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December 2018 Volume 20 Issue 11

416 James Street
Ozark, Alabama 36360
Phone (334) 774-5480
Board of Directors

Marie Black
Imogene Mixson Bill Johnson
Marian Jenkins Christina Faulkner

Library Staff

Full Time Staff
Director Sandra J. Holmes
Genealogy/Reference Librarian Joni Wood

Part Time Staff
Admin Assist Jewnita Clark
Bookkeeper Jeff Devine
Children’s Librarian Cheryl Schwartzkopf
Processor Karen Speck
Circulation Clerk Darnell Johnson
Circulation Clerk/IT Andrew Godeke
Cataloger Lou Harry
Custodian Barbara Daniels
Circulation Clerk/Amazon Oscar Dunn

Statistics for November 2018

Circulation 3,409
Attendance 14,895
New Materials 99
Site Visits 7,518 Dale County Genealogical/ Historical Society
Borrowers on Roll 11,451 The Society will meet on Monday, December 3rd in the
Employment Searches 1,518 Alice Doughtie Wing of the Library at 6:00.
Internet Use 1,330 Everyone is invited to attend.
E-Books 633
Quote of the Month
Tuesday through Thursday
Those who declared librarians obsolete when the Internet 10:00 a.m.— 7:00 p.m.
rage first appeared are now red-faced. We need them
Friday and Saturday
more than ever. The Internet is full of ‘stuff” but its
value and readability is often questionable. ‘Stuff’ 10:00 a.m.— 5:00 p.m.
doesn’t give you a competitive edge; high-quality related
Closed on Sunday & Monday
information does.
-Patricia Schroeder
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FROM THE DIRECTOR The Story of LTC (Ret.) William A. Howell: Pilot for
Christmas is almost here with only 24 shopping days left President Dwight D. Eisenhower (Cont.)
until Christmas. For many this is a magical time of the year until he passed away in 2007. He enlisted in the
as young children’s eyes sparkle as they await the arrival of Army in 1938 and briefly left the Army in 1941 before re-
Christmas. However, all of us may not be so joyful enlisting after the Pearl Harbor attacks. During this time, he
especially if we have limited funds to purchase the fixings decided riding horses with an artillery unit was not his forte,
for a big feast or buy presents. But we all can strive to and in 1946 he pursued a career as an Army aviator where
make this the best Christmas ever by keeping our eyes ever he was both a pilot and instructor. He served 27 years before
on the real meaning of the season—the birth of our Lord
retiring in 1963 and making Ozark his home.
and Savior. Yes, we all enjoy exchanging gifts and being
Howell’s dedication and record as an aviator convinced
with family and friends, but let’s not forget those who may
not be so richly blessed. Be charitable and put some dollars his superiors and President Eisenhower that not only should
in the Salvation Army kettle or donate a few dollars or food he be one of the first helicopter pilots to fly the U.S.
to the Rescue Mission. They are out there on the front lines President, but also the commander of the Executive Flight
helping the homeless and needy; they need our help to help Detachment. Howell shared the responsibility of commander
them make their mission. No one in our great country with Marine Col. Victor Armstrong. Together they
should go without food or shelter, but it does happen. organized and commanded the Detachment comprised of 17
This is also a time of the year to attend various musical pilots and 25 enlisted men with the authorization for seven
events. Usually they are free of charge, and there is nothing helicopters. The helicopters of choice were the Sikorsky’s
like a live performance to bring home the feeling of 34s with improvements that included soundproofing, a
Christmas. Many churches offer wonderful music for all to
special radio communication system, upholstered seats, air-
conditioning, carpeting, and a closet. While under Howell
We continue with our special offer of fine-free days that
will last until January 5. Your fines and overdue items will and Armstrong’s command, the American Helicopter
be forgiven if you bring in one non-perishable item for each Society awarded the Kossler Award to the Executive Flight
$4.00 you owe. This is a great way to get your fines Detachment in 1960 for the greatest achievement in the
forgiven and help those less fortunate in our community. practical application or operation of a vertical flight aircraft.
All collected items will be given to the Rescue Mission to LTC Howell served as the Senior Army Presidential
be distributed throughout our community. helicopter pilot and a commander of the Detachment until
The Board and Staff wish all a Merry Christmas and a January 20, 1961 and flew the President 101 times before
Happy and Prosperous New Year. the end of his presidency. According to the February 25,
1971 article, “Ozarkian Former Special Pilot for Pres.
