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THE USA: ‘CIVILIZATION’ : Questions you must know how to answer

1.What continent are the USA situated on? North America

2.What’s the population of the USA? 320 million people
3.What oceans is it washed by? The Atlantic and the Pacific oceans
4.Does it have several climatic regions? Yes, the coldest region in the north and subtropical region in the south.
What mountains are there? The Rocky Mountains, The Cordillera and the Sierra Nevada
5. What is also an important part of The lakes and rivers: the state of Minnesota, for instance has 10 000
American geography? lakes. The longest rivers are the Mississippi, the Missouri and the Rio
6. Name some big cities in the USA New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, Boston, Houston,
San Francisco
7. What’s the capital of the USA? Washinton DC
8. How would you characterize the
people who live in the USA?

Smile 1) To begin with - that smile. You’re walking down the street, and you catch the eye of a
complete stranger who will throw you a beaming smile. Smiling, even at strangers, is just
considered to be a basic signal of politeness in the States.
2) Along with the American smile, eye contact is compulsory in America. If you don’t look
Eye contact at someone in the eye whilst making conversation it is just seen as rude.
3) American asks you “How are you?” they are not expecting you to give them a detailed
analysis on your wellbeing - a quick “fine” in response is sufficient. Nevertheless,
How are you? Americans can be more sensitive on subjects such as politics and religion than Europeans,
refrain from openly bringing up these topics at social events.

4) Americans put much more emphasis on patriotism than Europeans. Being a patriot is a
way of life in the USA. The term is rarely used in Europe. Few Europeans would mind
Patriotism rational critics of their country's government, while a good deal of Americans find them
offensive or disrespectful (especially from non-Americans). Some Americans go as far as
regarding criticism of their government as a personal attack. Europeans are only too
happy to hear other people criticising their own politicians or their country's problems.
5) Due to their great ethnic and religious diversity, Americans have developed a more
acute sense of political correctness, in an attempt to soothe frictions between the various
groups. Europeans still associate very much with their place of birth with their ethnicity,
Tolerance language and culture. In fact, until recently, adjectives for language, ethnic group and
nationality would often. In the US (almost) everybody has the same nationality and
language, and it is ethnicities and religions that differentiate people first, hence the
greater importance for respect toward other ethnicities and religions in the USA.
6) Americans like politically correct language: black people are called ‘African Americans’,
red skinned people are called American Indians, you can’t say Yankee, say north American,
you can’t say Redneck, say Southerner disabled people are called ‘physically challenged’,
deaf people – ‘hearing impaired’, retarded are called ‘people with mental disabilities’,
Is it name or surname?
housewives are called ‘full-time mothers’, waitresses, actresses and stewardesses –
waiter, actor, flight attendant, the list goes on.
8) Americans are possibly the only people in the world who have taken the habit to use
surnames as given names, and this trend is getting increasingly popular. These are names
like Jackson, Cooper, Harrison, Mason, Jenson, Austin, Sheldon, Tyler, Riley, Dylan,
Bradley, Roy... They are mostly boy names, but girls aren't immune either. Taylor,
Names and surnames Cameron, Mckenzie, Addison and Maddison are just a few examples.
9) While marriage is increasingly seen as a completely optional "folkloric tradition" in
Europe, it is still quite important in the USA (probably because religion is also more
important there). Statistically Americans marry much more than Europeans, but also
Religion and marriage divorce more. Gay marriage, now legal in several EU countries and hardly an issue for
debate in Europe (because of the little importance of marriage in Europe nowadays), is
still opposed by a big part of the US population.
4) Americans eat out a lot, and in addition portion sizes tend to be very large, so it’s
considered normal to take home the leftovers from a restaurant for tomorrow’s lunch.
5) Americans are hard working people and always plan their weekends in advance.
Food culture 5) Despite their obsessive behaviour with regards to hair, anti-ageing, fad diets and
blindingly white teeth - America is a melting pot of cultures, and with such a diverse mix
Work of countries morphed into one, it’s not really justifiable to paint all Americans with the
Obsessions same brush. America most definitely has its good points, it is generally made up of a very
Reference! a Melting pot of cultures___ friendly, outgoing and hard working people
Quality: Wall Street Journal ; Washington Post; US Today ; National Geographic
(magazine) (they report national and international news, focusing on
events, politics, business, science, technology, books, arts)
9. What kind of newspapers are
Popular: People Magazine ; Cosmopolitan magazine (they publish articles dealing
there in the USA? with the private life of celebrities, their photos and intend to shock the
10. What are the 5 major sports in the 1) 5 major American sports are hockey, baseball, American football, volleyball and
USA? basketball. The last three were invented in the USA. Other sport that is really popular
here is baseball.
Which originated in the USA? 2)There is a large choice of sports in the USA and in can be explained by the size and
variey of the country. American people love competition and enjoy sport ativities
involving teams of players. Thus, traditionally they have done well in many kinds of
Do Americans like individual or team sports.
sports more? 3)Many colleges and universities are famous for their sports clubs.

