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Quiz No.

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Direction: Test II. True or False

Read each statement carefully and supply them with the best Write (/) if the statement is true and (X) if the statement is false.
answer. Any forms of erasures are strictly prohibited. ____1. A display device is an output device that visually
conveys text.
Test I. Multiple choice ____2. A microphone produces music.
Write your answer before the number. ____3. A photo printer is a colour printer that produces photo
1. Which of the following is/ are example/s of input quality pictures.
device/s? ____4. Output is the result of raw input data that has been
A. Keyboard C. Microphone processed by the central processing unit into meaningful
B. Monitor D. Digital Camera information.
____5. A Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) projector uses its own
2. Input devices give information back to the computer light source to project what is displayed on the computer on a
user. wall or projection screen
A. Always true C. false ____6. A digital light processing (DLP) projector uses large
B. Sometimes true D. Slightly false mirrors to reflect light which can be seen clearly in a well-lit
3. Video card and sound cards are both examples of ____7. A video camera is an electronic device used to capture
processing devices. and store photographs digitally
A. Always true C. false ____8. The computer uses an output device to show us
B. Sometimes true D. Slightly false something.
____9. We use input devices to tell the computer what to do.
4. Which of the are the examples of storage devices? ____10. A port joins a cable to the system unit.
A. Floppy drive, hard drive, ROM
B. Floppy drive, hard drive, video card Test III
C. Floppy drive, CPU, monitor Identify the following whether output, input or storage device.
Write O for output device, I for input device and S for storage
5. CPU is a short form for: device.
A. Computer Performance unit ___1. Scanner ___6. CD ___11. DVD
B. Computer Processing unit ___2. Monitor ___7. Touch Screen ___12. USB Flash drive
C. Central Processing unit ___3. Webcam ___8. Light Pen ___13. Keyboard
D. Central Programming unit ___4. Headphones ___9. Smart Board ___14. Mouse
___5. Printer ___10. Microphone ___15. Hard drive
6. A CPU is an example of a/n:
A. Input device C. Processing device Rearrange the Procedures
B. Output device D. Storage device Direction: Rearrange the following procedures in their proper
order. Use numbers to indicate their order of precedence. The
7. A computer keyboard is an example of a/n: first number is done for you.
A. Input device C. Processing device A. Personal Computer Disassembly
B. Output device D. Storage device ____1. Detaching the Hard Drive
____2. Detaching the power supply
8. Which of the following are examples of output ____3. Opening the outer shell / case
devices? ____4. Pull Out the Motherboard
A. Mouse, keyboard, monitor ____5. Removing the CD / DVD Drives
B. Microphone, speakers, headphones ____6. Removing the CPU fan
C. Monitor, speakers, headphones ____7. Removing the system fan
____8. Unplugging all the cables and wires
9. Which of the following is a visual device that displays ____9. Removing the RAM
the information?
A. Printer C. Touch screen
B. Monitor D. Keyboard

10. Which of the following is a printed-circuit boards (also

called interface cards) that enable the computer to use
a peripheral device?
A. Connector C. Buses
B. Port D. Adapters