is replacing Mrs. Beverly Raley.

Circulation Report. Statistics for September are down. Our patrons are depending mostly on
the use of our computers.

Financial Report. We are doing fine. September completed our fiscal year and we are now
beginning FY 2018-2019. However, we must depend upon the County and City appropriations
to see us through. All codes are the ending totals for this fiscal year.

Old Business.
A. Library Update. Sandra and Jeff Devine submitted a $100,000 application for a grant
through Army Aviation Federal Credit Union. We are awaiting approval and should hear
something soon.

B. Amazon Sales. Our Amazon Book sales are continuing to do very well. We earned a
total of $58.67 this month leaving us with a bank balance of $21,661.66. Oscar is doing a
wonderful job.

C. E-Books. Our E-Books is doing very well. We went to Dale County Superintendent Ben
Baker and are coordinating to be in all county schools. We are working with the Ozark
City Schools to issue cards to students for E-Book checkouts. Andrew was first
contacted by the Librarian from Carroll High School and he will continue to oversee this
D. Children’s Library. We continue to offer Therapy Dogs, Art Classes and now have two
Pokémon classes. Cheryl Schwartzkopf is publishing a monthly advertisement of Library
activities that we offer.

E. Vanguard Account. Our Vanguard account is down $484.23 for the month of
September. It should go back up for the month of October due to stock market

New Business
A. Yearly Reports. Our State Aid application for 2019 has been mailed out, along with our
new organizational documents. We have another yearly report due December 15, 2018
to APLS which includes all of our statistics and financial transactions. Our Statement of
Fiscal Responsibility listing all money we spent on State Aid for the year is due January
1, 2019.

B. New Building Update. Our consultant, Ron Steensland, just finished his final report.
We forwarded it to the Architects who will use the information to begin the rendition.
The next step will be to submit the package to Barbara Alford at Wiregrass Foundation.

C. Big Book and Bake Sale. Our Book and Bake Sale that was scheduled for October 13,
2018 was cancelled due to Hurricane Michael. We have not scheduled another date as of

D. Christmas Luncheon. We will host our annual Christmas Luncheon on December 10,
2018. It is a potluck luncheon and the Library Board will supply the meats. Dr.
Imogene Mixson said we need to renew our efforts to bring people in. Bill Johnson
suggested we make a printed program with employee’s name and job title to recognize
these wonderful people. We also need to make sure the employees can come. Bill also
suggested we place our employee’s in the Southern Star complete with their name and
photo. Dr. Imogene Mixson made a motion to increase the Christmas Bonus and Bill
Johnson seconded. All were in favor and the motion passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:57 a.m., and the next meeting will be held on November 11th at
9 a.m.

Respectfully submitted by _________________

Approved by Secretary _________________