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(Mastan Baig K Z)


To provide the highest standard of health, safety and environmental (HSE) that benefit to both the company
and the client by creating a safe working environment resulting in a significant reduction in injuries and
accidents, increase productivity and less unscheduled disruption.


Examination University Institute Year %
Diploma Department of Technical Panchasheela 2016 67.12
(IT) Education, Bengaluru Polytechnic, Bengaluru
SSLC Karnataka Secondary National High School, 2009 48.48
Education Examination Basavanagudi

QC Inspector & HSE Officer:

Preparing Monthly and Weekly Safety Statistics report for all projects and responsible for all projects
overall safety management system implement on site.
Motivating workforce on safety-education to personnel’s by training and conducting its promotion
activities. Take care of remedial measures at work shop floor & at site, advised on same to management
about shop floor & site safety rules and regulations. Conducting Daily, Weekly, Monthly Safety Meeting.
Conduct Daily Tool Box Meeting and Safety briefing to all company’s visitors. Conducting Risk
Assessment Training. Inspect Electrical Tools, Gas Hose for safety precaution measures.

Take part in the safety inspection as per plan schedule by Client. Inspect Lifting Equipment’s. Obtain
required personal protective equipment. Conducts Scheduled medical surveillance screenings. Address fire
watch responsibilities all around the company. Conduct Electrical Safety and Tag-out requirements and
training. Implementing and using Hazard Abatement Plan with particular emphasis on those hazards
representing an occupational safety and health concern. Implement the safety procedures to the contract
employees. Inspecting and rectifying any unsafe act at workplace.

Update the HSE register book based on the daily observation. Follows NEBOSH rules & regulations.


Control manpower for all Projects by scheduling overtime for allocations at site with safety guidelines.
Prepare daily and monthly time sheet for all staffs. Arrange transport schedule for allocations. Maintain
records for Individual staff particulars and all reports. Prepare weekly and monthly Manpower plan for all
Projects with accidental measure reports.

 To promote understanding and realization about environment to everyone in the company. ANSI.  To monitor environmental management system according to the policy of ISO 14001.  Monitored and maintained all fire safety equipment and various other apparatus. OHSAS 18001/ 18002.  To report the result of environmental management system implementation to executive board meetings.  To follow the environmental policy and aware of environmental negative impacts.  Accountable for compliance with environmental emission limits.  To support the implementation of the environmental manager representative (EMR) and environmental management system committees. SKILLS:  MS-Office (MS Power Point. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES:  Establish and ensure implementation of the HSE and security Management System and Plan on the all construction / Maintenance phases ensuring compliance with OSHA. Windows 7. 9001.  Incorporating activities for facilities with contractors and suppliers.PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION:  Certified on Environment Health Safety ISO 14001. MS Excel. 10  Having good knowledge of Networking .  Ensuring correct safe systems at work procedures were adhered all the time.National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  NEBOSH International General Health and  Safety in Safety Engineering .June 2016. NEBOSH. Bangalore .  Provided full and comprehensive training and inductions on Safety to all new employees. 8. handling real-time servers  Operating System: MS-DOS. software and hardware  Having knowledge of autocad  Having knowledge of Computer networking.  Conducting environmental inspections to improve organizational safety. and OHSAS 18001 . & NFPA standards.  Responsible for monitoring the testing of inward all materials & reporting.January 2016. MS Word)  Can design different types of innovative presentations  Installing different operating systems. LTD Duration: June 2016 – Till Date Designation: Safety Officer and Site Supervisor. API. Windows XP.  Reporting to the Safety Manager with clear observations and feedback of Safety. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Company: Meher Advanced Materials PVT.

editing. Hindi and Kannada I hereby declare that the above particulars are furnished by me is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. Thanking You Yours Faithfully (Mastan Baig KZ) .O.  Can do various printing. Bapujinagar. India Passport Number: Z3923392 (D. 2nd Floor.560026. Personal information: Name: Mastan Baig K Z Father’s Name: Zaiyaulla Baig Date of Birth: 21/12/1992 Gender: Male Marital Status:Single Nationality: Indian Religion: Muslim Address: #160.E: 08/09/2026) Languages Known: English. 12th Cross. Bangalore . Troubleshooting etc. Karnataka. 1st Main Road.