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1. At what age do people usually begin to work in your country ? 4. Do you think it is more
2. A what age do people usually 3. Do you think women can important to make a lot of
retire in your country? have the same jobs as men? money or to enjoy your job?

5. Would you like to do the same 6. Do you think 7. What are the qualities a good
job all your life? why? Why not? people over 65 can boss should have ?
still work?
8. What are the advantages and 10. Do you think a comfortable
disadvantages to a good job ? 9. What is the difference workplace is of capital importance?
between work and a job ?

11. Would you like to 12. Would you accept to work overtime ? if
attend a lot of meetings so, would you like to be paid more or would
for your job ? you rather have days off?

13. Would you like

to have to do a lot
18. What three of paperwork ?
adjectives would
describe yourself
best … 14. Would you like
to use a computer
as a worker? much ?

as a colleague?

as an employer 15. Do you think

or employee? colleagues will have
a big role in your
job? Explain.

17. Do you think you could 16. Do you consider yourself

become a workaholic ? as an ambitious person at

20. What do you think is the most

19. Why are some jobs more popular than
interesting job and what do you think is
the most boring job ?