4) Other popular sports include auto-racing, soccer, boxing, golf, track and field, tennis,
swimming, horse-riding, bowling

11. Is there a common curriculum in

1)There isn’t a common curriculum, each state has its own system.
American schools?
How is the ‘gradinita de copii’ / ‘детсад’ called? 2) Children attend the nursery school from the age of 3 to the age of 5

At what age do American children start school? 3) They start Elementary school at the age of 6. Admission to High School is automatic if
How is ‘scoala primara’/ ‘начальная школа’ you completed the Elementary school course.
called? Do you have an exam at the end?

How is ‘средняя школа’/’studii 4) At 14 they go to Junior High

medii’ called?
5) At 16 they may stay on and continue studying in Senior High school. In Senior High
students can choose some additional subjects depending on what university they choose
to apply for in future. In case this university id within the same state – there is no
Are there any exams equivalent to our admission examination.
‘bacalaureat’ at the end of High School?
12. What institutions of higher education are 1)Colleges (After Senior High School)
OR 2-3 years Undergraduate (Bachelor in Arts/Sciences course)
2) Universities 3 years Undergraduate (Bachelor in Arts/Sciences course) ;
How long is the main ‘Bachelor’ course and
OR 2 years Graduate Studies (Master’s Degree)
where do you do it? 3< years Doctor’s Degree (Ph.D)
What are the names of the further 2 courses at 3) Vocational schools 6 months – 2 years. It has only job training in electronics,
university? carpentry, sewing , haircutting, etc. It has no academic
Why is studying at university important 4) University life is considered ‘an experience’ as many students live far from home. The
(besides from a better chance to get quality exams are competitive and the life in a new environment teaches students to socialize.
education and further find a well-paid job)? Universities and colleges are also associated with clubs, parties and concerts.

13. If you were offered 3 days to travel America is some faraway land we’ve seen in movies: iconic landscape, breathtaking views,
dazzling nightlife and an ultimate vibe of a very special culture – American culture formed
to the USA, where would you go? Why? in a melting pot of dozens of cultures which once met on this continent.
New York I’d roam the labyrinth ine corridors of the colossal Metropolitan
Museum of Art
I’d go along Times Square, the most frenetic part of New York City, a
cacophony of flashing lights and shoulder-to-shoulder crowds that many
New Yorkers studiously avoid. However it’s a landmark, so I can’t miss
I’d see the Empire State Building, an Art Deco monument to progress, a
symbol for New York City, and a star in some great romantic scenes, on-
and off-screen.
I’d go over the One of New York's noblest and most recognized
landmarks, the Brooklyn Bridge that stretches over the East River,
connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn.
I’d look at the Statue of Liberty, a towering, stately colossus that
immigrants to the USA first saw.
I’d also bring some flowers
Hawaii 1) I’d see Pearl Harbour and USS Arizona Memorial
2) I’d visit Wikiki Beach. This area is known for its large crescent shaped
beach, where visitors come to lie out in the sun, swim, and learn to surf.
I’d also go snorkeling and scuba diving. Stores, restaurants, and hotels
line the oceanfront street backing Waikiki Beach.
3) I’d also go to The Lyon Arboretum botanical garden in a rainforest,
featuring a collection of over 5,000 tropical plants from Hawaii and
San Francisco, I’d go over the Golden Gate Bridge
California I’d go gold mining in Sacramento river
Boston, This is one of the oldest cities in the USA where Harvard University is
Massachussets located. Everything here breathes with history.

If you made a report about American Abrham Lincoln.

1)He is the presentation of ‘American dream’ – he rose from the lowest and reached the
presidents, who would you write highest position in the society and land.
about? 2) He addressed the problem of slavery and was very determined about putting an end to
it. Although he knew it would mean economical collapse for the Southern states that used
slaves in cotton-growing industry, he was sure he was doing the right thing and humanity
should be the major concern.
3) Becoming a president he knew such a decision would cause trouble and it did – a Civil
war between the South and the North started and the North won. That’s when slavery
was finally abolished.
What makes America unique? 1) Music culture evolved from blues to jazz to rock to pop music and influenced all the
modern music
2) The language spoken by more than 1 billion people in the world besides the native
3) Sport is more developed than in any other country
4) Constitution has never changed
5) It has 10 nature zones: arctic desert, tundrz, boreal forest, steppes, deserts,
mingled wood, savanna, evergreen forests, temperate rain forest, …
6) America has found a solution to the problem of religious and ethnic conflict that
continues to divide and terrorize much of the world. Visitors to places like New York are
amazed to see the way in which Serbs and Croatians, Sikhs and Hindus, Irish Catholics and
Irish Protestants, Jews and Palestinians, all seem to work and live together in harmony.
7) Excellent Education and research facilities allowing the Silicone Valley to evolve and
create the latest and the best technology in the world.