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Chiller Maintenance Checklist

Chillers are a critical element in HVAC systems. Chillers take the heat out of the air and also
are implemented in industrial settings to cool down equipment. This checklist is designed to help
chiller owners and maintenance personnel conduct detailed and reliable maintenance on
air-cooled chillers.

Air-Cooled Chiller Maintenance & Inspection Checklist

1. Follow this list as you inspect and maintain your chiller. Each item is important and
diligent chiller maintenance will save money and make the system last longer.
2. Inspect water inlet and outlet for leaks
3. Clean out and inspect the sump for corrosion
4. Cooling coils need to be inspected and surfaces cleaned. Check for leaks, corrosion, or
bent fins
5. The zone control actuators should be inspected, cleaned, and all adjustments made
6. The compressor needs various areas checked, these include: refrigerant charge,
vibration, crankcase heater, oil levels and changes, operating temperatures, and if there
are any leaks of refrigerant or oil.
7. Condenser fans should be cleaned, bearings need to be checked for wear and
lubricated, and belts and couplings need to be checked and tightness checked or
adjusted as necessary.
8. The condenser coil should be check for corrosion and leaks and all finds or combs need
to be checked for bent sections.
9. The electrical disconnect should be inspected for proper operation and the contacts
should be inspected and cleaned.
10. The exhaust air damper needs to be inspected for proper operation, have the bearings
lubricated, and calibrate or adjust it for optimal operation.
11. Return air dampers also should be checked for proper operation, calibration, and
bearings be lubricated.
12. The fresh air damper should also be inspected, calibrated, and bearings lubricated.
13. The filter dryer also should be inspected and any old, dirty, or damaged filters be

When To Inspect Chillers

Chillers should be inspected and maintained at least 2 times a year in areas where they are only
used during the cooling seasons, or 4 times a year in areas that cool in all 4 seasons. Quarterly
inspection helps your chillers, HVAC system, and cooling towers last longer and run more
Maintained Chillers Operate More Efficiently
Using this checklist you can get better performance out of your chiller and cooling system. The
better maintained your chiller is the less energy it uses, and that saves you money on utilities.
As the chiller and HVAC system is one of the largest draws of electricity in many commercial,
industrial, and medical facilities it is important to inspect, maintain, and repair chillers. Regular
inspection and chiller maintenance will help save money and make the system last longer.