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Houston Baptist University

School of Education
Lesson Plan

Subject: Science Grade Level: 3rd Grade Time Estimate: 30 min

Unit: Solar System Topic: Theatre
Goal(s): TLW know what makes up the solar system.
TLW understand how to perform a short play by reading a script.

Objective(s): TLW draw the solar system in correct order.

TLW do a short play with the entire classroom.

Science: 3.8 C construct models that demonstrate the relationship of the Sun, Earth, and
Moon, including orbits and positions;
3.8 D identify the planets in Earth's solar system and their position in relation to
the Sun
Fine Arts: 3.2 B participate in a variety of roles in real life or imaginative situations through
narrative pantomime, dramatic play, or story dramatization;

Materials/Resources/Technology needs:
Printed Script
Poster board
Construction Paper
Crayons and markers

Instructional Procedures

Focusing Event: Show student different acronyms to help them memorize and remember
the order of the solar system. Also go over key definitions with them like orbit, revolution,
planet, sun, and moon.

Teaching/ Learning Procedures:

 Pass out script to every student and assign roles for each individual student. Explain that
they will read it as a class first, and then they will act out the play as they are reading it
the second time.
 Put students into groups of 3-4 and give each group a poster board. They need to cut
different colors of construction paper, and glue the planets in order from closest to
farthest from the sun.
 When finished, students will tape their poster on the class collection wall for the class to
see and use in the future.

Formative Check (ongoing or specific): Walk around the room when students are
working in groups, and have students turn in their work to check errors and

Reteach (alternative used as needed): If reteach is necessary on solar system work in a small
group with students who are struggling and make flashcards of key words to help students
practice during their free time.

Closure: Have students try to come up with their own acronym for the order of the planets
in pairs.