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Lesson 8) Sap Practise each pattern using the words opposite. peutic The planes had been planting seed for nearly a month when it began to rain. a) Do you remember these sentences? (KS4B-38) He lived in Scotland fifteen years ago. He had lived in Scotland for fifteen years before he came to England. b) Now compare these pairs of sentences: He had already finished work before | arrived. He had been working in a factory for years before he got this job. asked him what he had lost. asked him what he had been doing all afternoon. 82 Exercises A. Underline the verbs in the fext which tell us what had happened and what had been happening. B the correct form of the verbs in parentheses. Do not refer to the text until you finish the exercise. 1 Firefighters (fight) the forest fire for nearly three weeks before they could get it under control. A short time before, great trees (cover) the countryside for miles around. 2 The planes (plant) seed for nearly a month when it began to rain. By then, however, in many places the grass already (take) root. In place of the great trees which (grow) there for centuries, patches of green (begin) to appear in the blackened soil. What happened? What had happened? What had been happening? Give the correct form of the verbs in parentheses: ‘After Howard Carter (discover) Tutankhamen’s tomb, strange reports in the newspapers. Three of the people who soon afterwards, Though nothing (happen) to Carter himself, newspapers (claim) that these people (die) because of the ‘curse of the Pharaohs’. These absurd stories have been forgotten, but Carter’s great discovery remains. Archaeologists (search) the Valley of Kings for years, but until 1922 nothing (find), (appear) (take) part in the discovery (die) een im ies Words often confused Study these examples: a) control (1.3) and check He controls a large business company. ‘Amechanic checked my car engine. ) great (1.4) and big The Parthenon is a great building. (An important building.) ‘Skyscrapers are big buildings. ¢) soil (1.10) and ground (1.6) Olive trees can grow in poor soil. The ball fell to the ground. Exercise ‘Choose the correct words in the following sentences: 1 The inspector (checked) (controlled) my ticket. 2 Nothing can grow in this poor (soil) (ground). 3. Have you (checked) (controlled) those figures? 4 Beethoven was a (big) (great) composer. 83 @ Composition Rewrite the following sentences using the joining words in parentheses: 1 The firefighters cut down trees. They prevented the fire from spreading. (in order to) 2 The fire raged for two weeks. It caused millions of pounds’ worth of damage. (which) 3. Forest workers planted young trees quickly. The whole area would become a desert. (so that ... not) @ Write about you: A letter in English ‘Your neighbour, who lives alone, has had a fall and has broken her ankle. She wants you to write a letter in English to her American grandson, whom you don’t know. Answer these questions to write the letter. Sign off with ‘Yours sincerely, ... 1 Who has asked you to write this letter? Are you a neighbour of hers? Do you speak English? (because .... and) 2 Did [your neighbour] have an accident? Did she fall when she was having a shower? What did she break? (so that) 3 Is she back at home now? 4 Is it difficult for her to look after herself at present? Does she expect to be back on her feet in three months? (although) 5 Does she wish she could write to [her grandson] herself? Does she say that she is too old to learn English now? (but) 6 Does [your neighbour] think of {ker grandson and his family] every day? Does [your neighbour] wish they could come and visit her? Does she send her love to [them all}? BH