Organizational communication of brac bank Table of Content: 1. Executive summary 2. Acknowledgement 3. Objective of the report 4.

Scope of the report 5. Methodology 6. Limitations 7. Body 7.1 Forms of communication 7.2 Networks of communication 7.3 Methods of communication 7.4 Flow of communication 7.5 Use of technology 7.6 Ways of communication 7.6.1 Written 7.6.2 Oral 8. Recommendations 9. Appendices 2 3 4 4 5 5 5 5 6 7 7 8 8 8 8 9 10

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In the report we took the theory of different forms and networks and ways of communication and showed its implements in real life and compared and contrasted between theory and use in real life where it occurred. limitations. scope. This report include the objective. Unique group 2 . methodology. networks of communication.Organizational communication of brac bank 1. ways of communication in real life approach and as well as the technology usage for communication in that particular organization. recommendation of this report as well as the facts and findings as well where it describes the forms of communication. Executive Summary: This report is on about the organizational communication of brac bank gulshan branch. direction of communication.

BRAC Bank Limited. Shafqat Rizwan Chowdhury. We shall so grateful to Mr. Abdullah Al Mamoon. containing specific guideline regarding the preparation of this report and for her cooperation and guidance. All admin staff of BRAC Bank Limited. We are also grateful to them. Senior Manager. 1 Gulshan Avenue Dhaka 1212 Subject: Acknowledgement Letter. Thanks & Regards Unique Group Unique group 3 . Shahin Iqbal.Organizational communication of brac bank 2. We also like to thank the Department Head of GIS Mr. we would not be able to prepare this report. \Last of all a special thanks for our course faculty. Otherwise.Annex Building. The Regional office’s other officers and staffs also helped us by providing the actual data and correct information.M. & Officer S. General infrastructure Service Department. Head Office. Acknowledgements: To Head of HR BRAC Bank Ltd. who has helped us very much by providing us various documents and information about organization communication process flow and its impact on communication of BRAC Bank Limited which is the topic of our report. Dear Sir We would like to pay our sincere gratitude to almighty Allah for giving us the required patience and knowledge to prepare this report.

Scope: This report covers all sort of communication going in brac bank. The long term objective of this report is to help to find out if current system need any development or upgrade and how to do that upgrade or development in easy and quick way and in minimum spending as well. 2007.while working on communication we focused on brac bank gulshan branch’s communicational network. It’s the modern proven effective communication process for an organization. 4. direction of communication. Brac Bank Limited is a scheduled commercial bank established under the Bank Companies Act. The range of this report covers anything and everything related brac bank gulshan branch from 12 July. 2007 till 22nd July. It’s one of the fastest growing banks in the country for the last two years and leader in SME financing through 350 offices also they have the large ATMs (Automated Teller Machine) & POS (Point of Sales) network 3. both short term and long term objectives. form etc as well as find out the limitations of communication in that particular organization. To conduct this report we have chosen Brac Bank. 1994 in Bangladesh. The primary objective of the Bank is to carry on all kinds of banking businesses. The short term objective is to draw and represent the current state and condition of communication network. Objective: This report serves two types of objective. Unique group 4 . forms of communication. 1991 and Incorporated as a public company limited by shares on 20 May 1999 under the Companies Act. methods of communication and the technology used in communication. gulshan branch.Organizational communication of brac bank Introduction: Organizational communication is one of the vital parts of an organization.

internal operational communication is the communication done in conducting work within a business. Not only that. Then we had sorted the information and rearranged it. After gathering all information we note them down. The web site of the bank does not help much as well to provide information without contact numbers if any one needs help. gulshan branch communicate with customers.1) Forms of communication: In an organization there are three forms of communications normally. gulshan branch. To find out the answers we at first research in internet. The limited amount time was another limitation we had because this is such a huge subject too report about. Brac bank gulshan branch is no exception. Then we arrange an appointment with the manager of the gulshan branch of brac bank. Methodology/Data analysis: To complete this report we first created a list of questions known as questionnaires and start looking for there answers which we believed will be necessary to complete this report. Then we interviewed a customer of brac bank. Unique group 5 . Facts and findings: 7. 7. He gave us most of the in formations we been looking for. he also arranged meeting with his collogues one by one from whom we got a lot of other useful information of different levels officials. From him we found how the staffs of brac bank. From there we filter and keep the really necessary information. not because they are not willing to give us information but they were too busy in there work to give us time while working. The scope of this report is so huge that we could only touch the main facts about this topic: organizational communication of brac bank.Organizational communication of brac bank 5. For those curved eyebrows questioned looking face. 6.Limitations: To finish this report the biggest problem was to find out the real life facts from the officials of the organization. After all these we checked again and confirmed all data we submitted is correct and add words around it to complete this report. in books and in related articles which been published. gulshan branch. Since we mainly focused on organizational communication. we will talk about internal and external communication in brac bank gulshan branch and we will obsolete personal communication.

and this would be a real life external operational communication. Here asking the customer support officer the branch manager did internal operational communication.Organizational communication of brac bank Actually internal communication business inside the business. the branch manager replied. 14237 different paper work was done and they were all on internal Unique group 6 . considered as internal operational communication. AS an example. a customer of brac bank. This month in brac bank. official orders. memorandums are the most common thing they had to face which are basically internal operational network and all these activities not inside the branch only but when all these happen between branches or from head office or goes to head office. operational communication 2 external 37% 1 internal 63% When been asked what are the good example of internal operational communication. official works. gulshan branch internal communication was done 63% and external communication was 37% only. On the other hand the work related communicating that a business does with people and companies outside the business is external communication. where when we went for the interview. the branch manager managed an interview with the customer support officer by asking him to give us time. the branch manager told us. when he open his account a teller helped him all the way to open the account. request. Ahmed. Mr. He also added a note that it’s not an exact figure but very close to that. who have accounts in gulshan branch told us.