From the Creel Richardson Room Eisenhower” in the Southern Star, “Howell remembers
President Eisenhower especially as ‘the finest boss I’ve ever
By: Joni Wood
had. I’ve never met a friendlier person or had a finer
The Story of LTC (Ret.) William A. Howell: Pilot
passenger, since I’ve been flying…’’’.
for President Dwight D. Eisenhower
In 1957, President Dwight D. Eisenhower became
However, this was not the end of his notable aviation
interested in the utilization of helicopters as an expeditious career. Not too long after retiring, MG Jack Tolson
mode of travel. Although the Air Force and Secret Service, approached him to be the first curator/director of the Army
both of whom were responsible for the air transportation Aviation Museum at Fort Rucker in 1965. As a master
safety of the President, were not too keen on the idea, aviator with over 5000 hours of flight time, 312 of which
LTC William A. Howell assured all that he, too, had a were in combat, his qualification to pilot 14 different
personal interest in arriving safely to any given destination. airplanes and eight different helicopters, he was the perfect
And so began Howell’s notable achievement as one of the man for the job. He held this position until 1975 when he
first helicopter pilots to fly the President of the United resigned and became the Vice President of the Army
States from 1957-1961.
Aviation Museum Foundation.
LTC Howell was born in Climax, GA in 1919 and
To learn more about LTC Howell’s careers as both pilot
lived in Ozark while stationed at Fort Rucker from 1961
and curator, visit the Creel Richardson Room today!
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Bartered Brides by Mercedes Lackey Wiregrass United Way Michael Olive
Darling Dahlias and the Poinsettia Puzzle by Susan Friends of the Library Holly Kennedy
Wittig Albert Ozark Literary Club Sue Switzer
Desperate Measures by Stuart Woods Michael C. Smith ALPHA KAPPA
Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks Frank Carroll Chapter of Ozark
Gift of Bones by Carolyn Haines Floriselda Molina Jim Land
Next Person You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom Jim Martin
Street Freaks by Terry Brooks
Through Darkest Europe by Harry Turtledove
Timeless by R.A. Salvatore
Uncompromising Honor by David Weber NEW BUILDING DONATIONS
Under My Skin by Lisa Unger ALPHA KAPPA Chapter of Ozark
Unsheltered by Barbara Kingsolver Patricia Carlson
Vince Flynn’s Red War by Kyle Mills St. Michaels Episcopal
Heirs of the Kingdom Church
Walking Shadows by Faye Kellerman
Grace Knight
Wanted by Robert Crais
Joan Wilson
War of the Wolf by Bernard Cornwell
Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken
Western Star by Craig Johnson From the Friends of the Library
When the Lights Go Out by Mary Kubica By Mary Harry
When We Found Home by Susan Mallery
While You Were Sleeping by Kathryn Croft Merry Christmas!! As we come to the end of
Whispering Room by Dean Koontz another year, I would like to take the time to thank
Why Kill the Innocent by C.S. Harris everyone for a great year! We have had great
Wicked Deeds by Heather Graham programs and started on our biggest project- A New
Wife by Alafair Burke Library! Looking forward to Great success in the
Willing Murder by Jude Deveraux New Year!
BESTSELLER LARGE PRINT FICTION The Children's Christmas Party is the 15th with
Christmas Prayer by Wanda E. Brunstetter all looking forward to Santa's arrival. For Popcorn
Cottages on Silver Beach by RaeAnne Thayne and a Movie we will have The Lion King on the 5th
Darkwater Secrets by Robin Caroll and A W rinkle in Time on the 28th.
Digging in by Loretta Nyhan Our Book Club's next book discussion will be
Everything She Didn’t Say by Jane Kirkpatrick the 11th of December. The book will be The
Good Luck with That by Kristan Higgins Jefferson Key by Steve Berry. This book is full of
Heart Land by Kimberly Stuart mystery and intrigue, dating back to the Founding
House Next Door by Susan Page Davis Fathers.
Lighthouse Beach by Shelley Noble We are still seeking nominations for
Like There’s No Tomorrow by Camille Eide officers. Please consider stepping into a leadership
Matchmaking for Beginners by Maddie Dawson position during this exciting time.
Memory of Butterflies by Grace Greene
Night Gaunts by Joyce Carol Oates
Noel Diary by Richard Paul Evans Book Discussion Group
Patchwork Bride by Sandra Dallas
River to Redemption by Ann H. Gabhart The Friends of the Library’s Book Discussion
Sailing Lessons by Hannah McKinnon Group will meet on Tuesday, December 11 at 2:00.
BESTSELLER NONFICTION We will read and discuss the book The Jefferson
12 Rules for Life (170.44 PET) Key. This is a book you will love because it is filled
Brief Answers to the Big Questions (500 H) with mystery. Come join us.


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