7. and they are formal network and informal network.2) Network of communication: There are basically two types of networks in communication. Written communication fits in all kind of organizational communication process. which consist of all the communication of its employees whenever they get together. It also involves longer number of cycle. deposit or withdrawn of money. Then let’s find out what is the case for written and oral communication. Written communication is more likely to involve creative effort. Though both types of the network are well established in brac bank gulshan branch but formal network is followed in realm of communication most of the time by the employees of the organization. gulshan branch of brac bank vastly dependent on written forms of communication which is very much provides an evidence of any order or job as well and that is why written forms of communication so vastly used in organizational communication. where the number is 9374 for external operations like customer services. On the other hand secondary or informal network. Formal network is well established and maintain the chain of command. Like most other organizations.3) Methods of communication: Three major ways to communicate with each other are: o o o Written Oral Non-verbal Non-verbal is used so less in organizational communication that we an ignore it. the secondary network is highly complex and dynamic and continuously changing. 7.Organizational communication of brac bank operations. According to the branch manager of brac bank gulshan branch. Oral communication is also known as face to face communication. written Unique group 7 . It has limited number of cycles. It is only used with oral communication to strength the speech.

5) Use of technology in communication: In brac bank gulshan branch for communication they enjoy the facility of modern technology for communication. 7. 2% of official work may be done with oral communication. The branch manager of gulshan branch brac bank remembered an event occurred an year ago when all the 3rd grade officials of brac bank demanded for an incensement of there salary to the general manager of brac bank. Fax and Xerox machine have there own role to play in an organization and they are really needed in these days. 7.6) The ways of communication. For sending e-mail they use internet and personal computer. With all these they enjoy the services of national mail service. When a job and order is ordered by the senior officer and is done and distributed in junior officer then the communication goes downward and when a group of junior officers ask there immediate boss for something then that is a upward direction communication. Xerox machine etc they use in the office for communication. Email is fast and efficient though its not that confidential but serves good enough security for the office work in a branch of a bank so brac banks gulshan branch use this facility without any hesitation and use it most than any other way. Computers. 7.4) Flow of communication: There are two types of direction of communication and they are upward and downward directions. Again in regular work life most of the communication going on upward direction like when the branch manager orders the tellers to cash out some money order. This shows how the communication circulates in an organization. Telephone and intercom are another quick way to communicate with each other though telephones are quite more expensive than other communication service and realm of intercom is really very small. intercom. in real life approach: In real life the officials of brac bank gulshan branch communicate in many ways and we can divide them mainly in two ways and they are Unique group 8 . telephone. fax machine. internet.Organizational communication of brac bank forms are most likely to use around 98% in the branch. which we can say a good example of upward direction of communication.

Through mail and e-mail officials ask or order for some job to do both in upward or downward direction. speech and interview is different ways of communication in brac bank gulshan branch. reports etc.6.6. Meetings are normally held in same grade officials most of the time. adjusting schedule and things like that. Again a meeting of managing directors was announced because of this demand and there the directors of the board decided the demand of the officials is realistic but the bank doesn’t have the infrastructure and fund to rise the salary now.Written  7. memorandum.Organizational communication of brac bank  7. so they will rise the salary next year and so this year all 3rd grade officials got a pay rise as well as 1st and 2nd grade officials as well.Oral Written: in office when officials communicate through different written documents or papers such as application. Oral: Meeting. Unique group 9 . mails. to find out the problem an interview is arranged with the conducted officials with his senior official and fix the problem. e-mails. An application is used for upward direction communication for request mainly for leave. Speeches are normally given in general meetings like annual meeting.2. Last year all 3rd grade officials had a meeting among them where they decide they want to demand for a pay rise. letters. Memorandum is mainly for downward direction to send notice to general officials where report is delivered when asked by senior officials or in general purposes like general annual meeting. Interview is taken when there is a complain about any officials from any customer.1.

Recommendations: Communication in brac bank is well organized and modern. Still we have some major things to recommend to Brac bank • • • • There web site should provide more information and should be more user friendly. The bank authority should provide more training session on both internal and external operational communication. brac bank. space and opportunity to interview officials as well as customers would help this report to dig down more in the communication of this organization.Organizational communication of brac bank 8. It will go fine with 21st century’s challenges. A bigger amount of time. They should use e-mail for internal official purpose and should use e-mail and traditional letter for customers. Unique group 10 . All the officials should have access to the database to save there important e-mails and data from website.

Appendices: Reference: 1. What are the forms of communication used in this branch? 7. What do you think about the customer service of brac bank gulshan branch? (To a customer) 2. What are the directions of flow of communication goes in here? 13. Which method of communication they use? Which they prefer and are they comfortable with there uses of methods of communication? 11.Organizational communication of brac bank 9. What do you do when any problem occurs? (To a customer) 5. Do they provide trainings for there officials for communicating with customers? Unique group 11 . What type of network is followed in here for communication? 10. Are they helpful? (To a customer) 4. Do you keep all records? 9. Model Business Letters By Shirley Taylor 4.bracbank. What percent of internal and external communication happening here? 8. Technical Communication By Meenakshi Raman and Sangeeta Sharma 5. What type of technology they use and what for they use those? 12. www. Business communication By Raymond Lesikar 2. Organizational Behavior By Stephen Robbins Questionnaires: 1. The support from the official is that sufficient? (To a customer) To organization: 6. Are tellers good in communication? (To a customer) 3.

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